By: Mick S.
Nd Pharmacy Inc
I usually have good service but did have a slightly unpleasant one recently. I stopped in to get my prescription, after standing in line (during my work hours) I was told there was a problem, my prescription had been filled at another pharmacy. Hmm. My wife called my Dr. and found out they'd mistakenly sent it to the wrong pharmacy, so she called that pharmacy to have them straighten it out by calling ND Pharmacy. So my wife said it was cleared up. Just so I wouldn't make another trip for nothing I called ND Pharmacy to make sure everything was ok. I was told my prescription was ready to go. I make my second trip there, stand in line again and I'm told AGAIN I can't get my prescription. I explain to the long blond haired gal what had happened, she responded defensively to the effect that there's nothing she can do about it. I ask her to double check, she reluctantly does, comes back and says oh, I guess it's ok now. No thank you and no apology for the inconvenience.
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By: Lexi R.
Thrifty White Pharmacy
Always speedy and overall very friendly staff!

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