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By: smallbusinessspf
Liberty Bank
Middle of the road. All in all, they are not bad. They however have adopted the US Bank style of denying deposits etc. to try to force overdraft charges wherever they can. I recently fell on some short times and saw their fangs come out. But, all banks earn money by kicking people when they are down and making bad situations worse, stealing the food from the mouths of children to fuel their $600/hr boats. My biggest gripe is that they now block 100% of all international transactions. I do a lot of business with the UK and AU. Today the world is getting smaller and being able to conduct business on the international scene is crucial to max profits for most small businesses. Liberty Bank has positioned itself to be not friendly for Business Owners. Like a lot of banks have also done, they now wait on any check of significant amount until they receive the money to credit it to your account. They have a reasons why but the main reason I assume, once a check has been verified as good by the issuing bank, is to try to create some bounce fees. Most banks charge a fee for each bounced transaction but at Liberty they charge every time the other bank tries to put it through and their is no roof to this. They try to act like their $29 fee is low but in fact when compared to other banks at $39, when 10 attempts are made by the depositing bank then Liberty will charge you $290 for a single bounced check. I had $87 in fees for an ACH of $5. I have never had a financial crisis like the one recently and had really loved this bank until then. Compared to the options though, I guess they are better than most.
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By: blondecatty
U.S. Bank
I have had a US Bank account since jr. high (yes, the name of the bank has changed many times). I do not pysically go to the bank all that often, but when I do, I always go to the US Bank on Kearney. The employees are all very professional and friendly. There is never a long wait time and the facility is very clean. If you commonly need to physically go into a bank, I recommend the US Bank on Kearney.

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