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By: Shane D.
Western Reserve Hardware
The do it best hardware crew have a better quality of life then your average retail store employees. I see complaints of store hours. Now if you stand back and put a bit of thought in to this, before spouting off on how they suck. Take a step back and look at a few things. 75% of Walmart empoyees are on federal assistance(food stamps) and spend 60% of the foods stamp money back in to Walmart...Walamart has taken many of the reasons for the store hours at Do It Best to be longer...So blame Wally World for the hours that Do It Best keeps...I'm sure most of the employees at Do It Best Hardware in Madison, Ohio are not sucking off the Federal money teet like Wally's employees... So rock on Do It Best...Keep up the great work..........
By: yogibear440
Western Reserve Hardware
the workers know there items in the store , prices fair yea the hours do suck on the weekend but it's close to home there not a lumber yard they are a fix it store .
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By: Joseph j. G.
Western Reserve Hardware
Been using them since the 80's when they were True Value but the whole time I'm extremely happy they're there.

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