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By: Vera K.
Rapid Plumbing
Called Rapid Plumbing, among other plumbing srvcs. on 5/22/15, and they were first to show up within 1hour, ..because I had sudden problem the night before, when after washing dishes in kitchen sink facing streetside wall water was coming out of pantry area wall or floor.--Eugene & Julio checked problem, and even if they didn't have Electronic Leak detection equipment, it seemed maybe in my house built in 1955 they had at some point laundry & draining in pantry area across from sink toward inside of my house, & it now had got leak/ broke drainpipe, mostlikely under slab foundation. --They could dig up kitchen floor inside house, or we all came up with better solution of Closing up old drainpipe, and Re-route drain toward front of house into drainage in driveway to mainline in street.--Eugene & Julio also ran camera thru the line going from Cleanout in driveway in front of garage into mainline into street, and I could see that halfway thru at connections where I had new pipe installed 11yrs. ago by Rooter co. for $3000., there were lots of roots coming thru, so I considered it wise to take their advice and offer to have a complete Re-lining of the sewerline done, from my driveway.. but all the way to the mainline in the street, even if the cost was over $7000., but there would be no more connection points where roots or dirt could come thru. -- The amount was a shock to me, being unemployed & having to take out of my savings, but it seemed wise to do, as the way it was now I'd eventually have problems again, and with the complete Re-lining into street, I'd have peace-of-mind about sewer drainage for the next 25, 50yrs. or more, and have their lifetime guarantee and all paperwork.--Eugene & Julio started work same evening, dug hole in driveway by cleanout, secured area for night, .. came back next day Saturday, worked 8hrs. directing Relining crew, working on opening small area of house wall where sink drainage is, jackhammering open cement slab in front & asphalt path to main cleanout, closed up old connection and Re-routed new pipes draining now toward outside into driveway cleanout into main sewer.--They came back 2 days later on Memorial day and finished, closed up front housewall (which has masonry stones) where new pipes & cleanout are, and poured new cement where they had to open up a path, and ashphalt path with asphalt toward cleanout in driveway in front of garage. All was closed and patched up satisfactory to me.--Now I don't have to worry about kitchen sink leaks or main sewerline problem for a long time.-- Seen some bad reviews, but Eugene & Julio were courteous, caring & hardworking, and I was overseeing & agreeing withmostly all they did, and they did not rush or push me into any decisions, which I did not come to myself.-- God willing I will now have peace fo mind about my sewerlines for long time, no more problems, as Eugene & Julio looked to have done only quality & minimally invasive work for my home. -- Time will tell, and they gave me guarantee for life on paper, and/so overall.. my experience with Eugene & Julio was positive.
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By: Evelyn L.
Patriot Plumbing
When it comes to knowledgeable and professionalism, this is it! No games no gimmicks. These guys are the real deal! When they say 24 hours and 7 days a week, they mean it. I had to call for a broken line under the slab in the middle of the night which flooded my house and on a weekend night no less! The on-call technician that answered (Mike) reassured me everything would be fine and said he'd be out within the hour. Well 25 minutes later, he was at my door! Not only did he help fix the problem, but he also directed me to a water restoration company that came out to extract the water from the house. I will be recommending this company to my friends and family for any plumbing need. Thanks Patriot Plumbing :)
By: Jessica M.
Patriot Plumbing
They are very Knowledgeable and professional. They gave me a few different options to fix my shower and I couldn't be any happier with the finished bathroom and shower!! My forever plumbers!!Thank you Patriot Plumbing
By: Barbara S.
Patriot Plumbing
Great service, professional clean job, friendly knowledgeable technician. Same day service, on time.
Tips & Advices
  • Don't use your toilet or kitchen sink like a trash can by stuffing hard to flush material down the drain or pouring fats and oils down the pipe.
  • Throw coffee grounds and eggshells in the garbage instead of in your sink.
  • Only use your toilet to flush human waste and toilet paper
Some states do not require plumbers to be licensed, but for the safety of your house, it is important to have  a licensed plumber to do the needed work. A licensed plumber means the person completed the necessary education or training required to work as a professional tradesperson. Hiring a licensed plumbing service means the people working on your building are knowledgeable about water and gas pipes.
Even with a referral it is  best to hire a plumber to do a simple, everyday maintenance task for you first so you can judge his or her work. If you're happy with it, save their contact information so you'll have them on hand in case you need an emergency repair.
Water discoloration is  likely due to old iron pipes, or recent use of a hydrant or water main that disturbed the usual flow of water. Keep your water running for a minute or so and it should run clear after a while.
  • Before calling a plumber, try to unclog your drains and toilets yourself by using a plunger.
  • Make sure you use a standard bell-shaped plunger for your sink and shower drains and a plunger with a flanged end for your toilets.
  • If neither type can loosen the pipe blockage, put a plumber's snake to use.
  • Ratchet the snake down the pipe to eliminate any clogs.

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