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By: twohappyseniors
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
We had two 70 foot poplar trees that had to be removed. One was forked, and was leaning over the street. The other was also forked, with one part leaning toward the house. We also needed the two stumps ground plus another stump from a tree we lost in Sandy. I went to the yellow pages, found All Seasons Tree Care, and read their reviews. I was impressed.I called and made an appointment for an estimate. John and his wife Patty showed up for an estimate. After five minutes we were talking as if we knew each other for twenty years, they’re that warm and outgoing. A few days later we got the estimate and were pleasantly surprised at the price. We were not in a hurry to get it done, so we told them any time’s good, just give us a day notification. A week or two later Patty called and we set it up for the next day. John and his crew showed up on time with well maintained equipment. I was impressed when John got his guys together and came up with a plan of attack. Everyone knew the sequence of dropping the trees and what their responsibilities were. John even went as far as to tell them when they would move the truck for better access to the chipper. I was impressed with the efficiency and speed with which the work was performed. There was no wasted time and no one was standing around leaning on a shovel.Grinding the stumps is a very messy procedure, especially when one stump is lying on its side and surrounded by 20 inches of upturned dirt. John not only ground the stumps, but actually ground the dirt down so that it would be easier for me to level the lawn and reseed.When they did the final clean up, it blew my mind. I say “final” because they clean as they go, so there’s no huge mess at the end. The final clean up is raking up everything that’s rakeable and then actually blowing any wood chips off the grass. All Seasons is strange in one way: they will do just about anything to please a customer. That’s strange because nowadays it’s so rare to find a contractor who takes pride in their work, charges reasonable rates, and wants the customer to be happy and satisfied. I rated All Seasons Tree Care with five stars. I wish it could be more!
By: terri.trigiani
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
****** It's a pity that I can only enter 5 stars for this rating - they certainly deserve more! What a terrific business this is!!! I called them at 11:20 PM the night that Hurricane Sandy dropped a tree on our house and received a call back at 7:00 AM the next morning. Patty was extremely supportive and helpful and John came out to check out the damage the same day. I was very impressed that he was taking the time to triage the work that needed to be done as the result of the storm, prioritizing removal of trees on homes and those creating other dangerous situations, then those on cars, then ones just on the ground without causing damage. Their prices were very reasonable and ethical - no taking advantage of people in dire need by raising their usual fees to increase profit like some other companies did during the storm cleanup. Clearly, these folks were more interesting in doing the right thing than in just in making money. When John and his crew removed the tree which fell at the front of the house and extended all the way to the rear of our ranch home, they did so without a crane. When they returned to complete the cleanup, they not only hauled away the downed tree (and ones from previous storms), but also accommodated my request for a few specially pieces cut to be used for furniture or art projects.I could not be more impressed with Patty's customer service savvy, John's knowledge of trees, his expertise in tree removal, the efficient and thorough clean-up service, and the ethical manner in which they conduct their business. I will not hesitate to use this company again for future work - hopefully to thin any possible "fallers" before the next storm! I highly recommend them.
By: Lucy S.
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
John and his crew, as well as Patty, are amazing! This has been the best experience my husband and I have had in some time when hiring a professional. My husband is rarely thoroughly impressed with anyone's work, but All Seasons Tree Care changed that for us. They came out, looked at our 2 (huge/50+ years old) spruce trees and gave us a prompt and reasonable quote. To our delight, they came several weeks earlier than expected to complete the job. They had one of our spruce (pine) trees down in less than a half an hour and that includes their immaculate clean up by their entire crew. Everyone on their team was incredibly kind and professional; our 3 year old even loved watching them work and interacting with them. The second tree, which was enclosed by our fence, was carefully brought down by ropes and maneuvered with grace. I honestly could not believe the art behind the job. These guys know what they are doing and respect the work they do, as well as their clients. Thank you again All Seasons Tree Care, Inc. for a job more than well done!!! This may be silly to mention, but they even placed our recycle bins and trash bins back (on our trash and recycle day) in their place during clean up, which was another pleasant surprise. Amazing work; we can't thank you enough!!!
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By: Randy P.
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
We received quotes from four Lehigh Valley tree service companies for the removal of two trees (one live, one dead), trimming one tree and grinding the stumps of the two removed trees and of seven other trees I had cut down. The highest quote was 45% above the two middle quotes and 50% above the lowest quote. We did not go with the lowest quote because of concerns about the one-man operation. All Seasons’ quote was one of the two quotes in the middle. We chose All Seasons because of John Hulsizer’s knowledgeable replies to our questions about the work we wanted done and his wife Patty’s efficient and friendly handling of the business side of their operation.John also evaluated a fourth tree when he came do to the work, and trimmed it for a small additional amount. My wife and I are thoroughly pleased with the result and highly recommend All Seasons Tree Service. Patty and John are personable and professional. We will definitely use their company again when we need more tree work.
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By: Tyler D.
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
September 2015. All Seasons Tree Care Inc was my first choice and I will use them from here on out. They were very friendly and they did an amazing job on a cutting down some large limbs of a large tree in my yard. They cleaned up everything and left my yard just as it was before they got there. They came out right away to do an inspection and they told me it would be a month before they could come out but they said they would try to fit me in sooner if possible. They were able to squeeze me in a whole 3 weeks early. I could not be happier with my service. The price, the service and the customer service was all perfect.
By: Phuong N.
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
July 2015. We've recently had an opportunity to use All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.'s service to remove some damaged trees caused by the recent storm. The whole process was phenomenal. Patricia was very pleasant, courteous, and responsive in providing all the scheduling information pertaining to the estimate and actual work done. The cost is very reasonable. The crew arrived right on time and all the work were done exactly as described per the estimate and website's information. Thank you for a job well done. I will definitely recommend your service to my family and friends. Phuong N.
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By: Ray D.
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
August 2015 All Seasons Tree Care Inc. is my first choice for all my tree care needs. They may not be the cheapest, but they are very competitive and by far the very best at all they do. John and Patty are great people to deal with, friendly, honest, knowledgeable and reliable. They do all they promise and then some. I have used their services many times and have always been thrilled with the job they did. I never once had to do any clean up after they left. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality tree work at a great price.
By: brownstorm
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
I highly recommend All Seasons. They not only did a fantastic job of trimming our tree, but they cleaned up so well I didn't even know they were there until I looked up! They returned phone calls promptly; and when they came to look at our tree John and Patti were very personable. They were very knowledgeable about the rules and regulations within the city limits, as well as what they could do to save our very old maple tree. Thanks to All Seasons, we will be able to enjoy our old shade tree for a few more years!
By: beth.jensen.902
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
Thank you so much for rescuing my beloved Magnolia from the storm damaged suffered in last October's freak snow storm! You did a fantastic job of returning my tree to a healthier and more beautiful specimen. It means more to me than you can know to be back in my home and have had you show such care and attention to a tree that is so very special to me. You guys were wonderful to work with and so attentive to my personal concerns in saving a tree that had been neglected for so long! Thanks so much!
By: Jill D.
All Seasons Tree Care, Inc.
John and Patty came at the end of Oct. to give us an estimate. They said because of their busy schedule they probably wouldn't get to us until Dec. or Jan. To our surprise Patty called Nov. 7th and said they could cut our tree down the next day. The crew arrived at 7:25 a.m. the next day and by 7:37 a.m. our tree was down. They cleaned everything up in a jiffy and left our house and front lawn spotless. Great job, great crew, and we are very happy customers.
Tips & Advices
Do your due diligence and always ask for proof of insurance and certification before agreeing to any work. You will also want to be on the lookout for telltale signs of scams and be cautious of any company that:
  • Will not provide you with a certificate of their insurance policy or only has general liability coverage
  • Declines to give you a written estimate for the job
  • Gives you bids that either seem very low or very high
  • Contacted you out of the blue to see if you needed their services
  • Has complaints against it from business bureaus in your area
  • Asks for payment before starting work
  • Doesn't have a fixed physical address
Tree service companies are also great places to get your wood if you happen to have a fireplace. Many tree businesses offer free delivery and stacking of hardwoods, such as maple or birch. These can make for the best firewood because they burn slowly and don't produce as much smoke as other types.
If you want to add to the greenery in your yard but you're concerned about the right species to plant or where to put it on your property, seek the advice of an arborist.
If a storm hits and damages your residence, a tree service professional is usually on your list of people to call for help after first responders and your insurer. A professional service can completely remove a tree or just prune and saw off its branches if a storm damages a tree. After sawing or destroying the tree, professionals can then remove any of the dangerous debris from your yard by hauling it off.
Some bugs burrow through the bark and damage hardwood and softwood trees. Depending on the species of trees in your yard and the region of the country you live in, aphids, the infamous emerald ash borer or other pests could destroy your healthy trees.

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