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By: Dean B.
Copper Palm
I don't normally write reviews but I feel people need to be warned. I used Copper Palm Moving with the Living Social deal as well. The guys (Oscar and Frank) were extremely courteous and were on time. I moved a 2 bedroom duplex to a 2 bedroom apartment so the move was fairly small. After I showed them around the place, I took off to the apartment to get signed in and get the keys. When I came back, they were almost done. One thing that I was a bit concerned about was that smaller items such as lamps and plants etc were all put in a large open cardboard box. It definitely makes sense for some things but I did pull a lamp out and the switch for it was bent all the way back. When I showed it to the mover, he said that he forgot to mark that it was already broken. Luckily, I was able to bend it back and it worked. But this was a bad sign. After we got to the apartment, everything was unloaded. Given that I was the only move on the truck and they went straight to my apartment, I wasn't concerned that something might go missing. When everything was done, I was asked to sign a few documents including one that states everything was delivered. I did thinking everything must be there. After they left and I started rearranging furniture, I noticed that one of my antique oak claw foot tables that I used as a night stand was missing. I called them right away and let them know. Communication was very slow with them and they didn't return my calls. I would get that the owner is out of town or I don't deal with this type of thing which I can accept but they weren't exactly working hard to fix the issue. So, by the end of the 2nd week they asked me to send pictures of the table or links to what it looks like. I was able to find a couple of pictures (background of older pictures) and some examples of the table I found on etsy. Today, I got this email:Dear Dean Burris,We have received your recent correspondence advising that an item is missing for your property. We have reviewed your shipping documents and discussed the matter with our personnel with the following conclusion:Nightstand- The addendum you signed at the end of your move states that you had checked the trucks and that all items had been placed where you needed them to go. This serves as conformation that you received all your items at the end of your move.As a courtesy, we spoke to our personnel but have been unable to come up with anything more than what the paperwork reflects and supports. Based on the conformation of delivery by our crew, absence of any notations at the time of delivery and the lack of evidence of loss, we find that we are unable to offer any compensation.We must respectfully deny liability and ask for your understanding in this matter.Sincerely,J. Austin CrawfordOperations ManagerCopper Palm Moving and StorageSo, the lesson is if you want to work with this company, be diligent and check all your items before the movers leave. I tried to give them the opportunity to make it right but they declined. Now I'm out a 500-600 table.
By: bh______
Mustang Movers
REVIEW # 1 from my first experience:Mustang Movers ROCKS! Miguel and Matt did a move for me in a PINCH! I had 2 other companies not show up. I called Brandon at Mustang and he sent Miguel and Matt out ASAP. They were to me in Lakeway within an hour and SAVED THE DAY! They moved a lot of furniture for me. I was paying by the piece so they moved all my big heavy stuff. Miguel and Matt were both personable and intelligent. These guys do NOT mess around! There were no breaks or dilly dallying like other movers I've hired. They probably moved 60-100 large items for me. They cost a pretty penny, however, they were worth every single one of them. If you want a moving company that SHOWS up when they say then will and DOES THE JOB RIGHT call Mustang movers RIGHT NOW!REVIEW # 2 from my second experience:I had more items to move later this week so I called Brandon at Mustang Moving again. He set me up for the day that I had in mind. I requested Miguel for my job again. This job was a bit more tricky than your normal furniture. This time I have sensitive electronic/medical equipment. Miguel and Carlos arrived for the job early (what movers do that?). This was my first time meeting Carlos. He was personable and super accommodating. After the guys moved all of my equipment then offered to grab the last items in my place and load into my car. A Huge heavy aquarium arrived to our new location in great shape! They even unloaded him from my vehicle at the new location and put our little mascot COWBOY in his new home.THANKS AGAIN MUSTANG MOVERS! I'll never call anyone else!
By: janett1985
Moving Squad
I have to say, when my friend referred me over to MJ Moving Services & Logistics, she was delighted as to how great her service crew and customer service had been. (My friend tends to exaggerate things) Therefore, I was a little skeptical, but I gave them a shot. It's amazing how a small/medium size company compares to the big fish. First, and one of the most important-PRICING!!! I ended up saving about 50% of what my bill would of been with other big Austin moving companies. They keep their billing simple and best of all, they don't charge for stairs and on top of it, they don't charge the famous trip/gas fee for entire Austin!!! Second, the information was very clear from the beginning. I requested to book, they emailed me my agreement for review prior to move date which they required me to approve. When crew showed up on moving day, I signed it, no changes or surprises. Third, the Service Crew was AWESOME. These movers really do know what they are doing. They asked me if I had a preference as far as the furniture protection level, and that they would adjust their performance based on my preferences. This saved me a lot of time. (not like my previous moving company that was shrink wrapping my plastic bins). I'm not too talented with assembly so I asked them to do it for me. While one mover worked on it, the other two were working on the remainder of the unload. OVERALL, GREAT SERVICE & AMAZING PRICING - EXTREMELY SATISFIED & HAPPY CLIENT.
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By: Debbie P.
Compass Van Lines
I received 3 quotes for my move. Compass was in the middle, but I selected them based on them promising the quote given was binding and would not increase. Lo and behold, on the day my belongings were loaded, the driver asked for additional money. He stated there were more boxes than were agreed upon; however, no number was ever agreed upon - quote was based on cubic feet. After several calls with their accounting department, I told them to return my items to Texas, as I would not pay the additional fees. That's when they stated they wanted me to be a happy customer and would waive the fees. I am not a happy customer. I am angry that I wasted time on several phone calls. I would have been a happy customer if Compass had kept their word (as shown in the photo). I would gladly have given five stars if this review was based on the performance of the men who packed and unpacked the truck. They were polite and worked hard. Too bad administration was out for a few more dollars.
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By: Daniel H.
Compass Van Lines
I have never in my life used a moving company, I always get friends to move with pizza and beer as payment. But, last December I was in a pickle and had to move on about 24 hours notice. I had a friend tell me she used them before, so I called. I actually got to speak to the owner himself and he was so nice and understanding of my terrible predicament. They came the next day, actually came about 2 hours before the estimated time, which was fantastic. There we're 2 guys and they loaded everything in pretty quickly.I even received a month of free storage, but I found a new place in about 3 weeks, so I scheduled the delivery easily. The guys we're just as great when they moved me in and everything was all good. I hope I don't have to move again for a long time, but when I do I'll definitely call them again.
By: Preston W.
Apple Moving
Fast, Friendly, AffordableI've moved a lot in my lifetime... From mountains to big cities, to deserts, I've moved all over the country. But when I moved to Austin in the beginning of 2014, I needed a local mover to help me unload a truck. I wasn't looking for anything too fancy (or expensive), so I was in search of hourly moving labor.... and along came Apple Moving. The 4 man crew showed up and had my Uhaul unloaded in 35 minutes flat.... Pretty dadgum fast if you ask me. I'll be using Apple again when I move out to my next place. Thanks to the 4 guys that made my move so much easier than it otherwise would have been.
By: lilyflowerchild
Compass Van Lines
These guys moved me recently from Florida to my new home in Round Rock. They were very friendly and helpful and did a great job. I had to move out at the end of October and my new home wasn't available until the 15th of November. Compass stored my items for me for FREE and when everything arrived there was nothing broken. They even took extra precautions to wrap my furniture and protect the doorways when they moved everything. These guys were great and I would recommend them.
By: jeremiah.cook.142
Compass Van Lines
I had to move from Austin to San Antonio. Compass Van Lines gave me the best quote and Annie promised me superb service.I was very happy with everything! Oleg and Chris were very professional. They arrived on-time and loaded everything quickly. I was impressed by how well they wrapped the furniture! They were careful not to scratch the furniture or the walls. I would recommend them to anyone moving! Thanks for a great move guys!
By: jcmasims
Rocket Movers
The moving guys were beyond excellent. They moved quickly and with great care. I was impressed with their knowledge of how best to protect our furniture and pack the truck full. They finished in less time than was quoted, saving us a couple bucks. I would definitely use them again in the future although I hope to never move again. Jon the owner was easy to deal with and always got back to us quickly. He was a pleasure to deal with!
By: Industrychains@gmail.com I.
Compass Van Lines
I used Compass to move my 2 bedroom apartment. The guys were so quick and efficient. They wrapped all of my furniture with padded blankets so it wouldn't get scratched. Also, they had additional packing materials with them that I needed for some things that I hadn't had time to pack yet. Also they packed these things for me!! I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Tips & Advices
Yes, it’s best to empty drawers, wardrobes and chests before a move. Items always get knocked around a bit, and doors can fly open even if they’ve been taped. In fact, more often than not, movers will want to remove the drawers from a dresser--or disassemble the wardrobe to be more space-efficient.
Yes, it is customary to tip movers, but the amount varies widely. For full-service moves, a 5 percent tip is suggested, although, for extra service, some people go up to 10 percent . For small local movers, you can give each mover $10 for a few-hour job, or $20-$40 for jobs that take longer.
A bill of lading is the legal contract for the move. It provides a detailed receipt, in addition to a contract between the client and the mover. It authorizes the mover to transport the goods from one specific point to another, and it outlines the exact scope of services, with cost breakdown for those services. It also provides an itemized list of the inventory, and carrier liability protection for each declared item. Finally, it specifies the payment arrangement. Make sure to go over your itemized list extremely carefully before finalizing the paperwork--and get a copy of the full document. A good mover will go over everything on the bill of lading with the customer.
There are several items that moving companies will not move – those items will be listed on a document as “non-allowables.” These items typically fall in three categories: perishables, sentimental/personal items, and hazardous material. Perishables are food and plants. Sentimental/personal value is up to the client to decide, but usually includes jewelry, medical and dental records, personal paperwork, valuables and collectibles. Hazardous material is the tricky category, since it includes a lot of everyday items found in the garage, garden or kitchen. For example, cleaning liquids and pesticides both are considered non-allowable by many companies. Some go so far as to disallow nail polish and batteries.
A binding estimate means that the moving company cannot charge more than the stated amount, though they can lower the final bill if the scope of the job was smaller than expected. A non-binding moving estimate is more likely to wind up costing more than expected, since the movers can increase their rates for unforeseen variables like stairs, “long carry” and materials.

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