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By: hyundai4life
Medicine Chest
There is something to be said about what the previous reviewer considers a museum for merchandise. The antiques on display in the store convey more meaning than she is apparently capable of understanding. They reveal the owner's philosophy on life and treatment of customers. Ken has been my families pharmacist for over 50 years. From helping with a biology project when I was in high school to the recent loss of my father, Ken has been there with sound advice for my family's health that worked! On a visit home with my infant daughter the formula the doctor recommended wasn't working well. A trip to Ken's was in order. He suggested I try something rather old fashioned instead of purchasing soy formula the pediatrician wanted me to buy. Pet milk. It worked remarkably well and was much more economical than the soy formula the doctor suggest I try. The baby is now in her thirties and thriving. If you want shiny new The Medicine Chest is probably not your pharmacy. I personally love the antiques and prefer caring pharmacists and employees who have become trusted advisors for my family's health to employees of a large corporation who don't care about me or my problems.
By: gina.choquette
Highland Pharmacy
Nestled in the heart of what the locals affectionately call, "Pill Hill", because of all of the medical offices clustered within a two to three block radius,this wonderful, "Old Timey",Pharmacy feels the way local businesses used to feel before everything became so automated. It has some eclectic stock and so it's possible to find some unusual and hard to locate items. However, the best part is the way this busy, technically up to the minute, pharmacy's staff take time to politely, and patiently help customers with questions, and special or difficult orders. That kind of customer service is worth gold in this all too depersonalized, and computerized world!
By: Linda T.
Menaul Compounding Pharmacy
I've used Meanul Compound Pharmacy for a couple of years. No issues. Not until today .The experience was not good.Bottom line, no follow-up even when they forgot to call in a re-fill on my one RX I take there.6 days later, still no call to the Doc for refill.They were so busy planning what defensethey were going to use, they really did not listen to my concern.When I became upset, the pharmacist told me I have a history of upsetting behavior with them, and didn't care if I transferred my RX.I had to look at that, but, I only get one RX a month . I don't remember any other issues .Totally uncalled for.They lost my business !
By: jessicaj87
Highland Pharmacy
I made the mistake of using Victors pharmacy today, boy do I regret it. Highland pharmacy is the best hands down. Customer service is excellent, location is great and they have never gotten my medication wrong, unlike the dimwits at Victors did today. I'm pretty sure they teach you how to count in pharmacy school, right? I guess thats what happens when you go to Pima. Anyways go with Highland, BEST SERVICE EVER. The wait time is also under 30 minutes, every time that I've gone. I've used them for over a year now, I'm kicking myself for going to Victors. Oh well, lesson learn. Stay away from that south valley filth.
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By: Cathryn G.
Highland Pharmacy
I trust these guys. Unlike their local competitor, they keep their promises, are an accredited compounding pharmacy and do not make promises they have no intention of keeping. They also deliver when they say they will and return phone calls promptly. There are two local pharmacies that do compounding and deliver, this is the one I recommend. The other one should only make chili as this seems to be more important to them then filling scripts in a timely and accurate manner.
By: jenaldo21
Central Pharmacy
such great workers there! they work very hard and fast to get my prescriptions out. did not have to wait for like an hour for my medications. So fast and friendly!! Also offer free delivery
By: gary0186
Central Pharmacy
Best pharmacy period. Fast and friendly service. Best cash price around. Free delivery available also.
By: dancersmom47
CVS Pharmacy
Excellent service, Friendly. Courteous. Highly recommend.

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