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1606 S Huron St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

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Phone: (734) 482-3046

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Visit your local Post Office at 1606 S Huron St! The Postal Service mission is to provide a reliable, efficient, trusted and affordable universal delivery service that connects people and helps businesses grow. The U.S. Postal Service is the only delivery service that reaches every address in the nation: 155 million residences, businesses and Post Office Boxes. With more than 31,600 retail locations and the most frequently visited website in the federal government, the Postal Service delivers 47 percent of the world’s mail.
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    Paul Y.
    Edited: 02/04/2017

    the service is very good.
    I go in there all the time. it is always fast clean and convenient.

  • totiluvsme

    Not only is the service horrendous, so is the customer service. I live in a condo with small mailboxes, so occasionally when items will not fit, we are left a notice to pick up items at the post office. The back of the notice clearly indicates that you may select the box to have the item left at your home anyway, and they will leave at the door or something. I checked this box and left the notice in the mailbox. It sat in my mailbox for several days completely ignored by the carrier. Eventually I called the post office to inquire and was treated so rudely! I run a small business and had seriously considered switching from UPS and FedEx to USPS in an effort to save some money. That's not gonna happen with customer service like this. It's no wonder the postal service is going bankrupt.................

  • I was setting in limbo on Satu...

    I was setting in limbo on Saturday (5/26) at 11 AM with a Saturday GTD redelivery confirmation of a perishable item (4 trees) and can't verify ANYTHING, the USPS website service displays that my packages were delivered the prior day that were paid for as 2-day priority mail with a 5/25 delivery date but weren't, of course an obvious error - but they should have been left as NO signature was required, my local carrier embodies the notion that this Saturday delivery is NOT his responsibility with a chuckle without personally checking anything and continues his personal phone conversation, I had a GTD redelivery order number of #ORR18655596 for Saturday, I have ZERO access to anyone in the Ypsilanti Township post office via their phone listing/automated answer system during posted business hours and the USPS 800 Customer Service staff is useless in verifying anything as they are but a farmed-out business service (it's amazing that it's not from India) who are essentially working from manuals with absolutely no access to contacting any USPS branches during USPS branch business hours.

    I receive the trees the afternoon of 5/29 after calling USPS Consumer Affairs - Detroit. So I PAY FOR 2-day priority mail and receive the parcels in 6-days. The consumer affairs rep informed me they wouldn't have been delivered on Tuesday if I hadn't called. Once again I PAID FOR 2-day priority, have a GTD redelivery confirmation for day 3 (Saturday) and even then the parcels wouldn't have been delivered on day 6 Tuesday without ME calling!

    So I pay for a steak (2-day priority) and end up with a McDonald's hamburger (6-day delivery) ALL (300%) the direct result of USPS's own screw-ups and not a scintilla of civility as Joe Consumer has to EAT the difference in costs-versus-actual services performed? The USPS Consumer Affairs rep only answer to this was, "well you got it didn't you?" Talk about a useless Complaint Department -- they protect their own and the consumer gets the SHAFT.

    On the morning of May 29, 2012 (Tuesday) I go into the Ypsilanti Township Post Office to deliver a copy of the complaint letter to the Postmaster and the USPS counter person demanded that I buy a stamp. We are standing in the Ypsilanti Township Post Office and I respond in utter bewilderment, "but it's in this building." Talk about a shady-business; but this is exactly what the USPS epitomizes today.

    Does anyone see any elements of a 'that-a-boy' GREAT service in the above FACTS?

    So we have the USPS employees with their inflated pensions, extravagant healthcare benefits, a union guarantee of no lay-offs if one's a six-year USPS employee, a federally mandated law that ONLY the USPS can deliver the nation's first class mail, ... and the before mentioned service that I received by the USPS and this is what we, the US taxpayers, get as the USPS receives hundreds-of-millions per year in "implicit subsidies," such as breaks on property tax, vehicle registration, and sales tax, in addition to subsidized government loans.

    They live in a WORLD-OF-THEIR-OWN and they don't have the common decency to deal with the public humanely when glaring errors occur that THEY, the USPS, have produced themselves and when confronted they act like ostriches with their heads buried to avoid anything that might require a scintilla of effort to aid their employer - 'Joe Citizen' - with their flippant responses indicative of 'it's not my responsibility.'

  • I think the only people that a...
    user avatar

    I think the only people that actually bother leaving reviews experienced nothing but bad.

    Honestly think about it how many people bother leaving reviews unless they are above and beyond happy or beyond pissed and displeased.

    I have been using this post office for 5+ years now. I use the do it yourself machine located in the lobby- It works everytime! I have always used it for USPS packages and they were all delivered on time.

    Only once have I had a problem with my package which is great considering Ive shipped over 1000 x's.

    The employes that work there are great- nice and get the job done .

    Go here its clean also.

  • expedite on usps - sucks

    I went to Post Office on S. Huron to mail a package (size 9 x 10) on 7/6. I got in line to have the Mail agent at the counter process my shipment, but another Customer Service agent in the lobby said that cash or debit card paying customers can step over to the main lobby to process it ourselves using their computer - which would be must faster. She graciously walked me thru the instructions and was very helpful. I wanted to mail it the cheapest way, which would have cost me $6.20 by USPS and take up to 5 days to arrive at my destination. She advised that a nickel more would get my package expedited to 2-3 days. Only a nickel for faster service? (unbelievable that only a nickel could move my package faster?) I fell for it. It has been 8 days since I mailed the packager and it still has not arrived in Lafayette Indiana!!!!

    I was thinking that I liked using the Computer in the lobby and how cool it was to do it myself insted of standing in line for a half hour. I feel duped.

    I called the Post Office and (he) offered that it's not a guarantee that my package made it from Michigan to Indiana within the 2-3 days. "It's probably on a priority ship by now" - Yeah, nice priority!!!!

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