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By: Sandi H.
women here are the rudest and most unprofessional I have met yet.After waiting in line for over 10min while my 85 year old Mom and daugh with MS sat in 92 deg heat while I purchased 66.00 of gas &drinks.I pumped and it did not take the full amt.I returned to stand in line again to ask about receipt. mom in the hot car I grabbed her a small cup of ice for her drink.The 2ND cashier was too busy stocking cigarettes. After done with a customer I asked if My CC would be charged only for gas pumped as I was leaving she accused me of stealing ice in front of customers.I apologized and said at the Speedway down home they don't chg for ice unless I don't buy a drink, in this case I bought 4 and that I will go to the car and get the .49 I came back to have them rehash again demand to know which loc did this as they wld be fired.Said it was not the ice but the cup.I was very willing to pay without humility.how sad that ice upset them so much that they wanted someone fired.Rsflana@sbcglobal.net
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By: Sherrie F.
Teenie's Tavern
My friend Patty and her family work there and I asked her if the pierogies were as good as I remember they were many years ago in the eighties. She says why don't you come and try them again... so I did 2 weeks ago. I bought two potato pierogies, 2 sweet cabbage and 2 prune. I shared them with my whole family....not only did they love them but this week we have 5 people ordering 16 doz. of pierogies from Teenies Tavern! The service is excellent the pierogies are excellent! The atmosphere is a little dark..... It's a bar on South Avenue what do you expect! Eat your food at home like we do it's delicious!
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By: Julie K.
Riser Tavern & Grill
Went on a Tuesday evening and really enjoyed the food and service! Lisa, the owner, is fantastic, and George, the bartender, was phenomenal!! Very nice d├ęcor! We will go again!!
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By: Laura W.
Sami's Quick Stop
Best pizza in town! Pizza was hot, great selection. Thin crust right amount of sauce, cheese and toppings. Priced great! 2 slices for $2.99. I love it there.
By: Doug S.
Borderline Bar & Grill
This is a very Calm Laidback bar.Very friendly people to be around and awsome bartenders.Music is great also
By: Bryana T.
Harmony Grill
my kids and I love it so go check it out

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