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By: Andrey R.
Frank's Trattoria Pizzeria
This place is horrible. Took over two hours to deliver when 45 min to an hour was promised. The pizza looks and tastes like it was made the previous day. Do not order from here.
By: Anastasia L.
Bubba D's Pizza and Wings
I have witnessed owner(?) Dustin humiliating his employees even while customers are present, food is often cold or incorrect by the time it is delivered (which is usually 1+ hours..) very very unprofessional service I will not be returning to this location.
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By: Si'yauna F.
Frank's Trattoria Pizzeria
I called to order a Philly cheesesteak sub with letteuce and the regular stuff and they tried to charge me 9.50 as soon as I said usually my bill comes up to 8.50 the man on the phone slammed the phone and i heard him cussing. I called back and told them that they were very rude for what they did.
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By: Edwin S.
Frank's Trattoria Pizzeria
They had me waiting over 3 hours for my food and wonderful to hear the fries were cold and stale the sandwich was cold the service sucks and I tried to talk to somebody in charge and there was nobody in charge of the place that's what they told me
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By: Regina S.
Frank's Trattoria Pizzeria
Whenever I really have a problem with you people your fries are always freaking cold and burnt every time I order from you people your fries are always burnt they are never hot learn how to cook them properly and keep them hot until you deliver them to your customers this time when I called I even told the person to make sure the fries were hot and she said yes they will definitely be hot when they got here they were freezing cold and burnt to a crisp
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By: Joni A.
Parma Pizza & Grill
I've always enjoyed the chz steaks @ Parma: great sauce (very important), the chz melted thru the meat, not just a few pieces of chz placed in the bottom of the roll before the meat goes in. I always order my chz steak w/ xx sauce. I usually check the sandwich if there are no seperate containers of steak sauce in my order. Well, last night I waited an hour for my food (I get being busy on a fri night). I asked the polite driver if I could check the sandwich before he left. It was room temperature and not the right sandwich. I wasn't angry - I get it. But I asked for another chz steak letting the driver feel how "tepid at best" the sandwich was. I explained to him he did not need to go crazy rushing around to replace the sandwich. I was ok to wait. I tipped (not his fault) and he left. It wasn't long before I had the replacent sandwich and it as very warm. But, the sauce that was used was sweet and not at all like the sauce I have become familiar with. I did ask for xx sauce that I did not receive. Disappointed. This was truely the only decent chz steak in town with the right sauce. Except for last night. I don't know what that was but I won't be ordering again. It's baffling to me how owners of restaurant businesses don't understand the public falls in love with a certain product. If 'skimping' and cutting corners occurs we notice and no longer want the product. I'll have to look elsewhere for that 'close to the philly chz steak' flavor this establishment once had.
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By: Lynn L.
Marco's Pizza
LOVE their pizza! I'm a women, and 1 slice is good for two meals. My husband loves their pizza too, but he finishes a slice in 1 meal ;-)
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By: Greg C.
Pop's Pizza
I ordered from the old location and when for a second time we found a hair in our pizza we stopped eating there. Then because we live right up the street we never gave them another chance. The back door was always open with a dog going in and out not to mention being so close to a corn field rodents are plentiful....Gross! Another time my friend insisted on eating there against my warnings and at the counter we both watched the lady wipe sweat from her brow with her bare hand then she reached into the pita bag and handled his bread! I said I told you so as we ran for the car LOL. Then the heath department closed them for "Gross Violations" just a few months ago. How these people remain in the food business is beyond me. People around here must have extremely low standards for cleanliness. Read the health department reports online and eat at your own risk!Here is the report!Out of compliance -- Shut downInspected July 1 2014Pop's Pizza3649 Bull RoadDover Township717-292-3562* The person in charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection.* Raw hamburger patties stored over ready to eat foods in the home refrigerator.* Potato cutter is not clean to sight and touch.* Food slicer, a food contact surface, was observed to have food residue and was not clean to sight and touch.* Fryer baskets were not cleaned from the previous day.* Food, which was cooled, was not reheated to 165 degrees within two hours, for hot holding.* All food in the pizza baine-marie had an internal temperature of 51 degrees.* Spray bottles of chemicals are not labeled with the contents.* Observed rodent type droppings in the cabinet below the computer station.* Observed a box of tomatoes on the floor in the walk-in.* Observed unfolded pizza boxes stored on the floor.* Mixer is leaking grease over the bowl.* Baine-marie is not working.* Pizza baine-marie is not holding 41 or lower.* Excessive dust on the box fan.* Observed dust and grease on the hood filters and wall behind fryer.* Excessive dirt and debris on the table under the griddle.* Ticket holder over the baine-marie is not clean.* Observed dirty old mop water from the previous days business.* Toilet rooms do not have a self-closing door.* Mops are not being hung to air dry.* Wall is in need of repair under the hand sink.* Observed bedding and clothing materials in the food facility, indicating use of the food facility as living or sleeping quarters.* Observed personal food, personal care products, shampoo etc.* Lights are not shielded or shatter proof or missing end caps in the kitchen.Inspector's comments: This facility was ordered to cease operations and shall remain closed until the above violations have been corrected. A "Closed by Order" sign is posted on the front window and may only be removed by the inspector. Inspector visited the establishment earlier in the morning (of July 1) and was looking through the window and observed a mattress on the floor. Owner was informed last visit to remove the mattress. There is overwhelming evidence by the pictures taken on the visit that this food facility is being used as a living quarters.Company comments: Owner Terry Lockard declined to comment.Status: Restaurant was not reinspected as of July 9.
By: James S.
TnT Wings And Pizza
Tnt wings and pizza is the bomb!!! Now they are starting to add entertainment,wow this is just what York,pa needs. Food is great,prices are good,service is great and friendly,just a great place to enjoy a nite out.they have an arcade,pool tables.
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By: Greg C.
Lil' Anthony's Pizzeria
Wow I gave this place 5 stars when they opened but I have noticed they are empty all the time now and wondered why. Well tonight I decided to give them some business and order for delivery. I ordered a cold cut and two gyros with the sauce on the side. I do this because they put a glob of gyro sauce right on the top when they make them which is just a huge mess when eating. I get it on the side and make it up at home. Tonight for some reason the lifeless monotone lady that I spoke with informed me I would be charged .50 each to pay for the little cup's! Just on principle I simply canceled my order and will no longer eat there. I am also a 20% minimum tipper on delivery's. These mom and pop shops need to pick there battles when it comes to the things people are use to getting from larger chains like free condiments etc. They basically lost a 20 dollar order over 6 cents. But they have now lost a customer and my previous 5 star rating. The next time I walk into this place it will be for the next owner! Farewell Lil Anthony......

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