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By: Scott C.
Who's Next Barber Shop
After having a less then favorable beard trim at my local Barber Shop in Dover PA I recalled something my good friend told me when I was a teenager in the 80's and sporting a flat top. I should mention my friend is African American and I am not. He told me when it comes to hair cuts that involve clippers you need to find a good barber in the city(or at least that is a politically correct interpretation of his advice). Well it was good advice 30 years ago and it proved good advice this year when I set out to find a better then average barber in the downtown York area. I recalled a shop that was on a familiar route and decided to give it a try after my beard had recovered from its previous assault. As it turned out I ended up on Queen street in the direction of the shop I was looking for when I saw Who's Next Barber shop across from an open parking spot. With that I thought this barber shop would be as good as the other since I hadn't tried either. Upon entering I first took note that it was clean and all the employees were welcoming and friendly. The music is a bit loud and takes a little away form the nostalgic Barber Shop conversation that is often associated with a busy neighborhood gathering spot. However I overlooked it because I am sure it is more me and my age. Aside from the volume of the music the skill, care and attention to every detail is unsurpassed by any hair cutting or professional shave I have ever experienced. I ended up with Jesus who's chair sits closest to the door. Upon my first visit I came in looking more like Grizzly Adams with my beard having been on free fall for the six months prior. 30 minutes later I left with a perfectly manicured master piece. My wife was not sure she was going to be happy with the drastic change but was over joyed when she saw the work. After 2 great beard trims I decided to give Jesus a shot with my stubborn hair. Keep in mind I have never had any luck with a Barber cutting it unless it was a shave down and have always settled for a typical cut at a chain cutlery. Let me start by saying, Jesus should be cutting for high profile professionals and celebrity's. In this day of lack luster performances from most service providers across all industry's It's refreshing when you are fortunate enough to stumble upon a true artist who has passion and pride in the outcome of there work. This day I sat for over an hour in Jesus's chair and I continued to be amazed and impressed by his attention to every detail. The end result was the best haircut and shave I have ever had and at 45 that's saying a lot! My hair has never been so perfectly blended. I honestly can't say enough for the quality of workmanship and care that Jesus puts into his craft. This is an above average experience worthy of the 5 stars I am giving Who's Next Barber Shop and particularly Jesus! For all the times one star is too many its awesome to have an experience where 5 stars are not enough! Regardless of your race or origins if you want a 100.00 experience for under 20 bucks there is only one Barber Shop and in this reviewers opinion one Barber you need to check out. But be warned, you should bring some extra cash with you because if you value good service by an actual craftsman you are going to feel compelled to tip more then then the usual! In closing please read some of my other reviews online so you will see I am an actual consumer and on top of everything else I am not always easy to please. Having spent my working career as a salesman I value good service and equally distain that of the poor variety. (Side Note Cash Only they do not accept credit cards)
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By: Tyrone B.
Tony Orr Sons & Daughters Barber Shop
Good people. Friendly environment. I was referred to Tony from a friend. It was worth it. Tony makes sure that he is giving you want you want with patience. I was here on a business trip now I have a place to come to for a quick cut.Thanks Tony!
By: barrygrendell
West York Barbers
Good cut for only 10 dollars

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