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By: Alfreda S.
Yonkers Aging Office
Thruway Insurance Brokerage Inc 914-964-9660 33 South Broadway Yonkers, Ny 10701 Andrea Higgins had the same residents coming in and out of there business and not doing business chating and had 5 residents on there property @ they was going against Constitional Rights far as coming to other residents property @ www.socialsecurity.gov. We have representatives. Brendan Omearra 304 Grand Concourse Bronx, Ny 10548 for a bench warrant on Eric Burrus on Riverdale and instead they arrested me. Mr brown was handeling investigation on Counselors therube5@aol.com 914-965-9555 has employee dispute.wjdbarrister@aol.com 914-337-3838 has cases on calendar Attorney General www.chase.com @ they are using discrimination case on us far as housing . We don,t come to there house but they can come to yours. Mayor Ernest Davis 1 Masquire Mount Vernon Ny has a case about whisle blower protection on court clerk not performing job detail. Maurice Corvington uses his cases that has something to do with his relatives getting locked out Cause of relatives and he thinks he can come to your house which is discrimination and violation by his relatives that he should be in Mount Pleasant Court House Hon Masselli and when he is fighting his case he,s turning in statements to West on us and acted as if he was looking for us. Our friends was arrested the Riverdale 1 was turning statements to West on the Palmers and I was turned in different as inaccurate information on bench warrant as my kid,s father brother which is my brother in law Eric Burrus bench warrant something indigent. He just probably gave the Yonkers City Police our address and left town. We went to 311.
By: Alfreda S.
Yonkers Police Dept-Records
Sharing Community 1 Hudson St Yonkers Ny 10702 (914)963-2626 ext 201 has telephone harassment phone calls at the time chanell 12 news media was broadcasting Yonkers was on the news @ Mount Vernon was on the news @ Locust Hill counselor from St John,s Riverside 2 Pasrk Ave Yonkers Ny was coming around as if it never happened employeers was acting as if ban letters was on residents when it was not Steven Rubio esq 1 Executive Blvd Yonkers Ny 10702 (914)965-9555 found out facts that they had a defendant from projects name Phil as a murder and the was aware @ we was with case manbagers @ they hired St Vincents 275 North ave Harrison Ny after informing intake that I want to be released and I used the shelter address @ at the time I won an award from www.socialsecurity.gov. We went to health dept about them @ we have Jones Day representive that our public records was misused Dss was involved.. At the timew the # credit burues had records of inaccurate information on landlord Milio management po box Yonkers Ny 10702 (914)423-5022 case # 762051 1800-341-8441 sold a store on South Broadway across from Mc Donald,s to a muirder name San Fransisco @ Ortiz and there statement was the employees that was related to landlord was high when they sold to the defendant. This information was represented that the employees was getting high because it was recorded in court about security guards
By: Alfreda S.
Yonkers Police Department
Peter Davis 10 Fisk Pl Mount Vernon Ny 10552 (914)439-1064 Westchester County Police has came from a trip @ investigation was going on with landlord tenant @ Doctor Ghandi 970 North Broadway Yonkers Ny @ Dr James Sayegh 102 Park Ave Yonkers , Ny 10702 @ projects Mufford caused incident with my brother @ counselor has whiste blower protection @ there is a clerical error in court with verdicts @ probation officer except case for illegal lock out.@ decisions are made by Dss @the alj was against the City of Yonkers Law Judge @ he now has misconduct for police technicality. We have disputed about being our property for shelters @ the police acts like he,s not capab;e of enforcing the law in Dss in White Plains @ it was misconduct.@ Loher Ecker inm Federal Court has 10-1983 for wrong jurdiction cause of Westcherter county Police in City of Mounty Vernon Dss @ rocketlawyers is preparing a complaint on corporate @ there business @ landlord @ they have giving us an attorney in Mount Vernon for our case @ that was violation that was handled by her The date 1999 we finally seen her @ the time we was to be let out at the door Cause of Real Estate.
By: Alfreda S.
Yonkers City Police Department
there was a librian @ supervor excepting Id in City of White Plains @ court proceeding was going on @ the librian excepted my id. This happened before @ the City of White Plains 77 Lexington Ave White Plains Ny 10601 had security guards harassing me after excepting Id ,address @ attorney Jack Addesseo Mount Vernon, Ny (914)699-6052 has loud in Yonkers libray @ it need to be submitted on archeived that City of White Plains should be on the news too! For excepting personal information.
By: Catherine M.
City Of Yonkers
I called at 3 a.m. complaining about a noise ordinance and a cop car pulled in minutes to ask the group of loud and obnoxious young men to Please go home. Thank you and Cudos !

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