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By: Bruce P.
Spankys Car Wash
Yes, it is...Stinky that is. It's "touchless", but the system does little to remove dirt or clean the wheels or tires. We purchased the "Ultimate" but could have run the car under a garden hose and gotten the same results. After going through the car wash there were two guys to dry it off. All they did was smear the dirt and leave trails where their cloths had gone. And they missed HUGE areas of the car.
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By: Veronica L.
Spanky's Auto Wash
Owner cyber stalks and harasses customers who give poor reviews. She felt the need to message her on facebook.. twice... and ask how she could afford to pay for a car wash since she posted a gofundme because of hard times. Very unprofessional. I hope your poor actions reflect poorly on your business.
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By: Jon B.
Regal Auto Wash
I live in Yakima but I drive out of town a lot. My car is dirty very often so I have been to a handful of car wash facilities since I moved here. This automatic car was got my car cleaner than the ones with human help. I did not speak to a single person through the whole process so I can't rate management or customer service. The payment machine was a little slow but it was very simple and fully functioning. All the lights, brushes, jets, and dryers were working just fine. No part of my car was damaged. I am a bit surprised how good of a job it did considering the establishment's appearance can be misleading. The price of their best wash beats others' basic washes with human staff and it did a better job. I will definitely be returning.
By: Anthony D.
GTO Carwash
On my last & final visit they broke off my windshield wiper when drying my car. The guy handed it to me and said that he didn't know how to put it back on. The manager came and tried to install the broken windshield wiper, it wouldn't re-attach. He told me to buy another one and that he would reimburse me if I brought back the receipt. I purchased another wiper, came back with the receipt and got it reimbursed. I asked the manager if I could get a free carwash to compensate for my wasted time and the inconvenience. He was very rude, he said his boss wouldn't let him compensate me with a free carwash and that I was wasting his time. He walked away from me. I asked him why he was being so rude and ignored me. He then threatened me incinuating that if I didn't leave something bad would happen. I didn't leave so he decided to push me out of his way. At this time I decided to leave not wanting to get punched or worse. This behavior from the manager was appalling, not too mention illegal.
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By: Staphany C.
Terrace Heights Classic Auto
It took $3 the first time, didn't think anything of it... Just thought MAYBE this one is broken. Went to get more cash and thought I should try putting in $9 into the 2nd drive in car wash that I have used before... All good at first then.. It told me to pull forward... Pulled forward and nothing. Parked my car.. Nothing. Waited a bit... Nothing. Tried calling, no one answered, reversed my car about 4 times.. NOTHING. It just took all my money and I tried calling and left a nice little message. After this I told my friend and she told me that this is a reoccurring thing. Has happened to her and her sister and other folks. Ridiculous lol. If I could give no stars I would. I never take the time to leave bad reviews but this shouldn't be happening frequently.
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By: Brianna B.
Pro Clean Auto Detail Systems
These guys were quick and thorough, they do a good job even getting the cigarette smell out, which i didn't think possible anymore
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By: Aaron A.
Pro Clean Auto Detail Systems
Very polite, cleaning took a little longer than i was quoted, but overall very pleased with everything.
By: Loretta J.
GTO Carwash
Best car wash I have ever been to! The wash cleaned everything off my car and I loved that they personally dried it. The detail was amazing! My car looked brand new when they were done! All of the employers were very nice as well. Definitely going back!
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By: Alma C.
Regal Auto Wash
I went to this car wash today and i had the worst experience. I paid using my debit card and it was accepted and then it said to pull forward which I did. When i was pulling in i notices that the color light were not working and i also saw thru the rear view mirror the owner walking up. When he approched my vehicle he began to yell at me the steps. He went to check the payment machine and then aproached me again and said which wash i had selected i said to him the $9 and he said o yea sure and looked at me in disbelief making me feel like i couldnt afford that wash. He made it work and yelled at me to reverse and i went to forward which he yelled at me "what the f*** are you doing?" I was honestly very shocked and i said to him are you the owner he says yes and so i told him is this how you treat your customers?? He was very angry at me because his machines were not working properly. The machine washed the car and when i was done i came ouside and he called me to pull over and i didn't want to but my husband told me to. He told me he was sorry that he yelled at me that it was the fourth time it had happened!!!!! I told him that i was very upset he had yelled at me in front of 4 other cars he made me cry!!! He then offered me a token to feel better which i obviously didnt take because i have no intention of going back ever again!!!!!
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By: Mark E.
Spanky's Auto Wash
avoid if at all possible. car remains dirty after wash
Tips & Advices
A green car wash is one that places great emphasis on sustainability. The water used for each wash is scrupulously recycled, and the only products used are those that are bio-based, biodegradable, and gentle on the environment. Some green car washes also rely on renewable energy sources for power.
Many car washes make an active effort to recycle, reclaim, and reuse their water. Recycled water often comprises the majority of the water used for each wash, and, in many cases, the process is precisely managed by a computer-controlled system.
If a car has been newly painted, it's best to wait at least 30 days before applying automotive soap or any other automotive cleaning product. After this 30-day period, it will be safe to take the vehicle to a car wash.
A full-service car wash is one is which all aspects of washing the vehicle are handled by a professional. Many full-service car washes offer different packages that provide different tiers of service.
At a self-service car wash, the equipment and cleaning products are provided, but it is up to customers to provide the labor. Self-service car washes give you a space to wash your car, along with tools, such as sprayers, foam brushes and foam sponges.

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