By: dguevara
Oldebrook Apartments
I currently live at an Oldebrook apartment. There is a lovely view and tons of land around the property. There is a small park right next door, very convenient. Parking has never been a problem. All of the people that live around us are respectful of each other and friendly. Everything about Oldebrook is great except the staff. The maintenance men and cleaning lady are wonderful and extremely nice and helpful BUT the leasing office is another story. We have had soo many problems with them even before we moved in(details below) and they havent stopped since. The leasing office is very unprofessional(details below). If there were a bunch of other professional people working in the leasing office, I would actually "love where I live.""Love Where You Live" is Oldebrooks motto and it's on a huge banner on one of the buildings. I so do not love where I live!Details-->My boyfriend and I were looking around a couple of months before we actually wanted to move out and we came across Oldebrook. We talked to the leasing office and put down out deposit and were scheduled to move in almost 2 months later. That day we wanted to look at out soon to be apt and they said we couldn’t because it was not done yet so we said that's ok we can look at it another time. A month went past and they still hadn’t called us to let us know the apt was ready so I called them several times and the leasing office finally called back and said it still wasn’t ready but it would be in two weeks(this would be 2 weeks before we were supposed to move in). We called back then and it still wasn’t ready. Our apartment was not ready until the day we actually moved in and they still weren’t all the way done! They still had to replace some of the floors in out apartment! We did end up moving in and liked it. A few things in our apartment weren’t working, we called the leasing office to get them fixed. We didn’t hear from them until weeks later when we called back on 4 different occasions. Sometimes they wouldn’t call us back at all. They are awful. The main "person" in the leasing office was having a baby when we were moving in and there was another lady running the show who didn’t know crap about anything and now she’s having another baby and will be gone again. They are not very consistent with anything, I understand people want to start their families but if that's the case then don’t make the one person run everything around the property because when their gone it just screws everything up! They should train a couple of people, that was if one is on extended leave, the other people can pick up the slack. I have had it with the people in the leasing office.
By: Yelp Y.
Sunflower Apartments
I did a great deal or searching for a good apartment before my wedding. It was very important to me that she be in a place where she felt safe and felt comfortable. If you are like me, you did a lot of searching to find an apartment that was in a safe location and didn't have bug, or management problems. I am happy to say that Sunflower had all that we were looking for. He management was excellent and very helpful when any repairs needed to be done. They were honest too. I checked with a resident before moving in who was a single woman who also said that she had always felt safe there too. We had good neighbors and everyone was quiet. I was very thankful for the answer to prayer in finding this place. The only reason that i did not give it a five star rating is that the cupboards were a little warn down. (Cupboard liners helped a lot) I would recommend this establishment. [For those of you need a lot of reviews to be convinced. I almost didn't rent here because of some bad reviews. I found them to be false. This is a trustworthy review. I will copy this to other review locations too]
By: penkyle86
Ramblewood Apartments
Price was a little high, condition was OK, location was great. Here's my problem: my lease was for a year. At the end of my year, I was planning on moving out. I let them know one month in advance. Apparently the contract required a 90 day notice. I did not know that because my copy had a big DRAFT stamped over that part of the text. Plus they never informed me of this when I signed my agreement. Sound like a fine text scam? They required that I pay a $600 fee for not letting them know sooner, even though I had fulfilled my full year. I tried to talk to management about it, but they denied my request to overturn the fee. My only option would be going to court over the issue since I paid the $600 to avoid my name going to collections. Very dissatisfied by their treatment of an on-time tenant who left this place in immaculate condition. :(
By: Nayomee N.
One Dream Estates
We have such lovely owners... It's honestly a great place to live. (:
By: carmen1017
Crossroads Apartments
that they look nice and they can go and see them

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