By: Lynn R.
Red Pepper
After wanting to try Red Pepper for some time now, we finally got the chance to try it last night and were pretty happy with our dining experience, although things could have been a bit better. Upon our arrival, we felt that segregation was in play here, quite blatantly, as we were led off to our table, past one dining room occupied by only Asian customers, and seated in the other which was occupied by persons of other persuasions. Both dining rooms had numerous vacant tables so we wondered why we weren’t just seated in the one closest to our point of arrival (we entered through the back door/handicap entrance) or given a choice of where we wanted to sit, as is the case in many other Chinese establishments we have visited in the past. I felt that this was not a good sign and feared that we would not be treated in an equal manner. While she was pleasant enough while in our presence, our heavily-accented server was MIA most of the time, choosing rather to tend to customers in the Asian room (odd, as there seemed to be another Asian girl waiting tables there), or she disappeared completely for long periods of time to parts unknown. We wished to obtain knives for our table set ups and water, but got neither because of her absence. Our food was brought to our table in relatively quick order by her and a jovial male co-worker (I secretly wished he was assigned to our table). We started off with an order of eggrolls which were nicely hot, crisp and not at all greasy, but these were some of the most bland I’ve ever eaten. While they were served in an attractive manner, the two standard-sized rolls were filled with only shredded cabbage---we could not detect the presence of anything else. The accompanying sweet and sour sauce helped a little. Our Kung Pao Chicken was very good: tender meat with ample saucing, red chilies and peanuts. The General Tso Chicken sauce was a bit sweeter than we’re used to, but otherwise good, the plate of extremely tender and crisp chicken chunks garnished with a few lightly-steamed broccoli crowns. Although the chicken dishes came with steamed white rice, we also ordered a plate of pork fried rice. Again, this dish was not at all greasy and was loaded with pieces of barbecued pork and vegetables, very enjoyable.We didn’t wait long for our check which was brought by the jovial portly dude. He was the one to finally ask us if the food was satisfactory, to which we replied that is was. Our bill was a very reasonable $43.00, tax and tip included. Alas, Red Pepper is still B.Y.O.B. and we were told that they would not have a liquor license until near the end of the year. Too bad, because although we brought beer with us, we felt that a Scorpion Bowl could have alleviated some of the uneasiness we felt at times. We’ll return to sample other dishes, but only when they have that license.
By: Steve J.
Happy and Lucky Super Buffet Inc
You have to go in understanding the admission is cheap. Having said that, there is so much to choose from, if you get an entree that is a bit over-aged, just try something else. There's pizza for those not preferring the Asian menu -- I have a slice every time I visit. The only thing I'd watch out for is those oblong seafood cakes; they won't hurt you, but they don't taste like seafood nor do they taste fresh. I've never gotten sick nor even uncomfortable from the food there. Again this isn't highly-authentic cuisine -- just a menu of fun foods for not a whole lot of money
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By: emmett.kelly.165
Nancy Chang Restaurant
For Americanized Chinese food, it's very good. No MSG, a decent variety at the buffet, and polite staff. Never seen a fly in the place.The only caveat is to arrive as close to opening as possible if you're going to eat buffet. If you eat toward the end of the buffet session, the food isn't going to be very fresh.
By: leslie.ortiz.777158
Himalya Wok
I would've given it 5star rating but the food isnt always at its best. Dont know if they have different cooks on different days but most days its pretty darn great food! They just need to stay on track with the crab ragoons!
By: bloodrayne6
Dragon Chef
The food here is great, the service is 100% perfect. I wouldn't go any where else to eat but here because the food here doesn't taste burnt nor does the food come cold. It is the perfect place to eat in or to take out.
By: Erica K.
Red Lantern
Drinks are strong and tasty, lunch combos are serious business, and the food is all around amazing. You won't be disappointed.
By: Phil K.
King Chef Chinese Restaurant
loved the food and second best place in worcester. the rice is so yummy i think it should be sold in store.
By: Phil K.
Great Wall Restaurant
i am from fitchburg but when i have court in worcester, i go to this place for the food and mi ties.
By: Rich P.
Robert's Fish and Chips and More
WE're closing the restaurant today 12/27/14 Thanks to all our customers for your support
By: laura.lee.794628
Robert's Fish and Chips and More
The best I have had in years! They even deliver ! Awsome service

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