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By: anildubey2010
Quality Muffler & Brake
I am so happy today that it is 1:53 in the night and still spending time in writing this review (which my the way is completely voluntary but I guess I must spread the good words). I was at Quality Muffers on Friday Nov 2nd 2012. Reason for the visit was excellent rating from a number a sources (A guy at AUTOZONE has recommended me their name and I googled it up and looked at reviews from a number of people). I have a Chrysler Town and Country AWD and its Muffler had gone bad (RUSTED, CRACKED and broken) and CAR was making a lot of noise whenever my feet would go on the paddle -- primarily because of the fact that silencer was not good anymore. I was somewhat convinced that whether price is right or not, quality would definitely right. I had called them up a couple weeks earlier but they were busy and earliest appointment I could get was for Monday of the following week. Because I had work in NY downtown during the week and because of my commute to NY, I could not do that. In the mean time I did call up a few repair shops and checked a few places and got some range of quotes with lowest being $170 and highest being upwards of $450+ for a job of replacing the muffler (cutting the exhaust pipe and soldering the new one). I was not certain if these shops/people were reliable. So I decided to wait (as this is my forth car and rarely gets used). Today I had some time and I called them up. To my surprise guy at Quality Muffer said that if I could bring my car in next 30 minutes, he could potentially work on it today itself while I wait (else I can come on Monday). I was free and decided to go for it. I arrived. They quickly noted my contact details and asked me to wait. Within 25 minutes, I was called in by the technician. They told me that they will cut the existing muffler and replace it a NEW ONE for $110+ tax and I could be out within 30 minutes. That was a PLEASANT surprise. This was $60 lower than the lowest price I got ( and I was not thinking that they would be able to beat this price). I gave the permission and was out within 30 minutes as promised. Obviously WORK was excellent and my problem was adequately resolved. It felt great to pay them (which you generally wont feel but Quality Muffler is a different breed all together). They are HONEST, know their JOB and will not RIP YOU OFF. While I waited for 30+25 minutes, I could see 7 or 8 customers coming in and going out. All with happy faces and coming there through recommendation of near and dear ones. Also as others have pointed out, they do a lot more than MUFFLER and BRAKES. Most of the auto repairs can be done by them (except for OIL CHANGE and GLASS work which they dont do). I would highly recommended them. I wish I had known them before. I am sure I will not be going anywhere else if Quality Mufflers would be ready to do my job. Another life long customer for them. Thank you Matt.

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