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By: Colton H.
Verizon Wireless
Iv only had a phone for nearing 9 years now and the bill for my newest one is still being paid. But when I when in there they basically advertise before help. Instead of looking into the phone we went to the 40% OFF YOUR BILL TABLETS which are trash and the bills still reach around $100. then when we get to phones all of the mobile ones (I only have a mobile Phone not a smart Phone) all of the phones are flip phones and the only slide phone (I wanted a slide phone because texting is a pain with flip) they had was a bad, unreliable, slow phone that was the LG one everybody thought would be good. But do I blame them? No. I blame the overall company that overprices everything. Beside they probably get more money for getting a customer to pay more. It needs some bad work though.
By: C Y.
Sprint Store
do not switch from another cell co like Verizon & go to sprint in Wooster no matter what line of crap they tell you. their cell service is terrible, they lie to you, & are not any cheaper than verizon
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By: Trent R.
Cricket Wireless Authorized Retailer
Been trying to start service for 3 days now staff doesn't keep to the hour on door wait over two hours the one day just to be told their computer was down
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By: S e S.
Verizon Wireless
BUYER BEWARE: if it's too good to be true it probably is.Verizon customer service has decreased more and more over the years, and I blame Verizon Edge. They will do ANYTHING to trick people into signing up for it. Yesterday (September 25th) was the release date for the iphone 6s. I had a reservation at an apple store, but I thought about cancelling it and not getting a new iphone. Then I saw that Verizon had a promotion where they would give you $300 towards a new iphone IF you sold them your old one. I have a 5s (64 GB) that I just have not been able to sell, so this sounded great to me. I could still get my new iphone on release day! Yay! Yeah, not exactly. Before going to the store I'd done my research (or so I thought), and I called the store to make sure they were still running the promotion. The woman who spoke with me on the phone said that I would be able to get $300 for my 5s as long as I was purchasing a 6s. That's as specific as she got, didn't bother to tell me any other terms of the promotion.Once I was at the store I didn't have to wait long before I was approached by an employee. He asked which iphone I wanted, and then went in the back to get it. He didn't come out for almost twenty minutes, and when he did I saw that it was because he had a basket full of phone cases and even an ipad mini 2. I already have a mini 1 (that I got just a year ago, and have no need for a 2.) After I took the time to explain this I had to politely refuse enrollment in the verizon edge program. At this point, I just wanted to get my phone and get out. I had done my research, and no matter what the sales rep had to say I knew that verizon edge was NOT the best choice for me. I'd saved up my money, and was more than prepared to buy the phone for full price (after trading in my 5s).After the sales rep forced me to explain my personal reasons for preferring to just buy the phone all at once, he decided to respect my choice and move on.But of course we still weren't done. He then tried to sell me a phone case from his basket of accessories. I'd guesstimate that about half of the cases were a light, girly pink color. Eeew! I managed to find one case that I liked, but it's definitely worth noting that most of the cases he tried to sell to me were made for the iphone 6. The 6 cases will not fit the 6s perfectly, because the 6s is actually slimmer than the 6. I for one would like my phone case to fit like a glove. Plus, I'd preordered a case online and it is currently on its way to me. If the sales rep had simply grabbed my iphone and came out with it I would have saved so much time. But apparently Verizon has changed the way they operate. It's painfully obvious that the pay of the employees there relies heavily on some type of commission, and now all they care about is sales. After that ANOTHER sales rep came over and tried to harass me about- you guessed it- Verizon Edge!!To top it all off I was told that my iphone 5s was only worth $200 (rather than $300) if I wasn't going to let them force Verizon edge down my throat. Of course. Now if you'll remember, I was NOT told this by the woman whom I spoke with on the phone and I was unprepared so I said that was fine but he'd just have to bill the new phone to the account. At Verizon it's literally impossible to bill an iphone to the phone account. It's their policy that it just isn't allowed. I understand and respect the policy, I'm sure there's a reason for it. What I'm saying is that I wasted a whole hour of my life in that godforsaken store with nothing to show for it. When did it become such a hassle just to get a new phone? Going to the phone store should be NOTHING like going to the car dealership. If/when I do order a 6s I'm just going to cut out this bothersome middleman and go straight to apple.
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By: Brian A.
Sprint Store
I've recieved terrible assistance from this very store ! Kyle lies about what he says he is going to do to resolve whatever issue you may have. Even RadioShack was more help than this store which is very sad considering that a Sprint store should be more helpful with an issue with a Sprint device than RadioShack
By: mccoyniac
Verizon Wireless
A week ago I had my phone worked on by a very pleasant young man. The following week I went back to buy a new phone that was advertised on line and on TV at $100 off. The guy knew nothing about it and didn't even make an attempt to find out. He never offered the free phone that was available with an upgrade or tried to assist me in any way. Never said thank you when I left. I went home and ordered the phone on line. The TV ad says to hurry in to the store for the Red Hot deals but if you do you better hope this guy is not your assigned salesman! Ask for Matt or someone with social skills! Sorry, can't even give this place one star as long as they keep people like the fellow that was assigned to me on staff!

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