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By: E A.
Mariscos El Pantano
Horrible service now!It use to be one of my favorite places to go to on fridays! And now it's just horrible! I don't recommend noone going there at all! All the new waitresses are horrible! They're mentally and physically slow. They take forever to take the orders and also to bring the drinks to the table! When i was there I had to get up and ask for ships and salsa! The waitress don't have manners, or a good attitude at all! They're not friendly, They make clients feel uncomfortable! I just hate it now! And that really sucks! because it use to be one of my favorite restaurants here in woodland specially because of the karaoke they have going on on fridays , but now everything is different than how it use to be! I go there to have a good time with my kids and family but i end up having the worst time ever thanks to the horrible new waitresses !! I seriously just miss the other waitresses that use to work there! I dont remember their names! But i like how they were to everyone! Those two short girls who had blond hair and looked alike and also the other girl who was really friendly, respectfull and had good manners, she had black hair and she was thick, I believe her name was luzezita if I'm not worng. For me she was the best waitress that restaurant has ever had! She always had a smile on her face and made everyone feel so comfortable with her good service! I would always see her going to every table asking if they needed anything! Now the new waitress dont even take a minute to ask if we need something! I seriously recommend getting the old waitress back or getting new ones because the ones working there seem too young and they're too slow! I really don't understand why the owners are letting this happen! They should do something about it! They should sit and see how their new waitress work! Because they suck! Other than that the food was okay. It use to be better when i first tried it.
By: mweissma1
Silvinas Basket
Wow. Went here on a fluke for our 13th anniversary. The food blew our mind and the service was great. Silvina is the owner and head cook and she makes everything fresh every day. My wife and I were on main street and were looking for a good Mexican restaurant. A local overheard us talking and recommended that we go here. We walked about 4 blocks down main from 1st and walked right in. At about 11:00am on a Monday, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. When you walk in, the atmosphere is just ok. It's not that fancy, but it's clean. We were promptly seated and provided with our menus. The menus didn't appear overwhelming and were pretty straight forward. I don't think we were expecting too much. But then the waiter suggested the special buffet. I'm usually pretty leery of these, but he recommended going over and having a look. Behind the buffet...Silvina herself! She spoke with us, described each of the different offerings, and even made her own recommendations. We each had a plateful of a little of everything. To our delight, EVERYTHING we tasted was awesome. I still can't get over it. The food and the service were exemplary. I highly recommend this place and will definitely be back!
By: carlossanabria
La Roca Restaurant
This restaurant has the best Mariscos (Seafood) and Micheladas in all of Woodland, I would go as far as saying probably the best I've ever had. The authenticity and quality of the food is amazing in my opinion. My favorite plate to order is called "Camarones A La Roca" it goes perfect with a nice cold Michelada that is also amazing, they have a variety of Beers and Beverages. The service is awesome and the food is delivered fairly quickly. All seafood lovers definitely need to give this place a try. My favorite place to eat at, besides my mothers kitchen. 10/10, A+, 100%
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By: I. L.
Mariscos El Pantano
El pantano tiene los mejores cocteles ! Y comida deliciosa! Ah mejorado demasiado y se ah convertido en uno de mis lugares favoritos! 100% recomendado! Tiene el mejor ambiente para ir a pasarla bien con familia y amigos! Las noches de karaoke se ponen muy bien! Se los recomiendo! Ademas no solo tienen mariscos, también tienen platillos diferentes(: no se arrepentirán si llegan a ir!
By: Claudia T.
Black Bear Diner
I have never had a problem with the food at Black Bear dine. But for some reason our Woodland Black Bear seems to be slow. But that doesn't stop me from going. Just make sure i"m not in a hurry
By: wonagame
Great food, atmosphere and service. Matt L did a great job of expanding the menu so we could get just what we wanted and it was served quickly and properly prepared!
By: Mari M.
Mariscos El Pantano
Service was bad almost 20 to get attended by the ladies and then 30 to get my food serve food was ok but service needs to improve more
By: pr1mad1va
Pupeseria La Chicana
Everything I have tried is fresh and delicious! You can definitely fill up and have a drink for about 5$

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