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  • DO NOT RENT HERE!!!! We lived...
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    DO NOT RENT HERE!!!! We lived here for 2 years. The places are super small, and poorly insulated. Also, many of the residents had rodent issues in the unit and management wouldn't do anything. They will also bleed you dry when you move out on charges and fixes that were preexisting. The management is absolutely horrible, and after the first year they raise your rent 25-30% knowing that it is a pain to move. They also charge $150/month for commons fees on top of the rent and then charge you after you move out. Do you self a favor and look else where!!!!

  • I have never written a review ...

    I have never written a review for apartments/condo's but after seeing the review that was left for the Villas I felt that I needed to share my experience and ongoing interaction with the management of the Villas.

    My wife and I have lived here for approximately one year. We absolutely love the area, love the apartment have had great neighbors, and have had zero issues with the management team. During this last winter blast we had they actually had someone come and shovel off the entrances to the units, up to the front doors in the courtyards. Maybe that's normal for around here but being from the North East you pretty much have to do anything like that for yourself.

    These apartments have high end appliances, hardwood floors in the main living area, and all finishes and trim is high end. A quick background is that they were built as high end condos to sell but the decision was made to rent them out instead of selling them. Should they become available for sale I would definately love to buy one. I really feel like we have been fortunate to be able to live in such a perfect location (walk to Chateau Ste Michelle, Red Hook, Columbia, etc.), have such a high end apartment with unbelievable view, and have such a reasonable rent. The value for the Villas is great.

    On a closing note and in reference to a previous posting we lived next door to the tenant. For only being there for a couple of months it seems unusual that she seems to describe many seasons of problems. We have no mold, no smell, no issues with anything getting fixed, and have had only good experiences from day one. You have to weigh all feedback and try and make sense of it, and hopefully I have been able to clearly describe the experience we have had to date.

  • I am involved with the operati...

    I am involved with the operations of The Villas and after reading this review feel compelled to respond.

    After many months of living at the Villas with no issues, the resident of Unit 117 complained of wheezing based on a medical condition she has. She suspected that her wheezing was being exasperated by mold in her unit. We take these reports very seriously and performed three different tests on her unit and the building she was in.

    The first test was a moisture test, conducted on multiple locations in her unit. This test came up negative for excess moisture anywhere in her unit. The second test was a building envelope and crawl space inspection, looking for any signs of excess moisture or moisture intrusion from the exterior of the building. This test also came back negative. The third test was a specific mold test, performed by EnvironShield and Indoor Environmental Hygiene Laboratory, two companies that specialize in mold detection. These tests also came back negative. Unfortunately, the resident of 117 was not satisfied with any of these test results. We are sorry that we could not satisfy her with regards to the cause of her wheezing.

    For anyone considering renting at the Villas, we are more than willing to make these test results available to you upon request.

  • This is a continuation of my p...

    This is a continuation of my prior post. Over the two months they used me to find all the things in the unit that didn’t work. There was quite a list. Each fix required waiting and then taking time off work to be here. In the case of the fireplace it was a 10 day wait for an outside technician, who interestingly enough had a product with him that cleaned the glass perfectly.

    This place is impossible to heat and cool. The unit faces west and has large windows. Even with the blinds left closed all day (why would you want to block that beautiful view?), the place is unbearably hot until after dark. There are beautiful French doors that open to a Juliet balcony, but what good are the doors when you can’t open them to blow out the heat? If you open them, everything that flies and crawls comes into the unit. There is no screen. This is country living….flies and spiders galore. There is only one window in the living room that opens to create cross ventilation with the kitchen windows that open. Even with large fans blowing the upstairs is too warm for entertaining all evening. Now that the temps have dropped I can’t keep the downstairs anywhere near comfortable unless I leave the wall unit heaters on 24/7. One is inconveniently placed in the hall where all the warm air goes up the stair well. That only leaves the two bedroom units which face into the bedrooms. The full bath is downstairs where the tiny heater is oddly placed at the side of the cabinet facing directly at the toilet. It’s very hard to warm the bathroom. I keep a space heater in the hallway.

    After giving notice I had to threaten them with a mold lawsuit before they decided they would let me out of my lease. However, they intend to charge me for cleaning (never mind I told them I would clean it to move in condition and have hung nothing on the walls), a late fee of $75 for not paying November rent (never mind they have $2,499 of my money in deposits), and $8 per day that I’m here past the rent due date. My request was reasonable. I asked to be let out of my lease and ALL of my deposits returned to me except what covered the number of days in November that I stayed. Their response has been absurd, AND the mold will remain after I leave. The smell was worse in the hot weather. Now that the temps have dropped it is not as noticeable. But my lungs tell the truth even when the nose isn’t as offended. The mold remains. And in case you don’t understand the health threat of mold, do Google it.

    Do not rent here and especially not unit #117. The PM turns on the charm, but the BS flow freely. Ultimately it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a healthy living environment. I don’t know if they have even been made aware of the mold. Riverstone is the management company. They also manage Evans Creek at Woodbridge in Redmond. Read the reviews.

  • Hello – I want to tell you a...

    Hello – I want to tell you about my experience at The Villas in Woodinvile, WA. I’m a 62 year old female accountant with no pets or kids at home. I have the floor plan where the bedrooms (one is the size of a closet) are downstairs. I noticed a musty smell downstairs when I moved in, but could not conceive of such a new property having a problem with mold. After sleeping downstairs for several days I started waking in the morning with wheezing. I have three known allergies which cause asthma; cats, horses, and mold. There were no cats or horses here so I began sleeping in the living room upstairs. That solved the wheezing immediately. I brought this to the attention of the property manager. Over a period of two months he tried to convince me there was no mold in the condo, by having his maintenance man come out and test for moisture in a few places in the walls and in the carpet, and by telling me he smelled nothing. Yet my guests could smell it. While I’m not suggesting the maintenance man was not truthful about his tests, there is nothing that smells like mold except MOLD. After being patient for two months I could see that they were not going to do anything to rid the condo of the mold. I suggested they have someone come out with an infrared sensor to check inside the walls, but the PM said that was too expensive.

    Since they ceased doing anything to rectify the problem I gave notice near the end of October. I told them that I was not paying any additional rent and I expected 100% of my deposits returned for my cost and inconvenience of moving again. They had a full month’s rent, $1899, as a deposit in addition to another $600 deposit. I should have known something was wrong with the unit as they admitted it had sat vacant for 45 days prior to my renting it. I was completely wowed by the view from upstairs and by the great kitchen. It was exactly the type of rental I was looking for. However, for more than two months I have been living upstairs in what amounts to an $1,899/mo 500 sq ft studio apartment.

    The day I moved in the place was filthy. The cleaning company had done a very poor job after the prior tenant left. The property manager said indignantly how they were never going to use that company again because of what they did in another unit as well. He said they would immediately have another company come out to clean. The next day the exact same company that cleaned the first time came out and the exact same young woman who had done the cleaning was the one who came to clean again. Her boss came too to teach her how to clean at the expense of my time and inconvenience. That was only one of the bold face lies the property manager blew at me during the sales tour. He’s quite a charmer. One of the items was that they were going to replace the glass in the fireplace as it was fogged over. That never happened and the maintenance man told me that they intended to exchange my glass for one from another empty unit except they all looked worse. Continued on next post

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