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By: Barbara M.
Kakaris DDS
My husband and I wanted to thank you for your prompt service and convenience. The operator was very friendly and understanding and we were just so happy that he could find a dentist open on Saturday and so close to home. The dentist called shortly after my call to you. My husband was able to get right in for his emergency. He really liked the office that he went to and we are now going make that our primary dentist office!Last November I made a promise to myself to find a dentist that I was comfortable with and to get on a regular dental visit schedule. I did a lot of research. I asked all of my friends and co-workers about the dentist that they went to.I called quite a few dentists after reviewing their ads in the phone book and I did a lot of research on the Internet. I knew that I wanted to find a dentist that could perform sleep dentistry since my fear had gotten so strong.I liked everything that I heard and read about your practice so I decided to come in for a consultation. When I arrived at your office fear once again almost overtook me and I almost got back in my car and went home.I then remembered the woman that I spoke to promised that they would not do anything to my teeth that day.She just wanted to talk to me and show me around the office. I figured that could not hurt so I went in. Once I got in the office, your staff made me feel very comfortable.I could tell that everyone there really cared about the patients and I felt I would be in good hands. After my first cleaning I found that I needed to have some extensive dental work done, just as I had feared. You performed two root canals and four crown procedures for me during the months of November and December 2014. I remembered you explaining me of each procedures and all were painless. It meant so much that you personally called the evening of each procedure to see how I was doing and that you gave me your cell number to call you if there was an emergency.I also appreciate the scheduling that your office staff took care of for me.I had planned a vacation to go snowmobiling in December and I was sure that it would be ruined by all of the dental work that I was having done so close to the time that I was leaving.Even though I was having lengthy procedures done, your staff worked with me to get me in to your office before my vacation. I was so happy with the service that I received that I talked my Mother into coming to see you also.Her fear of the dentist was as strong as mine and she had not been in 7+ years. She was just as pleased as I was with the service that she received. I then referred my husband to your practice, who also appreciated the service. We have all been coming back for our scheduled maintenance and we are all grateful to have found a dentist that we can trust and feel at ease with. I already have told a few people about 1-800-DENTIST and will continue to spread the word! Thank you for a job well done! PS: DR KAKARIS, you have THE BEST OFFICE MANAGER! Val is very friendly and professional!
By: Michelle C.
Kakaris DDS
********I would like to share my Experience at Kakaris Family Dentistry!*********"I was a patient of Dr Kakaris at Kakaris Family Dentistry before moving to Texas years ago. Last month, I was back in Michigan for my wedding and I had a dental emergency (well, what a bride would call a dental emergency). A few days before the wedding, I noticed a crack in a crown on my front tooth. Dr. Kakaris & Val Rika moved their schedule around to fit me in and check my tooth. They performed lots of strength tests on it and gave me instructions on how to be careful with it until the wedding was over. The crack was not easily visible and after the tests, they eased my fears by explaining it was very unlikely to finish breaking before the wedding. However, just in case, Dr. Kakaris gave me her own personal cell # and said she would make absolutely sure she was available to fix it if something did happen. Val said if you need any other special needs " We will come to you and fix it right there on the spot" REALLY WHO CAN DO THAT! They handled the situation perfectly before the wedding -- with everything that COULD go wrong replacing a crown, they took the safest path to make sure I looked good on my wedding day. More than that, they were able to fit me in to get the crown replaced after the wedding and before my husband and I went back to Texas. Dr. Kakaris completely and permanently replaced my crown in one visit. I don't know of any other office that can do that. They have a machine that takes a ton of pictures of your mouth and then creates a computer model of the crown, which is then built in the office and bonded the same day. By the time I went back to Texas, my tooth had been completely fixed. They were highly professional, very gentle, and the crown looks amazing! If I lived in Michigan, even if it were an hour drive, this is the only office I would go to. If you're looking for a dentist -- especially if you have a difficult or unique situation with your teeth - definitely go here. They are brilliant at what they do. Dr Kakaris & Val Rika I Love you Ladies! YOU ARE AWESOME & YOU ARE THE BEST! "
By: Danielle M.
Kakaris DDS
I am terrified of the dentist, and I finally went to see Dr. Kakaris on referral from some friends and family who have been patient of Dr Kakaris for years & years. I haven't been to the dentist in about 5 years or so, and finally dragged myself in because I had such a bad cavity.HONESTLY, Dr Kakaris is the first Dr who hasn't asked me if I wanted my teeth whitened or tried to refill all my existing fillings with the white stuff.She is the first dentist who have helped me with my TMJ and among other jaw problems, she is really someone who can actually help me with my jaw and headache problem. I've been to her office a lot now and while kids have been in the office,She is so nice to them and describes fun stuff about teeth.I wish my childhood dentist had been so cool!Everyone at Kakaris Family Dentistry is totally nice and super excellent. Also by the way i do come from Windsor Canada to see Dr Kakaris, that tells you something!I would definitely RECOMMEND Dr Kakaris and Kakaris Family Dentistry to my friends and family.
By: Rick S.
Kakaris DDS
never had a better experience with a dentist. i think ill be staying here for a long time
Tips & Advices
To prevent periodontal disease, it's important to brush your teeth after meals, since this prevents food debris from getting lodged between your teeth and gums and causing plaque. Daily flossing should also be a key part of your oral health regimen, since this removes food particles and plaque that a toothbrush may not be able to reach. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease, so avoid this habit if you want to maintain healthy gums.
Certain periodontal treatments are completely painless and gentle enough to be administered without anesthesia. Treatments such as deep scaling, root planing, and those involving surgery are performed with the help of a local anesthetic or a sedative.
One of the most common types of treatments performed by periodontists is gum grafting. This is a surgical procedure that grafts your gum tissue to reverse gum recession, and it can prevent further recession and bone loss. Periodontists also perform laser treatment for gum disease, dental implant installation, pocket reduction procedures, and dental crown lengthening.
In periodontal treatment that involves surgery, many periodontists use a local anesthetic that works to completely numb the area being treated. Oral or IV sedation can also be used, and with this approach, you'll either be completely asleep, or drift in and out of sleep while the procedure is being performed.
Gum disease can be treated with the help of a dentist or periodontist. If gum disease is in its early stages, a professional cleaning will remove tartar before it leads to infection that can cause a more serious condition. With advanced cases of gum disease, infected gums can be treated with scaling and root planing.

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