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By: Matilde M.
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
I have known Dr. Frank since 2010. Feeling privileged and honored to have been a student under his valuable teachings is an understatement. I say this because of the countless (life transforming) benefits gained once you complete one of his programs. I not only walked away with the skills and knowledge required to excel as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, but I also have the confidence to apply what I've learned. Dr. Frank makes sure each student obtains the practical knowledge necessary to meet each prospective client at their current health status. To me, this is very important because it cuts through all the prejudices and preconceived notions about Holistic Health. This means that he uses a common-sense approach to everything that he imparts. His emphasis to incorporate both traditional and conventional medicine (wherever necessary) into a practice is what makes his area of expertise so unique. I strongly believe this is the only way clients will feel empowered enough to be a part of their own healing and restorative journey. Uniquely, this common-sense approach encourages both compliance and faith together into one therapeutic effect. This Academy is, by far, a treasure to be found. There is a unique value in Dr. Frank’s curriculum in a way that is both, practical and meticulous. What I love the most about his style of teaching is his sense of humor and common sense approach. I highly recommend this Gold Mine to anyone interested in learning more about Holistic Health in a way you’ve never seen or learned about before. While each seminar is intense and extensive, it will be worth every second of your time.
By: davemerlino
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
I researched clinical nutrition schools for 3 months and found only 3 that were considered reputable in the industry. I made my decision to attend Dr. Frank's Academy of Natural Sciences and I am thankful for the education that I received. Other schools seemed way too commercial and to be focused more on generating revenue than the student's journey into a nutrition career. Dr. Frank's Academy of Natural Sciences really gives you a bang for your buck! The tuition is super affordable and you make your payments in installments making it even more affordable. More importantly, Dr. Frank has over 30 years of experience in the field as a practitioner, educator, and researcher. He is passionate about what he does and holds an array of certifications and degrees in other fields, such as massage and personal training. THIS IS SO SIGNIFICANT to one's education since he brings ALL of this into the classroom. Further, no other program I researched required a thesis/research project at the end of the program in order to receive your certification. This is an authentic education that prepares you to become a certified clinical nutritionist and holistic health practitioner as soon as you leave the school. The texts and material are put together for constant reference and are constructed to support you in your career. A major plus is that Dr. Frank allows you to contact him for assistance and reference while practicing in the field. His doors are always open! This speaks to the person he is and shows that he really cares about his students, their progression into the field, and human health.
By: barbarabaughman
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
Academy of Natural Health SciencesI have recently finished my class time with Dr. Frank at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, studying Clinical Nutrition. I am currently finishing my final project in order to receive my certification. I had researched many Nutrition Courses before I began this program at The Academy, and what drew me in to the course were the subjects covered as well as the opportunity to do a final project of my own choosing. But what ultimately convinced me to commit was Dr.Frank’s sincerity over the phone and the Academy’s very fair and reasonable prices. I do not live in New Jersey. I had no other student to speak with regarding the program. All I had to go on was the website and Dr.Frank. I drove three hours both to and from the Academy throughout my training, and I can tell you that it was not easy. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t feel this was the best program for me. Dr. Frank made the course challenging, yet not so much that I would feel overwhelmed or discouraged. I’ve learned even more than I thought I would, and I feel the course has given me a very practical template in which to start my own practice as a Clinical Nutritionist.And finally, what I really appreciate about this program is that Dr. Frank makes himself very available to his graduates regarding professional support and access to professional supplies. I find this to be exceptional and not at all the norm. Where else could you go to become a Nutritionist and have continuing access and support from a Naturopathic Doctor? Very good value and quality, if you ask me.
By: mavias.glz.
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
My experience at the Academy of Natural Sciences was very enriching . I not only attended a learning institute but a career long advisement facility. Once a graduate, Dr. Frank ensures that his students follow the best steps possible into not only following their dream career, but providing the best care possible for their future clients. Dr. Frank is highly knowledgeable in multiple fields, thereby giving a very wide perspective of what the natural health sciences are all about. Dr. Frank's method of teaching is great; he has been in the industry for many years. He is generous in answering any and all questions with depth and clarity, at any time. Dr. Frank can be easily contact by phone, mail, before and after class. The areas of study are complete, tests and papers are given regularly. The student is therefore, force to keep up with and understanding the material. The Holistic Nutrition course was a very intensive, full on point, up-to-date and valuable information that is sure to prepare the student to the maximum of his/her abilities. The small classes and flexibility, make it a great choice. The institute location is an excellent one. I personally took public transportation to attend all my classes and had no problem with it. The train and bus station are only blocks away from the institution making it a great choice for anyone that commutes. I will highly recommend this school - affordable tuition fee, quality of education, good location, small classes, supportive and knowledgeable instructor.
By: Kim C.
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
Hey Everyone! I am a recent graduate from The Academy Of Natural Health Sciences and my experience that I had was a really wonderful one. The information given was not only thorough,but is very helpful in pursuing a career in massage therapy. The effort that Dr. Frank puts into his materials that are provided to the students are accurate and exhaustive in detail so that everyone can receive the best quality information.Dr. Frank is an excellent professor and mentor. He makes sure that everyone comprehended the materials before moving forward in teaching new information. He is very intelligent and shares with everyone his capabilities and techniques through the hands on experience and the materials themselves. He does this because he cares a lot about his students and ensures that everyone is given the correct tools for an long -lasting career as a massage therapist. I just received a job offer working for a chiropractor and i am ecstatic because this is my dream career, to help people.Dr. Frank has been so wonderful in helping to guide me through any questions i have or anything i need help with. What i got out of this school was not only a good education,but I also created great friendships. It was a very enjoyable experience. I believe this was the best decision i ever made and i am so grateful i found Dr. Frank and his school. You are making a great decision by coming to his school.
By: laurenrose
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
I have been working as a personal trainer for about four years, and working in this field made me realize how important a nutrition background is in helping my clients reach their goals. Working out in the gym should be a part of everyone's program, but true health and success starts with a proper diet and supplement program. I knew I wanted to go back to school and get a degree or certification in nutrition. However, I didn't want to do some overnight certification program that anyone could take and pass without gaining any real knowledge. But after looking into going back to school for dietetics, I quickly decided that was not the route for me.I happened up the ANHS, and contacted one of the former students who lived nearby me. We met for coffee, and she convinced me that this was the best bet for my nutrition education. I am happy with the knowledge and material I have taken away from the class, and I would recommend Dr. Frank's nutrition program to anyone who is looking for a thorough course covering the real life material you will need to help your nutrition clients. I have a ton of reference material from my text books, as well as books that I purchased based on Dr. Frank's recommendations. Additionally, you are given all the forms that you will need in your practice. If you are looking to continue your education or switch fields, I recommend the ANHS.
By: Holly P.
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
I chose Academy of Natural Health Sciences after a good friend graduated from the Massage and Bodywork Program. I was so impressed by her knowledge and skills as a massage therapist, it instilled confidence in choosing this school. As I graduate from this program, I can say that it was time and money well spent. I am appreciative not only of Dr. Frank's expertise, but in his attention to his students' questions and needs. Dr. Frank was always genuinely concerned with his students' understanding of the material and proper technique. He always made sure all questions were answered, and he was patient and thorough. (And I'm someone who asked a lot of questions!) Not only did we learn the basics of technique, proper body mechanics, and anatomy, but also the invaluable "clinical pearls" Dr. Frank was able to share from his experience in the field. I had a great experience at ANHS. I leave not only with confidence in my knowledge and skills gained through Dr. Frank's comprehensive program, but with the assurance that Dr. Frank is a continuing resource as I build my practice. Dr. Frank cares about his students' success well beyond the classroom. To me, this is the mark of a true educator, and I am thankful that although I have completed the program, Dr. Frank's guidance is ongoing.I enthusiastically recommend the Academy of Natural Health Sciences!Holly P
By: kathywiecenski
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
From the moment I walked in the door to inquire about a career in massage to the day I graduated I was thrilled by my decision to attend the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. I not only attended a learning institute but a career long advisement facility. I have found that no matter when I call inquiring about business advisement, skill enhancement, or trends in the massage world I am always furnished with information. The school continues to offer courses that are interesting as well as needed to continue my education and allow me to be a more well rounded massage therapist. The most important part of the school for me was the size. I really felt that after attending college with my degree and touring many different massage schools that the individualized small classes would allow me the constant attention of the instructor that I would need to really excel in my massage field. I had my own experience with college and that is fine for book work but with hands on careers you really need to get the personal attention that this school offers. I also appreciated the way Dr. Frank Auriemma would challenge each student to push them to a higher level of thought which gave us again a more personalized education experience. Kathy Wiecenski- graduate and practitioner
By: Rose C.
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
I have only known two perfectionists in my lifetime and Dr. Frank is one of them. He has a style of teaching that is thorough and touches every aspect of therapeutic massage needed to propel your career and knowledge base into a successful business as well as to compete with anyone else in the field anywhere.Dr. Frank has a wealth of knowledge and expertise from years in the field that he incorporates into the classroom experience, which goes beyond that found in a book alone. Because of his expertise, his classes are uniquely different and go beyond the teachings of other schools. His hands on practicals will prepare you to become an expert at each module you enroll in. In addition, you have an open invitation to come back to take a refresher course of those modules that you may not have practiced in a while.The Academy of Natural Health Sciences is centrally located two blocks from NJ Transit Trains from NYC and Southern NJ and very close to the NJ Turnpike, Routes 1 & 9, as well as the Garden State Parkway.This is definitely the place to be if you want to learn therapeutic massage the right way and in its entirety. I highly recommend the Academy of Natural Health Sciences to anyone who is looking to learn every aspect of massage.
By: Travis E.
Academy of Natural Health Sciences
I really love how the curriculum is set up. It's unlike colleges where your stuck in an endless cycle of redundant courses. Dr. Frank had us working on a well balanced progression of all the nutrition material we can expect to see in our future of being a nutritionist. Beginning with basic nutrition and touching on all the relevant subjects along the way. It goes fast, and it is very engaging and even fun. We also received binders of complied materials every seminar that I am sure will be crucial in my practice for years to come. As well as teaching us what we need to know about nutrition, he also sets the record straight on all the bogus misinformation floating around about nutrition. He stresses the importance of having scientific evidence and clinical studies to support any claims in a time where people too often accept information based on what they want to believe. Dr. Frank will also continue to work with you along the way even after you finish the course. I definitely got the best bang for my buck the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, and I feel that Dr. Franks system was optimal to my preference of learning. I highly recommend this school.

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