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By: robmaza
The Park at Sutton Place
The worst. Absolutely the worst. I just wrote a nice long review of the place, but accidentally deleted it. I'll leave you with this. The place is run by scum. The management is not only condescending, but the chubby lady who runs the place... She might be the devil. Such an obnoxious lady. She'll scam you for every cent she can. The place caught on fire twice (Maybe more) in the year I lived there. One fire burned a whole building down. So good luck. Also, theres a good chance half way through your stay you'll wake up at night and your walls will be crawling. Don't worry, there isn't a gas leak. Thousands or cockroaches have invited themselves into your apartment. Actually, I kind of have this strange feeling their friends with the manager lady. I was robbed at gun point at the back of the complex, on the third floor of my building. Want to know why? Because druggies make their home there. If all this wasn't enough to stop you from renting there... Casey Anthony used to hang out with her BF there all the time in her heyday... So the parking spot you parked in potentially housed Casey Anthony's car concealing her poor dead decomposing baby's remains. This is the closest to hell you'll get while living in Winter Park.
By: johnnysoto790
La Aloma Apartments
You guys are very nice to us. We’ve been staying here for a long time now and hearing some people complain about this apartment. It’s the people who rent the place who don’t care and understand that this apartment is old but you guys are trying to maintain it clean and nice to make sure it’s a perfect place to live! Thanks JC and to your crew. Regards to all.
By: traviswhite817
La Aloma Apartments
We love La Aloma. We have been here for two years and ongoing. JC, Shay and Carey have always been very nice to us. We have also made referrals to friends. Wonderful place to live with very understanding people. We are very grateful to have chosen La Aloma as a place to raise our children.
By: kyleflanders0
La Aloma Apartments
The location is good. Maintenance is excellent. I feel safe living here. However, when it is time to renew the lease, I do not think you should increase the rentals as the economy doesn’t allow for occupants to pay increased rental at this time.
By: loragarrett33
La Aloma Apartments
The staffs have been a great help. My son moved down about a year ago to attend school. It was his first time leaving home. They were such a big help in getting him settled. The apartment is so close to the school and super convenient.
By: Johnny Q.
Carlton Arms Apartments
I love the AC unit in my apartment here at Carlton Arms, it is so nice I have that not all complexes have that. I not only love my apartment but the other facilities here are great as well, including laundry. I am a happy tenant.
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By: Alex J.
Carlton Arms Apartments
While living at Carlton Arms I have never had to put in any real request for repairs. I have only had the carpet cleaned a few times. Other than that everything works great, and it is a wonderful place to call home.
By: Laura D.
Carlton Arms Apartments
I have been living here at Carlton Arms for about 30 years now and I am so happy here. The place is very clean and well taken care of and I really like everyone that lives in the community, its like a big family.
By: julieroenoke
Carlton Arms Apartments
In a few months, I will have been here for 7 months. This is the first time in my life that I didn't even think about moving out. There is not one thing bad to be said about this place. Beautiful!
By: raymondlennon76
La Aloma Apartments
I have lived here for six years. I feel at home here, this is more than an apartment, it’s a home. The staff has made improvements in my home over the years to keep it looking new. I love it here.

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