By: tjs0357
Citizens Bank
I just closed my acct due to service issues. I called the brch mgr to request a hold be placed on my lone chkg acct. Instead of doing so, she questioned me as to why. I explained someone may have picked up 2 checkbooks I lost. She reacted by stating, "I'm not re-opening a new acct. You had too many stop payments (WHICH I GLADLY PAID FOR.) Too many fraud alerts, etc" She asked why a new debit card was issued to me. I felt as if I was in an inquisition. I knew then, GET OUT! I may not be wealthy, but it's little people like me (the 99%) that generate more revenues for the bank. Think about it. Who has more overdraft fees? Who bounces more checks? Who pays more maintenance fees? I thought so, the 99%. That's why the rich get free checks, fees waived, etc. So can the bank afford to let go of my "low-on-the-totem-pole" business? Guess so.

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