Cheddars Scratch Kitchen in Winston Salem, NC with Reviews -
By: theblazingpoet
66 Diner
This place surpasses all of the places that have been in that location previously. I'll try to hit on a few points:MENU:The menu is varied; they have a little bit of everything They have your traditional fast food fare all the way to home cooking, and some Greek cuisines as well. They have daily specials that are inserted into the menus with different specials and lists of vegetables available for that day. Plus, one of my favorite things is they consider banana pudding a vegetable/side :) (p.s. it's delicious)PRICESThe prices are very fair. FOODDeliciousSERVICEEach time we have been, the service has always been excellent. The staff there are super polite and very friendly. Every we drive by there around lunchtime or supper time, the parking lot is jammed full of cars and the restaurant is packed to the gills with hungry people. :) That is what made us want to try it. We have been there four times already and we plan to continue coming back. CONSThe only real complaint I have about the place is the shape of the parking lot. I realize the place just recently opened. But hey, maybe if it's successful they could later think about fixing the parking lot with actual parking spaces instead of a free for all. Overall, this place is great!
By: redsfan70
River Birch Lodge Restaurant
The food here really is worth the price. There are some high priced items and some very reasonable items. The salads are amazing (sounds weird for me to say that but they are my wife's favorite of any restaurant). Personally I have had the Lasagna, Cajun Filet Pasta (it was a special but they will make it for you if it's not too busy), Baby Back Ribs, Pizzas, and the Cheese Steak (at least that I can think of). They were all excellent. The only think I have had I did not care too much was the Pulled Pork - and it wasn't bad - just not great to me. This place has a lot of unique higher end dishes that I haven't tried - but have heard they are excellent. I would definitely give it a try. And if you do go, you HAVE to get the Lodge Chips as an appetizer. They are the best I have ever had anywhere.
By: Nashika L.
Mama Zoe's
The food was great, Ms. Dolly is an amazing waitress she always take care of her customers. The only thing I did not like was while she was working her the owner and another employee was standing and conversing. The owner also kept playing and scratching her hair. That's a no no in food service. Besides that I would absolutely go back, it would be nice to see more diversity as well. If you go ask for Dolly :)
By: eightball2k5
East Coast Wings & Grill
this place doesn't look like much. drove past every day.. but went in and was quite surprised!.. Simply Amazing, service and the food was spectacular. told the waitress it was our first time and she begin all the special deals they have weekly. she was selling it like she owned the place, very energetic.Environment for all ages.definitely my new favorite spot!
By: Newton J.
66 Diner
This is one of my favorite restaurants because of the friendly owner Paplo and all of the staff. I just love to visit almost daily and really enjoy all of the home cooking. The slogan "Nothing could be finer than 66 Diner" tells it all. My two grandsons also like to eat here along with my wife.fig-newton or as the staff calls me "POP".
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By: Anp K.
Simply Soul Restaurant
Everything was awesome my fiancé and i loved it, our first visit was on Sunday and we enjoyed the Sunday's special each!! Very nice space very attentive staff very cozy n shuttle atmosphere! Feels like a place a family would go enjoy a great meal
By: D H.
East Coast Wings & Grill
Everything is perfect except for the wings. They are always very overcooked and dry. The service can't be beat and sandwiches are out of this world!
By: wsgurl09
Simply Soul Restaurant
Great tasting food. Big Guy should smile more, but overall great food. Great Taste. Great amount for the money! Def going back!!!
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By: Richard M.
Westtown Restaurant
The very best barbecue in Winston-Salem, Lexington, or any other place on this earth. Prices are very reasonable.
By: Michael C.
I love this place, will come back with family soon! It gets a busy at certain hours, but all worth the wait

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