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By: Georgie G.
Cooking Season
I was tired, the kids were hungry and I didn't really want to cook. We were tired with the same ole fast food, and some of the other restaurants let us down-face it-you worked hard for the money and you want to enjoy your meal when you do go out, not only for the monetary but the mental price too of taking a family meal out. We had a craving for Chinese food and I remembered a friend had gone to Cooking Season recently, so we decided to head out there for a change of pace. Let me tell you, it was a very pleasant surprise- the food is not only pleasing to the eye (they had a carrot lotus flower as a garnish)the arrangement of the entrees was treat and the flavors were even better. I ordered the shrimp with lobster sauce w/white rice, the eldest-beef with mushrooms w/fried rice, little one; the shrimp lo mien w/ white rice for appetizers we went with fried wonton, chicken wings and spring rolls. The shrimp with lobster sauce was one of the best dishes I had had in a long time-the sauce delicate and perfectly complimenting the shrimp (which were large, a big portion (10-12) and perfectly cooked). The shrimp lo mien was also perfectly cooked-the noodles tender and not mush-the seasoning adding to the flavor and not taking it over, the beef with mushrooms was almost too pretty to eat with tender beef, baby corn, water chestnuts, bean sprouts,julienne carrots and bok choy- the lotus carrot flower too lovely to eat. The spring rolls were the right combination of crispy wrapper to the bite while your teeth tore into the tender,flavorful filling, delicate, melt in your mouth heaven almost. The chicken wings were crispy,juicy,hearty and delicate at the same time. The wonton crispy, flavorful and hot as they should be. Each dish was lovingly prepared fresh after we ordered, so there was a wait for the meal-but worth it with our waitress Tiffany attentive and pleasant to talk to and right there with the refills for the boys' sodas and my tea. The prices were very reasonable, the food a very welcome pleasant surprise with not only the quality,quantity and care in which it was prepared. It is nice to find a place that not only takes pride in it's appearance but also it's product-we will most definitely be coming back again-perhaps bring friends too-it's just too good not to share. I may even sneak away with my eldest one day on my birthday to try the buffet- 11:30- 2:30 for only $5.99??? yup-it's a done deal already ;)
By: Randy N.
Chili's Grill & Bar
Food is great but safety is an issue. Be very careful with the Menu's at Chili's. menu staple went into my finger and it still hurts 4 days later. The staples are sticking out and they are suppose to discard them as per what the District Manager's boss told me on the phone. For those with medical devices surgically implanted in your body, make sure you take your appropriate medicine for infection or ensure you have your shots up to date. Hoping now that no one else before me got stabbed by the same staple because this staple injection made my finger bleed for several minutes. see picture attached. Watch around young children.
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By: brandon.rumbaugh
Cafe del Sol
I've been frequenting this restaurant for years now and they deliver every time. I'm always greeted warmly, many times at lunch time I'm there to work either alone or with a customer and they're always attentive but give us space and time as well to focus and do what we need to do. The food is also really good. Their salads hit the spot and I'm a huge fan of their salsa. Really glad I found this place!
By: Bonnie D.
Cooking Season
Great food for super cheap! The quantity you get for the price is just amazing. You will not be sorry for coming here. I have loved this place since they were "Hunan Express" up the street. While I miss the drive-thru, it's otherwise the same place & then some. If you haven't already, definitely give this place a try! One of my absolute favorites in Winchester, no doubt about it! Just classic.
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By: brandon.rumbaugh
Brewbaker's Restaurant
I love this place! Locally owned and operated and you can tell as soon as you walk in. I'm always made to feel welcome, and the food is consistently on point!
By: Bob U.
One Block West
Amazing, inspired dishes, in a cozy atmosphere. Food is great. Service is good, typical for this type of cozy restaurant.
By: Jason L.
Cooking Season
Amazing sushi. I love their California rolls.

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