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By: wblair
Hunter J W Company
I have a few complaints about JW Hunter. We live in an apartment building in the Barton College area and this building is a little old. There are 5 units in the building including the one I currently live in. All of the other apartments have been renovated in the last year and our apt. has not been renovated in over 6 years. Things have been falling apart. We have had mold in our bathroom that was only painted over and not scraped off. I do not know if it was harmful mold but if it is/was it was not taken care of properly. We had to wait a full week (in business days so 7 business days) for our heat to be restored during December of 2010. Our appliances are from the early 80's and the stove has a burner that has stopped working from being so old. We have had two leaks. One in my bedroom closet and one around the AC vent where the filter is located. This has caused the ceiling to start coming down in the closet and the wood to start to rot and God knows what around the unit and in a closet right beside the area of the leak. Then today we were trying to fix a plumbing issue. We have had numerous problems with the plumbing getting backed up and they hold you liable for back ups etc. We were trying to fix the kitchen sink and we were trying to take the pipe off to look to see what the problem was and the pipes are so old it crumbled in my boyfriend's hand. It cut him and everything....a pipe....crumbled! I have always liked the receptionist at the front desk at the ofc in Wilson and even the repair man that has come to do "repairs." However JW Hunter needs to do the necessary REPAIRS and not just cover them up for aesthetic purposes. Honestly I think at this point in time if it were to undergo inspection it would fail for our unit at least. It is not only irresponsible of them but dangerous for tenants as well. We are moving out at the end of the month but I think this needed to be said to warn prospective tenants about what might await them if they choose to do business with JW Hunter. Thank you.
By: Benjamin S.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
B.W. Skinner built us a brand new house from the ground up. We heard about them from a mutual acquaintance and decided to give them a call. We love our house and we were pleased with the pricing. For our area its at or close to the market.
By: Morgan B.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
If you're looking for a construction company who pays great attention to details and gets things done as scheduled then B.W. Skinner is the right company for you. They did a great job on all the projects we hired them for.
By: Alice F.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
We heard great things about BW Skinner through the community and decided to give them a call. I am so thankful we did because they have been amazing!! I highly recommend them.
By: Tim J.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
Working with B.W. Skinner is always a pleasure. These folks know how to get a job done the correct way and on time. Very reasonable pricing too.
By: Gina N.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
The home that B.W. Skinner worked on for us turned out beautifully. I love everything about it. I'm so happy we got to work with you guys.
By: Brenda G.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
Wayne is great to work with. He makes each job feel very personalized and he works hard to understand exactly what you want and expect.
By: Renee A.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
Working with Wayne from B.W. Skinner has been great so far. He's helping us with our house plans and we are very happy with everything.
By: Tommy A.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
B.W. Skinner Construction is the best, by far. They worked tirelessly to get the job done the way we wanted. I highly recommend them.
By: Jessie Z.
B.W. Skinner Construction Inc.
Love our house built by BW Skinner. It's been years and we haven't fallen through the floor or anything, great quality work!

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