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By: Jackie B.
Mom's Tattoo
I've waited a long time to get my latest tattoo because I have never really trusted anyone to capture exactly what I want....until I met Sean Beck. I actually found him sort of by accident but after seeing some of his work, I knew my search for the right artist was over. We initially talked via FB and then about a week later I was sitting in his chair listening to him tell me about his vision for my ET piece. He was able to take my crappy pics and vague description and turn it into something amazing. I am now finished with 2 of the 3 sessions it will take to complete and I couldn't be happier. His ability, his attitude, his communication....everything....is top notch. I don't get some of the negative reviews - especially about attitude. Between him and his wife, Dara, I felt like I went and hung out with some friends for a few hours. Speaking of Dara, she is a hair stylist and Sean has set her up in a pretty cool booth within the shop -- check her out, she too does amazing stuff!!! So, if you are looking for a great tattoo artist, don't hesitate to go see Sean. He will exceed your expectations!
By: Lorea G.
Bruce Cavenaugh's Automart
These guys are amazing. I first encountered them about 3 years ago when I bought a Nissan Titan. I was warned they were working on the 4x4 at the time so it may need to figure out exactly what was wrong with it. After purchasing it the 4WD was not engaging. I took it back to the dealership and they replaced the entire 4x4 system from the switch to the transfer case. These guys went above and beyond for me then and then today when I traded in that same Nissan Titan and bough a new Jeep from them. They gave me better than fair value for my truck and sold the car at a great price. They took the time to make sure I was comfortable with everything that was happening and did everything they could to get my payments where I wanted them to be and Robbie succeeded. I am now a happy repeat customer as this is the 2nd car I have bought from these guys and will gladly buy the next vehicle I purchase there as well.
By: Natalia H.
Estetica Maria
Buen servicio-Good ServicePrecios Justos- Fair PricesResultados de Alto Calibre- High End Results Mujeres Y Hombres pueden disfrutar del servicio genial que Maria's ofrece. Los estilistas de la estetica están bien entrenados y educados en varios aspectos de practica de belleza. Yo fui a que me hicieran un cambio de castaño oscuro a RUBIO y mi pelo esta en la mejor condicion de toda mi vida. Mi esposo se recorta el pelo aquí y le hacen el corte mas bien desvanecido de todo el pueblo. Simplemente Los mejores!..............................................Guys and Ladies can enjoy the great service Maria's has to offer. Their staff is well trained and educated in various beauty practices. I got my hair from a natural dark brown to BLONDE and its in the best shape of its life. My husband gets his hair cut here and its the nicest fade in town by far.
By: Christina M.
Jade Monkey Studios
I gave this place two stars instead on one because I do not know how well their tattoos and piercing actually are. BUT I wanted to give it one star because I was told to come here after finding out the place across the street (Port City Tattoo) had ran out of small monroe bars. The price was only $10 dollars there but after a few days, i realized the piercing was entirely too small. I tried taking it out and it got stuck. eventually the diamond went into the hole in my lip. I went to a local doctors and they helped get it out but I did end up passing out soon after. I do not want to change peoples minds about this place or to diss it but I want to let you know what i just had to go through becuase they gave the wrong size piercing. I was extremely painful for a 15 year old girl.
By: Ignacia S.
Bruce Cavenaugh's Automart
Because auto dealers have such a high mark-up on their vehicles, I've only purchased TWO personal vehicles from a car lot (including this one). I must say that our experience with Bruce Cavenaugh was superb! It was a "NO HASSLE" transaction! Not only did they give me what my trade-in was worth, they had us in and out in no time. I highly recommend Bruce Cavenaugh's Automart to anyone who is buying a car. We live in Durham, NC and have no problem traveling for what we want and I'm so glad we made the decision to buy from Bruce. His staff is professional and super friendly and they have a "NO PRESSURE" attitude which is what I really appreciate. Thank you all for such a wonderful buying experience!!
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By: Kammie O.
Hardwire Tattoo
Initially, I was going to go to the Hardwire Tattoo shop downtown but I'm glad I didn't. My mother in law and I wanted to get some tattoos so we set out for some girl time. This was my mother in law's first tattoo but I already had a couple. We were able to walk right in and discuss the artwork we wanted. The customer service we received was 5 star. The atmosphere was laid back and very family oriented but yet professional. The prices were just right and the artwork was most definitely 5 star. My mother in law and I were very pleased with Matt and BJ's work. Looking for a new tattoo!?! Go to Hardwire Tattoo on Cedar Ave.
By: Lee G.
Seaside Auto Sales
Please take these reviews with a grain of salt. All of our cars are dealer trades that go through a thorough safety and emission inspection. We NEVER cheat people or sell junk cars. Most reasonable people understand that it is impossible to predict what repairs a car may need six or twelve months down the line. We also can't help if someone buys a car before you get to it. I know it's frustrating but we cannot hold cars without a deposit. Please read our reviews on google and Facebook if you really want to see how we do business. And I don't have a secretary so one of these people simply has the wrong place.
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By: Lauren F.
Mom's Tattoo
After doing a bunch of research for a memorial tattoo for my brother who passed away, I decided to go with Sean Beck at Mom's. I read a few bad reviews but I let the quality of his work ultimately guide my decision. I'm so happy with the way my tattoo turned out, I honestly couldnt have asked for better work. I thought he was friendly as well and didn't encounter any "attitude". Even if I had, the work was great enough that it wouldn't have mattered. Do yourself a favor and get a good quality tattoo from Sean. If negative reviews scare you off, grow a pair :)
By: Melinda P.
Hypnotix Spalon
I moved to Wilmington from up north and haven't found any stylists here that were any good. After having several horrible experiences I decided to give Hypnotix a try. I'm very glad I did. My stylist name is Kristie and she is wonderful. Not only has she fixed what others had done but she has completely transformed my look. There is nothing better than being able to go to a salon after work to relax, have a glass of wine, and come out feeling great. Not only that, but all of the workers are fun and easy going. Great experience all around.
By: amylynne
Lisa's Nails
Lisa nails is hands down, no pun intended, the best nail salon in Wilmington. I have been to several around the area and no one compares with their customer service. I have had a fluke nail come off before and they were willing to fix it at NO CHARGE. Even if they are busy, luckily she owns another shop she can send someone from! The owner is the sweetest thing and always makes sure you are satisfied, if not she will fix it herself. I have had nails by everyone there and was never dissatisfied. THANKS GUYS!!!! Highly recommended!

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