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By: coastalreefer
Coastal Reef
I'd like to respond in regard to the bad review from lisa. When consigning their tank with us, I told them from the first time I spoke with them that they were asking way too much money for their tank. This shoud be seen as a good sign to our customers that we refuse to sell anything in our store that is overpriced. Second, they have been impossible to stay in touch with and communicate with. Their tank was incredibly scratched and in poor shape. I paid money to advertise their tank through multiple venues, went to the store on my day off to meet people interested in their tank, as well as paid employees on their days off to try to sell it.It's dispicable that they would then turn to yellow pages to write a poor review. Maybe you should think twice next time before driving to a town you don't live in, drop off a huge tank that you're asking for more value that it's worth, and then stop talking to us. It's common sense not to drop something off that you apparently value very highly, more than 500 miles from where you live-- only to tell me you don't have money to move it when I can't sell it at the requested overpriced value. You obviuosly couldn't sell your tank for whatever price you thought it was worth. You're lucky I didn't throw your tank out after you started yelling at me through numerous emails and phone calls because you were upset with the tanks fair market value. We're happy to offer consignment, but in doing so it's important to sign our consignment contract which agrees on a fair market value and the store's commision, as well as a time frame in which we will offer it for sale. As these people didn't stay in town long enough to sign a commission, and dropped their oversized and overpriced tank in a store they've never been to, and never planned on going to again. You should be ashamed.
By: grayhead
Coastal Reef
I saw the tank in question. It was literally a piece of crap. The only mistake was the store owner allowed it to come in his shop. I have purchased a tank from them and all is well with it. I would do it a second time when the need arises. The have a decent selection of corals and are willing to talk
By: Lauren W.
Buoy Buddy
Really impressed with the durability of this device! I wore it repeatedly during the summer months in the ocean and not once did it mis-preform or show any signs of corrosion! Terrific product!

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