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    Love this new pet spa. Got my Shi Tzu groomed and she looked and smelled great. Lots of asian stuff and music, pretty cool!

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By: cynthia.amon
Videll's Day Spa
For the past five years, my husband Joe and I, have been regular and very happy recipients of the massage services provided by Videll's Day Spa in Wilmington, De. We highly recommend Videll for her professionalism, caring and respectful approach to the clients. She customizes her "touch" to be soft or deep depending on personal preferences.Videll is a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competent massage therapist. We like to say, "One hour with Videll will cure whatever ails ya!" You leave very contented, relaxed and feeling that "all's right with the world." Our son and daughter have also appreciated and enjoyed her sessions on many occasions and love to return.The atmosphere is totally wonderful - soothing, calming, very clean and quiet with delicious aromas and soft sounds. For special occasions, a massage session with Videll also makes an excellent gift. It's an experiential, beneficial and therapeutic gift that easily beats giving someone another item that collects dust, doesn't fit or they can't use. Giving couples a gift of a "couples massage" is the best! Videll adds her special touches to make it truly memorable for the pair.We have had many massages on vacations and at other spas in the area, but none come close to the excellent experience we consistently enjoy at Vidells Day Spa.Cynthia Amon
By: sixerfan
Videll's Day Spa
I felt compelled to write a second review because of the negative ones. I have to say that Videll runs a business, not a Ladies Auxiliary Club. If you are on time, if you provide ample notice of any cancellation, and treat the staff with courtesy, then you get first class service. I can't speak about the other therapists, but Videll puts more effort into her massages than anyone I have ever known. With most therapists, you have to ask them to apply more pressure, because light massages are easy. And if you want a lighter massage from Videll, just ask her! I get my money's worth every single time.I read the comment about the appearance of the spa, and I couldn't disagree more. I don't like dingy, unkempt places, but Videll's spa is always immaculate, bright, and organized.So give her a chance if you want a massage that really gets the kinks out! And read the negative reviews with a healthy skepticism.
By: Scott M.
Limestone Therapeutic Massage
Limestone Therapeutic Massage is located by the Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware in a nice professional building with plenty of parking. The lobby and massage rooms are neat, clean and well appointed, but the BEST part is the massage. I had a deep tissue massage with special focus on my calf muscles which I had injured years before. I could actually feel the knots disappear from Jennifer's skilled technique. As I was lying on the table I was thinking to myself "Man, this is great. I'm coming back next month!" My wife had an appointment at the same time with Camille and was just as thrilled. Gregg was in the lobby and was very nice also. Can't wait to do it again! One thing that needs improvement is their website. It's slow and hard to navigate and apply discounts when purchasing certificates.
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By: ablm3521
A Balanced Life Massage
7/1/2012I get regular massages (1-2 times per month). I've been to many and even had a membership to other massage places in the area. I can honestly say this is a great place. It's a professional office in building offers a calming atmosphere with none of the chaos or noise that happens when you go to a salon/spa. I believe my massage therapist is genuinely interested in my health and well-being. We work together to solve trouble spots that come from 8-10 hours a day at a computer. After each massage, he offers recommendations on stretches and workouts to help ease tension and stress. I finally feel like I have a ally interested in helping me improve my health through massage.They also offer on-line booking with weekend hours which is a bonus.Amy M.
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By: Amanda R.
Limestone Therapeutic Massage
My mother was in a car accident quite some time ago, and she was referred to Limestone Therapeutic Massage. After a short period of treatment, she was able to move with considerably less pain and her praise of the facility and therapists did not go unnoticed by our family (her praise is hard to earn!). I was in an accident myself about a year afterwards and I requested to be sent there for treatment as well due to my mother's high opinion and her visible results. I was elated to receive the high-quality treatment and care that she had fawned over! Tish and Frank keep me vertical and mobile and I thank the stars for their compassionate care every time I visit!
By: rafgirl
Videll's Day Spa
I have gone to other spas in the area and have visited this spa on several occasions with my Mother some instances and others on my own and give it a good rating. Videll is very professional and does a good job...she is very serious about her business and respect goes two ways....she is very well rounded and if you talk to her you will know what experience she has had in the beauty business....ask her. Her spa is very clean and the women that work for her try to do their best...some are new so they are just learning as we all do. Give her a chance, I think you will like her...I will certainly revisit.
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By: Tammy H.
Limestone Therapeutic Massage
I started going to Limestone Therapeutic Massage center in Newark about 8 months ago. I fell about 1 1/2 years ago and busted up my knee bad. After doing rehab for about 2 months and then going to the gym and Chiropractor for a few month I decided to go to get a message because nothing else was helping. I meet Tish and she really took the time to listen to what I had to say and worked on my problem areas and also worked on other areas. I don't know what I would do without her. Thank you Tish and Limestone Therapeutic for all that you do. You ROCK!!
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By: Liz Y.
Limestone Therapeutic Massage
I have been a client at Limestone Therapeutic for several years, and would never consider going anywhere else. The quality of service, and experience that you will receive here are unparalleled. The therapists truly tailor every massage to your unique needs. I have had massages from Dave, Angela, and Tish. All are absolutely fantastic!
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By: Carmenleonora I.
A Balanced Life Massage
I have been twice. The first time with a Groupon and today as a return customer. I was treated professionally on both ocassions. Their massage therapists are amazing. I get massages frequently and by far Steve has given me the best massage ever! I will be returning and recommending to both friends and colleagues.
By: Tia R.
H Day Spa By Fleurish Wellness
I have been receiving massages from Donald for 3 years now. He always takes the time to tailor the experience to my needs; be it a Hot Stone, Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage. I recently started coming more regularly for treatment of injury. Without his professional help, I would not be feeling as good as I do today.
Tips & Advices
Some pet groomers have viewing areas where owners can sit and watch their pets being treated. Most prevent owners from being in the same room as the pet, however, as the owner's presence might cause the pet to become too excited.
Pets that cannot interact with strangers do not make good professional grooming candidates. Sometimes medication can help, but some groomers don't take animals that have been sedated. If a pet becomes too unruly, a groomer may end the session entirely.
It's best to fully vaccinate pets before bringing them to their first grooming appointment. Dogs should receive the DA2PPC vaccine, which stands for canine distemper, canine andenovirus type 2, canine parvovirus, and parainfluenza. It's also a good idea to vaccinate dogs against Bordedatella (aka “kennel cough”). In fact, New York City requires dogs receive both DAPP and Bordetella shots. Cats, meanwhile, should get the FVRCP vaccine: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection, and panleukopenia. In addition, all pets should be up to date on their rabies shots. Owners should wait at least 24 hours after getting their pet vaccinated before bringing it to the groomers.
Technically, there is no such thing as a pet that is too old for a professional groomer. In fact, older pets with joint or mobility issues often can't groom themselves and need someone else to clean them. However, pets that are blind, deaf, or have serious medical issues might not do well at a groomer, especially if the person is inexperienced. Owners should feel free to ask potential groomers about their understanding of elderly pet issues. Often, older pets will exhibit puppy-like behavior and squirm or yelp during grooming. Alternatively, they might not be able to stand for long periods of time. As such, grooming an older pet usually takes more time than grooming a young one.
Puppies and kittens should be at least 10 weeks old before their first professional grooming session. They should be used to being gently handled by strangers and comfortable being separated from their owners for a few hours at a time.

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