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    Rachel C.

    It's a sad and sorry statement about customer service when a customer can not even ask a question without the person (Dino or Gino or something like that) 1. Talking over them 2. Speaking to them like they are garbage 3. Hanging up when said customer asked if they could even get a word in. Forget going in. Forget making an appointment. Forget giving them a sale. Rude doesn't even begin to cover it. Lots of dealers, not far from them...and this preapproved customer, who needs to but a car was so insulted by this shifty salesman that she will shop elsewhere.

  • canuhearme

    I am surprised that Volkswagen even allows them to sell certified preowned volkswagens. First, if you walk into their service area, it's all about Audis, which if you are an Audi fan is great BUT, if you are not..not so great. There is a little picture frame sitting on the shefl with a VW logo that tells you the VW items for sale are upstairs. Shoved upstairs in the swing room,,,really?

    They service the customers who purchased their vehicles there first and let the others wait, hours. Discrimination, which another VW dealer told us is not acceptable.

    Why make an appointment if you still have to wait more than 3 hours for an oil change?

    The service department to me needs improvement. Too many people sitting around waiting to do work that is handed to them. I think 2 good efficient people could run that entire service counter, and invoice area. I would also advise someone to tell them they will wait for their vehicle even if they are going out to lunch...that way they won't work on it when you return. I am shocked a VW representative hasn't said anything to this dealer before.

    The only reason I would go back is for warranty service.

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