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By: Jeff S.
Wichita Auto Plaza
Long story short owner chased me all the way to our vehicle screaming when we said we wanted to think on the deal. Then Marco screamed he would not honor the deal since we where leaving and we didn't need to come back to his lot. Okay whatever, as if we had planned on it after being yelled at by the owner of the company like that. I would not recommend unless you feel like watching a temper tantrum.
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By: Joanna H.
Eddy's Toyota
I would give them a 0 if I could. They are so dishonest time and time again. I went in and told them I needed a car now. I told them what I didn't want and that is what they pushed. they would not take no for an answer. I did finally see a car and decided to buy it. Then, went it was time to settle everything the payments were higher then what I was lead to believe. "Oh, it's just $50 more. That $50 could be used for other payments like rent. They did not inform me it had issues and it was an as is car. Then, I had to go back in because the financing wasn't approved. So, I had to use their financing team. The cost went up. The bank said the car was too much for what they sold it for. Didn't make it before the first payment and the front end went out. They felt bad. I called the District Attorney and they said This place was one of three of then worst places to buy a used car. It is legal but not ethical. This time they said they would help me. Haha. I had to go with a car I did not want and really could not afford or pay up front to fix the car they unethically sold me. I decided to cut ends meet and makes higher payments. At one point all I had to pay was $117. Since money was very tight, I decided to call them up to just pay this amount. The lady lectured me saying that it would hurt my credit score. I let her know I didn't care. Well, they took it out. Then, they also took out the regular monthly amount. They would not credit it to my account for the next month. Then, that lesser amount didn't exist and it went back to the full amount. DO NOT BUY A USED CAR THERE!!!!
By: Erica B.
Super Car Guys
Brandy hall .She consistently called . worse was when she would Call repeatedly back to back. At one point she called six times in a row even after I told her not to call during that time becuase I would be in an important meeting. And that I have to have my phone on at all times becuase my daughter impaired and any emergency from her I would need to take it. But she did not listen and in result my customer and boss was not pleased .. So I called her back after work to ask why she is repeatedly called . she became pushy and told me that I never said not to call and continued to argue with me .. At the end I let her know I will not be buying a car from them and to please take my number off there database.. But two days later I started receiving calls again and only during my work hours .. And every time I would call her back after I got off work .. As soon as I started to plain she would hang up .. So over all I have NEVER had such a horrible experience. And can't imagine why she would do this to me. But as long as she is working there I've made it a point to never let another person suffer trying to buy a car from them ..
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By: Michael M.
Joe Self Chevrolet Cadillac BMW
The managers will never call you back. Weeks later and they treaten you physically. Avoid this place you will regret buying a cal from here
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By: Dhud91 ..
Mike Steven Volkswagen
Please read my UPDATE #3 below after acknowledging the dealership's response.I bought my car back in July of 2015. This was my first car purchase ever and had done all of my research on the car I was looking at prior to heading to the dealership.First off, would like to say that our salesman, Nick, was a very kind salesman that wasn't too pushy and allowed me to make my own decision. Things wrong with the car:1. Crack in the frame of the car, which resulted in water leaking from the windshield (windshield was replaced 2-3 times before it was noticed that the frame was compromised)2. New battery3. New tiresThis most recent problem (the windshield seal) was very poorly replaced in a prior windshield replacement and the clips were actually GLUED to the structure/frame of the car. This wasn't the major concern: the frame is what had been compromisedUPDATE: messages that I left for the general managers were not returned following the complaint about the windshieldUPDATE #2:The car I bought from Mike Steven's VW is a lemon. Fair and square. Water is still leaking through the upper right hand corner of the windshield. The mechanics have tried just about everything and I have wasted over $1000 in the process. If you want to buy a used vehicle, I would suggest a dealership that would be willing to work with you after the purchase and would attempt to find a fair solution for both parties, rather than telling me "I wish there was a Better Business Bureau for our customers" straight from the mouth of the sales manager. UPDATE #3: The water that was leaking through the upper part of the windshield is resulting from frame damage to the car that had been there since I bought the car. The mechanics stated that in order to permanently fix the leak, they would need to re-weld the frame of the car. "Certified, pre-owned" apparently means nothing when they sell cars that have structural frame issues.
By: seaster4
Eddy's Toyota
Speaking from experience I would NOT go back to these people and deal! I took my son so he could learn and get experience and try to be on his own. They do not want to work with there customers nor do what's there responsibility as a dealership. These people will cheat and scam you. Bad Bad dealership!!!
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By: Kimberly W.
Big Al's Pre-Owned Kia and Mitsubishi
Anyone that knows me. Know's I hate the entire car buying experience. So trust me when I say....Big Al at MIDWEST KIA without a doubt is who you should contact when you are looking for your next car. ABSOLUTELY the best experience we have ever had when purchasing a vehicle. It truly felt like you were on our side. BIG Thank you to BIG AL for making the process painless!
By: Dan H.
Mike Steven Volkswagen
I bought my car back in July of 2015. This was my first car purchase ever and had done all of my research on the car I was looking at prior to heading to the dealership.Here are things that I have had replaced since buying the car:1. New battery - car died 2 weeks following the purchase (I shrugged this off since it was such a minor fix and is expected when purchasing a used car, although I would have assumed that a "good" and "respected" dealership would have replaced this prior to selling to a potential customer)2. New tires (another problem I shrugged off, but maybe shouldn't have)3. New windshield/seal So when deciding whether to purchase a car through Mike Steven's, or some other dealership in town, I hope that this review has made you think twice about (or confirmed) your decision. And in case you still feel obligated to buy your next car from Mike Stevens, then try shaving $1,500 off whatever you have in mind for miscellaneous repairs, undoubtedly, soon down the road.
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By: Kiersten B.
Honestly, my opinion on carbanc is to never do business with them. They over charged me, screwed me with my warranty, and fake fixed my car so they didn't have to pay for a new transmission. My engine light and maintenance light have been on since October and has been in their shop multiple times but they still have yet to turn off. I've replaced parts on my own, had it fixed in their shop 3 times I believe, and I still do not feel safe driving the car. I've had it for 7 months, and shouldn't be having this many issues. I can't trade it off, because I still owe about $8,000 on a 2000 Honda Accord. After being charged about $10,000 in total for a 15 year old car. They waited until my warranty was up to do any major work on it, and now they're gonna tell me my transmission is going out so that I have to pay in full. Carbanc is full of liars, scammers, and downright jerks. I will never do business with them again.
By: shawn.godwin.16
Jones & Co Auto Group
Bought a car from this lot.Spent $4000 on the vehicle.It lasted 9 days. Engine went bad.2 days after buying,I had to put new tires on it,as there were steel cords showing. I also did an alignment,and front pads and rotors. All were not safe, at all. Called them, to figure out, what they were going to do,to solve the issues.Originally was told,they did not have to do anything but pay 10% parts & labor. I,after many calls,and few returned, got them to pay $500 towards an engine. They tried selling me a salvage motor for $900.I found one locally, with 120k miles for $700. They were having their mechanic install it, cost of $300. After being told the car would be done in 3 days, 3 weeks later,I was able to pick the car up. Now they are wanting me to pay $22 a gallon, for antifreeze, which costs $13 at the parts store. That's if they used the expensive stuff. Also, they want $20 a gallon for oil, which is also $13. If by chance,you decide to buy a car from these guys,use EXTREME caution.

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