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By: giomargo
Center For Women's Health
I totally disagree with any of the stuff below that is negative. This place is the best clinic I have ever been to. I have been to other doctors who never took the time to actually LISTEN to what I was saying. I know the docs are busy, but what the hell??? They are a popular clinic. I don't mind waiting. It's comfortable, nice, classy, and the cleanest clinic I have ever been to. So if they need to leave and go deliver a baby - it's what they do!! I got rescheduled a couple of times, but it sure beats the other place I came from where the guy was too busy to listen to me Everyone here is nice and friendly. I have told some other friends about this place, and all my friends love it to. And I saw the post about someone complaining about not wanting to pay their bill - I work in collections for the KG&E and I hear this stuff all the time. I doubt that post has much truth to it. Every time I have had a question or concern the billing department has been really nice and worked with me.
By: cwasylk1
Anatomi Imaging Northeast
I have had many many MRIs in my life due to a medical condition but the one I had today at Anatomi Imaging was the worst I've ever had. The women who performed this awful two hour experience was not a people person at all. I felt as if I was a 'thing' and she felt she had to put up with me. There was no attempt to make it more comfortable, no telling me when time periods had elapsed, no help with my cane and in general no help.When I mentioned after 1 1//2 hours I had to use the rest room she acted like it was a life changing experience for her and my MRI would never be the same if I moved. I've been to this place before and had the same woman tech but it wasn't as long and not nearly as horrible although it wasn't a great experience either.I will not use this facility again and suggest others find another place as well. MRIs do not have to be this bad of an experience.
By: Sarah P.
Center For Women's Health
I needed an Essure procedure done, and my old OBGYN said I needed to go into the hospital to have this done. I called around, and found out that the doctors at Center Women’s Health do this as an in-office procedure with local anesthesia. I made an appointment with Dr. Breit, she did the procedure in the clinic, and I was out of there shortly after. It is fast, east, and painfree. Dr. Breit was so nice and kind, and I will come to her for all my needs. Why do other old fashioned offices not do the same thing in their clinic? Dr. Breit’s office is beautiful, clean, relaxing and the staff is wonderful. They set the standard for exceptional patient care. Don’t go anywhere else! I’m glad there are doctors like Dr. Breit that use new techniques and instead of making this hard for us patients.
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By: Janet M.
Center For Women's Health
I had my first baby a few months ago. Dr. Breit sat at the hospital with me for almost 5 hours while I pushed, until I delivered my baby. She went above and beyond what I expected. My other friends doctors said they came in just a few minutes before the baby was born....I'm so glad Dr. Breit was with me all that time. She was so nice and sweet the whole time to me and my husband. Michelle at the front desk is so sweet, and so is Sarah and Kari the nurse. This is how medicine should always be, and other clinics could learn from Dr. Breit's clinic. My friends that go to her feel the same way, and I understand why. I am so blessed to have her.
By: michfo
Center For Women's Health
Best clinic I have ever been to! I transferred here from another clinic in town to have my 2nd baby, and I am so glad that I did!! I am seeing Dr. Taylor, and she is the best!! Great personality and bedside manner. I have met Dr. Breit also, and I love her too. I don't care which one delivers this baby - I am so much happier here. The clinic is beautiful, these women understand what I am going through, and I never feel rushed here, unlike the other clinic. I'm just sorry I wasted my time at the other place with my first baby, and that terrible male doctor who made me feel stupid!! I will tell all my friends to come here from now on!
By: groberts
Center For Women's Health
I am an older woman, and I needed a physician who would listen to my needs and concerns. Dr. Breit was WONDERFUL!! She took the time, made sure to check my hormone levels, got things adjusted for me, and now I am feeling so much better. I have gone to 2 other doctors in town and they couldn't get my levels right. It is hard to find someone who will take care of an older women, and who is compassionate to menopausal needs. Thank God for Dr. Breit! Her staff is great whenever I need something - they are quick to respond, and so is Dr. Breit. I have sent a few friends to her, and they feel the same way.
By: susanree
Center For Women's Health
GREAT CLINIC!! I saw Dr. Taylor for my baby, and she was great. I went to Heartland before coming here, and I saw another woman doctor over there - she was too fast, and careless about my care. This clinic is very relaxing and a pleasure to come to. The staff is nice, and the nurse was quick to call me back when I need anything. They know me by name when I came in for my appointments. I also saw Dr. Breit for a visit, and she is just as nice. I have other friends who now come here, and they are just as happy. I would recommend it above other "fast, big, practices" where you don't really matter.
By: bethannjm
Center For Women's Health
I have gone to this clinic for all my children for many years. I have found the staff to be helpful, pleasant, and understanding. When we ran into a financial situation, the billing department helped us without making us feel bad about it.. Dr. Breit and Sonia are exceptional here. The clinic is absolutely beautiful, and I don't mind waiting when I have to. They are busy, but I always can get in when I need to. Everyone is caring and compassionate. I can't imagine ever going elsewhere. I like that it is only women doctors here.
By: happypatient12
Center For Women's Health
This office is great!! I am an older woman, and Dr. Breit takes the time to listen to my concerns and issues when I come in. I never feel rushed or in a hurry. She is kind and caring, and the whole staff is wonderful to me. I told my friends about this office, and they love it too. My daughter is pregnant, and she goes to Dr. Breit so that is fun for us also. I wish all my doctor's were this nice. I highly recommend this office to anyone that needs care. No place better. Other offices could learn a thing or two.
By: Christy S.
Center For Women's Health
Dr. Taylor delivered my baby girl about 7 weeks ago and I had to leave this review to gush about her! Dr. Taylor made me feel comfortable, sort of like friends just visiting. She's down to earth and and actually takes the time to get to know you and your family. I remember at one visit I had to bring my three children with me and she took the time to talk to each of them. She doesn't rush you out like she doesn't have time for you. Unfortunately she is moving and will no longer be in Wichita. I'm crushed:(
Tips & Advices
OB/GYNs learn to treat infertility as part of their standard education. OBGYNs who further their training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility are known as fertility specialists.
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment where medication is used to replace hormones a woman's body does not create naturally. Women are prescribed either estrogen alone or a mix of estrogen and progesterone. The former is given to women who've had hysterectomies, while the latter is for postmenopausal women. HRT used to be a common treatment, but doctors have prescribed it less often in recent years, as concerns of negative side effects increased.
Endometriosis is a chronic condition where uterine tissue (endometrium) grows in areas outside the uterus. This can cause extreme pain, especially around menstruation and during sex. Other symptoms include infertility, chronic fatigue, and painful urination or bowel movements during menstruation. In addition, many women with endometriosis also have allergies, frequent yeast infections, or sensitivity to certain chemicals.
Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom that includes nausea and occasional vomiting. Despite its name, morning sickness can occur at any time of day. The exact reason for this condition isn't clear, although most believe it results from hormone changes affecting muscle contraction and relaxation in the stomach and intestines. Another theory suggests morning sickness is caused by an abundance of intestinal bacteria in pregnant woman.
OBGYNs can prescribe or perform the following types of birth control:
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Birth control shots
  • Implants
  • Diaphragms
  • Vaginal rings
  • Cervical caps
  • Intrauterine devices
  • Tubal ligation
  • Hysterectomies
Women do not need to see an OBGYN to obtain over-the-counter forms of birth control such as male condoms, female condoms, or sponges.

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