By: brandydallan
Foundation Financial Group
I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thanks for the excellent experience I had using Foundation Financial Group for refinancing my home. Ron, you really impressed me with your superior knowledge of product and services provided by Foundation Financial Group and sold me that this was the right company to go with (no small feat with all of the offers that came screaming my way once I decided to refinance). I appreciate your honesty and for not "throwing the other guy under the bus", which has turned me off by other companies.Kelly, thanks for the great customer service and positive attitude you presented throughout what is normally a very stressful process. This was so quick and totally pain free. I sit here typing this and it amazes me that a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of re-financing and now everything is complete (I even have my check back for the home appraisal). I have recommended Foundation Financial Group to several of my friends and hope they take advantage. I even managed to lower my car insurance nearly $60.00 a month and that was with a teenage driver in the house. I am truly impressed with Foundation Financial Group and will be checking out the other services and products soon. Thanks again guys, you are truly at the top in your field.
By: dolorita
Foundation Financial Group
I am impressed - that someone from SALES actually did what he said he will do... As I told you, having had some bad experiences with other banks/financial institutions, my expectation was very low by the time I talked to you, and when you told me that you will try to help me and will make it as painless and as expeditiously as you can, I was very skeptical.Okay, now that closing is over, I can finally say: I am impressed - that someone from SALES actually did what he said he will do:1. I will call and update you as often as daily2. We will close in about 2 weeks3. If the rate goes down, I will give you the lower rateFor all the above, I give you an A+++! I find that refinancing with Foundation Financial Group did not just reduce my financial burden, but it also decreased my stress level. Thank you so much for listening and for your patience. God Bless you and all that you care about.
By: jamescollins
Foundation Financial Group
What a great job Foundation Financial Group did navigating me through my refinance. I would especially like to thank Cindy Hanna my loan officer. She made it feel like I was her sole client. Even though I know she is busy helping others achieve what I did. From day one, after explaining to her what kind of loan I was looking for she set out to make it happen. Aside from a bit of my own anxiety at times, the framework Foundation Financial Group applies towards the loan process is efficient and forthright. Cindy Hanna told me I could expect to close on average 15 days from our first conversation. Not a long time at all for such an undertaking. She was right! I can say I'm so very happy I answered the phone the day she called. Lastly, I know many people at Foundation Financial Group helped make my refinance a reality and I want them too share in the thanks also.
By: Gary W.
Graham Realtors
Our experience with Bill Graham was absolutely beyond our expectations. This firm was very knowledgeable in all aspects of selling our property timely and for a good price. Their communications were awesome and any questions or concerns were immediately answered. We sold our home and couldn’t be happier with the services and support we received. Even after the sale was final and we had moved on, we received communication from this realtor that reinforced the fact that he is truly a top-notch realtor whose focus seemed more on us and our needs than just using our home to make a profit for himself.
By: chandrabrandon
Foundation Financial Group
Dana, thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication. You successfully and painlessly closed our refinance in ten days. We received excellent service and a lower interest rate. I appreciate the time you spent going over all of our options with us, not to mention, your clear and concise explanation of each available option. It was such a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend in need of your services. Best of luck in the future and thanks again for everything!
By: craiggerald
Foundation Financial Group
From the first day, Foundation Financial Group has performed above and beyond my expectations. I will recommend Jamie Selvy to anyone who is thinking about refinancing their home. Thanks to her my life has improved dramatically.
By: Ralph G.
American First Finance
My experience has been an easy one. I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend American First Finance.
By: Jerry J.
Jerry Jones, J.D., CFP(R)
My goal is to give 5 star service to every client.

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