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By: Anna R.
Lakeview Community Mobile Home Park
After reading some of these reviews here is what I have found to be true: there is no animal cruelty, but there is a lot of geese and stray cats. The management can be overly strict about the parking and the lawns and will make a lot of threats regarding both. They do lose track of rent: they have gone out of their way to find missing rent that we have paid and have repeatedly proved has been paid, even going to the extent of threatening eviction after the proof of payment has been given.. I hardly ever see the manager, the office hours keep changing, and the assistant is rude beyond measure and has been caught in a lie or two already. This could be a good place if there were honest, professional, organized, and polite understanding people running it. But that is not the case. We have had many more issues with the park than I have listed that have proved the management here to be sorely lacking. Think twice and consider how much stress and absurdity you can handle before doing buisness here. Maybe one day things will change.
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By: Chris S.
Mobile Manor Estates
Miss carol who manages the place is nothing but trouble. She picks on people with a disabilty and harrases people with a disabilty. She is a lier and allows junkies to live in the park but harrases good people. She does nothing but gossip about tenants to other tenants and she has her favorite people which are the junkies. And picks on the good people and harrass them. She has had 15 complaints made on her alone. She needs to be investigated. She makes false aligations on people with a disabilty or children who have a disabilty. The best thing that could be done to the park is getting her out of there and the trash.
By: tami.burdick.5
Lakeview Community Mobile Home Park
I have lived here for the past 13 years and have never had any issues with the management. They have always worked with me with any issues I have had. Lakeview is peaceful and quite and a very pleasant place to live. I also know that new management took over in Feburary 2012. The other two reviews of this property obvioulsy came from a personal problem with past management. The comments on killing animals is completely false.
By: teresea.berry.5
Lakeview Community Mobile Home Park
Decent place to live parking is the worst issue. Several times ive been threatened by management to have my car towed for parking on the street when I counted 5-6 other cars also parked on the street. I believe they have taken their parking rules overboard.
By: Lakeview C.
Lakeview Community Mobile Home Park
Hi! I'm so sorry about all the bad experiences and negative issues. However, we just wanted everyone to know that Lakeview Community has been underr new management since July 11, 2016! Things have changed! Come see us!

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