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By: Anony M.
Village Park Communities
This is the absolute WORST place to live. I don’t even know where to begin.I have lived here for 4 years. What has kept me here? Convenience, and the hassle of moving. This place sucks, it’s disgusting. I have seen 15 different office workers and 10 different maintenance workers here in the past 4 years. NOTHING is steady, nothing is normal. Call them, ask them if they have mold. I promise you, they will say “Not that I’m aware of”. That is a LIE. This place is infested with mold, and black mold. It is all over. It is in the bathroom, behind your dishwasher, in the laundry room, it is EVERYWHERE. Do not be fooled by the newly “tar painted” parking lot, or the new paint job on the buildings, it is a COVER UP. This place has been painted twice in 1 year, they just keep covering up these issues instead of fixing them correctly. That goes for everything. Everything is only temporarily fixed, and then covered up; they are too cheap to fix things properly. Now let’s talk amenities. They advertise a pool, playground, and gym. The playground is falling apart, literally, the wood is deteriorating. The gym is a room full of broken down equipment (this hasn’t changed in 3 years). And the pool, well the pool is pretty great, when they feel like opening it. This year it was open 2 weeks after Memorial Day, which was a bummer. But the flooring around the pool, the deck, it is very uncomfortable. It is covered with this rocks and it hurts your feet so bad. There is not an outdoor bathroom. There was, a couple years ago, but they had some plumbing issue and have yet to fix it, (and again, cause they’re too cheap). That is unfortunate, it just encourages the kids to pee in the pool because they don’t want to go back to they’re apartment. Gross.SO, PLEASE take this as your warning. Do not move here, you will regret it.
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By: Nate D.
Woodlawn Park Apartments
Great time living there. Good service and nice apartments.
By: Jaslyn A.
Village Park Communities
If I could give this place a zero rating I definitely would. First things first, the place is called Village Park at Cedarbrooke and I first moved in in June 2014. The landscaping was subpar, the grounds were dirty and there was never any parking. The building I stayed in has black mold everywhere and the staff won't do anything about it. They won't even tell the residences about it! The maintenance staff may as well be non-existent, as you have to call the office multiple times to even get a response about getting maintenance out to you. When I first moved in nothing worked. The air conditioner was broken; I was without it for the first month I was there, the stove wouldn't turn on and their were multiple lighting fixtures that wouldn't turn on. The management staff is full of incompetent buffoons who don't know how to do their jobs. Anytime I had a question or concerns about anything, I was first told that I would have to speak to the property manager and it seemed that every time I needed her she was out of the office. These apartments are way too over-priced and not to mention that my neighbors door was kicked in and no one knows who did it. The owners of this place have been sued multiple times and instead of being shut down they just put the propery in someone else's name. Not to mention that when I did move out someone on staff came into my apartment, ransacked the place and stole my tablet and when in went to ask the manager Glenda about it, she acted as if I was crazy and that she had no idea of what I was talking about. Save yourself the time and money and just go somewhere else. You'll save yourself a lot of stress if you do.
By: minabug408
Timbers Apartments
Move to the Timbers. You will not get treated like a person that has any intelligence at all. The maintenance person is a jackass and does a very poor job with anything you ask him to fix. They discriminate against pitbulls. They will call the cops on you. I have very little respect for the staff there. I moved out of that place 6 months ago and that was the best decision ever
By: jdruss3
Woodlawn Park Apartments
Great customer service, awesome looking remodeled apartments. This complex is really starting to look like a community
By: brittany_jones
Central Park Village
Worst place I ever lived, The manager is never in the office, is always out running personal errands while shes on the clock. people blast their music of all hours of the day and night, and threaten anyone who asks them to turn it down. Management doesn't seem to mind the loud music even at 2 in the morning. everyone slams their doors and it shakes the whole building. You can hear people who live above or even below you walking which sounds like stomping. This place is FULLLL of Cockroaches. There is no air conditioning except a window unit in the living room, which does not cool off the bed rooms at all even with the doors open. This place is full of minors who drink, and the majority of the residents smoke pot, and the owners and management know about all this and don't do anything. Last night my car was beat with a base ball bat and keyed by a bunch of people who were outside partying all night. I had asked them politely to please turn the music down and apparently it pissed them off. All management did was give them a warning. ( This is literally the 5th warning they have been given, just from complaints from me). People have actually came in my building to the top floor and peed all over the stairs. There is glass all over the parking lot every day from beer bottles.
By: quiturbitchin
Shirkmere Apartments
I have lived here a little over two years and have found it a wonderful place to live. The apartment is large and cozy with a great view. Management has always been helpful during the two times I have needed assistance and in each case were immediately available. As I would with any place, I have installed my own alarm and take reasonable precautions. I keep my nose out of other's business so I haven't had any problems. Perhaps if others would do the same, they might have a better experience here.
By: galder
Air Capital Rentals
Renting from them was the motivation I needed to buy my own house. Thanks Air Captial Rentals!
By: toreview
Horizons East Apartments
This apartment complex has gone down hill. Whether it has a new management company or new managers they do not seem to care about their up keep on the apartments or the ground it sits on. At this moment they have several apartments that have been empty for months so I believe I am not the only one that feels this way. Stay away from any homes managed by the Petersen Companies.
By: mwichita
Riviera Plaza Apartments
Ok until things need fixed, like say the apartment above you leakes gallons of water into yours and destroys your bathroom and floor and ceiling. Then after three months you will move because they have not done anything about it.

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