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By: itisaloser
Another Lady's Treasure
normally I do not respond to reviews, yet while seeing this just today I feel the need to reply to 'douglas m's'... mr douglas was frustrated and very angry with taking his items to one shop, being told no, and then bringing them here. I told him I was so sorry for his loss but: #1 - I did not take deceased clothing - it is a strong personal belief of mine that to honor a person's soul only good be done with their belongings such as donation... #2 - not a week goes by that I don't get at least 1 phone call from ex/boyfriends or ex/husbands wanting to profit from what they think is an overflowing closet or to profit from an ended relationship...I absolutely do not nor will I ever take clothing from men for the simple fact that it cannot be proven these items belong to them or that they have been given permission by the ex/girlfriend or ex/wife to dispose of them...no one 'barked' at 'douglas m' that day...we were gracious in mind of his frustration and wished him well on his way out...

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