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By: rose1090
Angela's Cafe
These people know how to cook, but they have ABSOLUTELY NO idea how to run a business. I grew up, I mean grew up eating at Angela's. My parents went on many dates here before they had kids (going on 32yrs). So I've been to all the other locations, all are closed besides the head of the family, Maria(Central&Washington location), and her ex-husband who manages the Greenwich location. First off-their hours are completely inconsistent.He has had Melony, the server, employed for many years. He needs to let her go. She never looks the part in which I want someone serving my food to look. She always looks unkempt and unclean EVERY time we visit. We have stopped eating here since her service(lack there of) is ridiculous. She takes forever to deliver your food out in a normal manner. I'd get my food, then about 15 mins later my husband got his. We saw his food up there on the table so we knew it was ready. This situation has happened a lot. She acts extremely worn out and overworked if you ask for a refill or to-go container. This has happened on countless occasions and there are only about 5 other people in the restaurant at these times. So it's not like she is overly busy. I've know the family so long that I felt comfortable doing this since we had someplace to be, but I actually was tired of waiting for a to-go container that I finally got up and grabbed myself one. Never is that acceptable. I don't go to Olive Garden and ask for a to-go container and 15-20mins later still not have one or have to get up and get my own. My sister and I both ate the same taco dinner and had water and had two baskets of chips. Melony had to split the charges for the chips since she said they charge now. Fine, no problem. She gave us our tickets and both amounts were different. My sisters was higher then mine. So we asked considering our meals were identical. She just split it having my sister take the most of it. She had absolutely no excuse why she did this and so we just paid and left. This was one of the last times my family and I have eaten here. Also her daughter who just had a baby, brought the newborn to the restaurant and she came around to show us, well we were eating. Maybe it would have been appropriate after we ate, but now she actually has the guts to put the baby carrier right in the middle of our table! It was just too stupid(lack of better words). But to me the odd hours & mainly the staff are driving customers away, that includes customers that go as far back as 25plus years!
By: Jason C.
Kimmy's Cafe
Sign indicates "best chicken fried steak in town".It should not say that. An unseasoned slab of pork chop layered with canned gravy with speckles of black spots attempting to be pepper doesn't even come close to being the best. I guess if you are a smoker with dulled or dead taste buds you would enjoy a flavorless tendon filled so called "chicken fry". Who do you think you are? Chicken fried steak that needs sauce and a steak knife is no where near the best. Do not believe the sign. I tried to eat it, it is terrible.
By: Marilyn S.
Villar's Mexico Cafe
Mary Villar has ALWAYS been an asset to Wichita! Villar's Mexican restaurants have long been the BEST Wichita has to offer. I send friends & family to the S. Hillside location -- trying to describe those yummy Burrito's! There are NO Burrito's in Kansas , to compare with Villar's ! Other menu items are great, too! Thank you , Mary & Family !Marilyn Short
By: punkin
Angela's Cafe
We used to go to the "old" Angela's on Kellogg before the fire and were disappointed to see it go. The new one on Greenwich is a favorite, again. Really good food, good service and friendly, pleasant employees. I love the chicken tacos !!!!!!!!
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By: Cassie S.
Verita Coffee Bar & Roastery
Possibly the friendliest people in town, I left with a good drink and smile on my face. They have drinks that you won't find anywhere else if you are looking for something new and delicious.
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By: Tammy M.
TJ's Coffee Shop
Thanks so much for donating hot chocolate this morning for salvation army bell ringer at k-mart Delicious.... Best hot chocolate I ever had.... yum.... will be going to get more....!♡
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By: Kenny R.
Jehovah's Grill & Coffee Shop
The food was very good. Service great and prices reasonable. My grandson said grandpa I like this place can we come again. Kenny R.
By: Elaine A.
Malaysia Cafe
Food was great. Wat made it better was using a local food delivery service to pick it up. U should try it www.happyhelperservices.com
By: estabon
Caffe Moderne
Recently expanded menu is refreshingly unique. All food and drink reasonably priced. Great location.
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By: Garry N.
Reverie Coffee Roasters
Great coffee and great people running it. Have just remodeled, and it'll be even better than before.

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