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By: Tamara G.
Tan Do
Tan-Do Tanning Salon has been in business for over 10 yrs. That alone goes to show that they have had LOTS of happy customers for a very long time. Let me tell you, I have tanned in almost every salon there is left in Wichita and Tan-do is by far my favorite salon. Why? Well, it's not because they have the hottest, most comfortable tanning beds, it's not because they make sure they change out bulbs when they are supposed to, it's not because they are open 7 days a week, it's not because they are by far the most affordable salon in town, it's not because their name brand samples of lotion are ALL only $5.00/ea. every single day, it's not because they give everyone who tans there the convenience of leaving their tanning lotion there labeled with your name on it, it's not because they give fantastic spray tans, and it is not because I got my first tan for FREE. The reason I keep going back to Tan-Do Tanning salon is because they genuinely CARE about their customers. For example, they will not let you walk in there and tan for the max time of 10 minutes if you have fair skin. They don't want anybody to risk getting burnt! They care about your safety! The owner of this business, the manager, and all the staff are VERY friendly, very knowledgeable about tanning and treat you like you are a friend, not just a customer. They will answer any questions you have and I highly recommend Tan-Do to anybody who has an interest in indoor tanning. I will keep going back!
By: efunkk
At The Beach
Attention ATB: Today I met Matthew, at your Maple/Ridge location in Wichita, KS. He was very helpful and suggestive with my selection of a product. He is a wonderful employee, and a great asset to your company. I will be going back to this location again, even though it is not on my everyday direct path. I wanted to take the time to recognize this employee for excellent customer service, as I have had a couple encounters with employees who are not exactly up to par. Thank you for everything! -Erin
By: kelly_hartman
At The Beach Tanning Super Str
I have tried a lot of different gyms & i finally found mybfir here at Just Ladies Fitness . I love all tge equipment & the staff is very knowledgeable ! To top it off tanning is included with At the Beach . Now those are some tanning beds ! The ladies at the front counter are always full of spunk & happy to help me ! So happy with this company !
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By: Kimbery K.
Hawaiian Touch Tanning Salon
I went for the first time yesterday. The prices are super affordable and beds are clean. I do with the booths were more like rooms with a ceiling but for the price and convenience for me its pretty good. The manager at the desk was super nice and welcoming. I do suggest trying it out before you pay tons more at the other places.
By: Marsha D.
At The Beach
I love tanning here Andy and Ashley are so cool they really like educating people on the importance of using tanning the correct way. Ashley is funny and Andy is very educational. Great team! I love the package they got me on it has awesome beds in it and the lotion I got has really got me color fast and protected me!
By: Shelley W.
At The Beach
Awesome place to Tan. LOVE LOVE LOVE ATB. Their hours are the best and they know so much about how to serve people. They have amazing beds. I love walking in and being told how to get the best tan. They know the perfect lotions to help with my skin conditions and just overall great place.
By: Erika B.
At The Beach
ATB (W. Maple) is the best place to tan. Friendly employees who know all the tanning products. Best beds to choose from. Hours are great, and open 7 days a week. Best part...already have your account pulled up when I walk in the door. Thank you Jordan, you're the Best!
By: Miranda L.
At The Beach Tanning Superstore
I love tanning here the staff is always very friendly. I have noticed that they know a lot about the products they sell which for me is very good because I would be lost if they did not help me. Great option. Month to month Program works great for me.
By: Amy D.
At The Beach Tanning Superstore
I think this is the best place to tan. There are so many options plus they have a just ladies fitness place you can be apart of which is awesome. I love that there are so many options on beds and month to month program is the best way to go!!!
By: Polly A.
At The Beach Tanning Super Str
Great place to come tan at the manager was very helpful at getting me the best package based on what I was needing. I also love the lotions they help get me set up on. Who knew that tanning could be so educational. Come check it out!

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