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By: sulist23
Family Practice Associates LLP
I called my banking establishment today to see what my balance was, apparently I was negative in the account because my doctors office took out for my regular payment,I was told to get a letter from the doctors office stating the payment was taken out without my consent so I called the docs office to let them know there was a mistake made on their end I had called them last week either wed or Thursday before a holiday on Fri. to let them know I would not be able to make a payment that week because I wouldn't have the funds for it, apparently the rude ladies from billing weren't in. I was told they would get the message of a stop payment well apparently no one was told and the girl from billing that I spoke with pretty much called me a liar and said she would not be writing me anything stating that they took out when they weren't supposed to and that because of all the problems with my cards they were now not going to see me again until my $153.00 balance has been paid in full. Ok rude 3's I have always made payments to you guys, my card problem would be due to one time being stolen the second time was because someone had tried to make a diplicate in another state!!! And hello the reason I see the doc there is because I have add!!! So yes I may lose my card once in awhile or misplace it and yes if that happens in going to cancel it and replace it, so you treating me like a piece of crap for it really isn't helpful or very customer friendly!!!! If I hadn't been making payments it would have been in collections and I have paid a great deal to you guys already, plus been established here for longer than a year....never have I had to deal with such rudeness and to top it off I told miss high and mighty thank you very much and she replies smirkly your welcome. Yeah I would be switching doctors if I didn't like mine so much, love the docs loathe the rude people in the billing front desk area! I suggest you work on your people skills ladies.
By: mom2_4sons
Clinics of North Texas
Dr. Jones delivered my youngest son almost 12 years ago..before the delivery I loved him and how personable he was...well when they were doing my epidural the stupid anesthesiologist messed up my back by putting a hole in the protective sack around my spine...he already messed up once and then he wanted me to let him go fix it with a blood patch...being scared to death already I this is were dr. Jones comes in..he is supposed to tie my he injected more of the numbing med into my caused me to feel like I was suffocating...the hole the other doc had put was letting it leak out and the numbing solution was moving higher than it was supposed while I am laying on this table so this doc I actually liked could tie my tubes I was begging for his help....I had been trying to explain to him I felt like I could not I have 3 other sons never had any problems with epidurals or anything before this....this supposed doctor told me that if I did not lay still and be quiet he was going to just close me up without tying my tubes for which he was already paid to do!!!!!! He had no care for me as a patient nor would he listen to what I was trying to tell him...he became a very horrible obgyn at that point and because of him I have been afraid to go see another has been almost 12 years since I have been taken care of by an obgyn because of this man...all I will say us just beware...he can be just as nice as can be and then turn on you and not listen to anything you have to say like you are so far beneath him...I had hoped he was already retired do he didn't scare the hell out of other patients!!!!! That is my review of this doctor and my words and feelings that I remember to this day...I had hope he is proud of scaring woman that had just given birth and was so scared already that she was going to actually suffocate!!!!!
By: Connie S.
Clinics of North Texas
The Urgent Care walk-in clinic has always been there to help my family in off hours. They have their own lab, x-ray, MRI and the multi speciality group means we don't have to go from place to place. Our family has had the same primary care physician here for 20 years and she always is quick to respond and seems to care about her patients.
By: Angela H.
Kell West Family Practice Clinic
We love this clinic. Pretty much every member of our family has been here for one reason or another over the years and we have had nothing but good experiences.
Tips & Advices
A child should see his or her pediatrician frequently during the first few years. Once the child reaches age 3, parents should schedule a doctor's visit at least once per year. Before that, however, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents arrange visits according to the following schedule:
  • 2 to 5 days old
  • 1 month old
  • 4 months old
  • 6 months old
  • 9 months old
  • 12 months old
  • 15 months old
  • 24 months old (2 years)
  • 30 months old (2.5 years)
No, parents should call 911, an emergency physician, or a pediatric emergency physician if a child suffers an acute illness or injuries. Doctors in these fields are more qualified than pediatricians to handle emergency situations.
A well-visit is a routine visit with a pediatrician to track a child's development, discuss medical or emotional concerns, and receive immunizations and medical advice.
Yes, pediatricians provide immunizations for infants and children up through 21 years.
No, pediatricians do not have to be board certified.They're only required to have a state license. However, certification indicates a dedication to studying pediatrics beyond the requirements.

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