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By: Barry C.
Back Porch Draft House
I went there with my daughter and her bf on a Monday for lunch. The fish & chips were excellent as were the burgers. We ate outside on the patio which was shaded and comfortable. The service was outstanding. Dog was ok on her leash. I would definitely eat here again.
By: Kathy H.
Pioneer of Texas Restaurants
They now have a new owner and has changed dramatically. The food is delicious and place is clean. Menu has great choices. I now recommend that everyone give it another chance. The name may be the same but the food and atmosphere is now great. The waitress' are not so friendly but do get the job done. That is my only complaint at this point. For example we waited at the door for a table for over 5 min but when someone finally arrived to seat us it was with no smile or apology for the long wait. But again food made up for somewhat unfriendly service.
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By: karlhalcomb
Logan's Roadhouse
Run!!!; from this place! Try anywhere but here. Why? (1) smoke filled environment. I realize there are some bars and clubs that still allow smoking in their establishment and if I was clubbing that would be cool. However, this is supposed to be a restaurant, not the local bar. You will not be notified that smoking is allowed here until you have settled in and are enjoying you drink while waiting for you food and someone lights up. Then with your cloths and hair smelling like but Crack you will ask to be relocated to somewhere else, to which you will begin to wonder why this is not disclosed. Then you will be located to an area of the restaurant where no one is smoking and you and you guest now smell like azz. So now; not only can you not enjoy the aroma of you meal and your company, but others around you cannot either. (2) it takes about 10 minutes to get a draft beer from the bar. Your waitress will somehow think that you can choke down peanuts and bread with nothing to drink that would require her to stop chatting with other waitresses and bring it to you. I guess they think we all enjoy warm beverages. (3) skip anything on the menu you plan on tasting after inhaling all the free cancer causing carcinogens you just received as a go somewhere else bonus. (4) as a "we don't want your business" extra, your waitress will visit your table every 10 minutes or so (I know, I timed them). (5) the surf and turf I ordered made me want to vomit, the steak was grainy (grisly) with little flavor. The turf or lobster part was fishy tasting and very rubbery; I could only eat a bite of it. When the wait staff notices you have only had a portion of your meal they will avoid your table and only come by to drop of your ticket and will not ask how was your meal was (obvious I guess ). This is more of a dive than a restaurant, you know the kinda place you and some college buddies would go to when you feel like slumming. l stay in Wichita Falls on average 3 nights a week and when I'm feeling like steak I usually go to the Texas roadhouse where the service and smoke free environment are great and I have always left feeling like I got more than my monies worth. Logans however; is living proof that you can you can take the trash out of the trailer but you can never take the trailer out of the trash.
By: Marykey W.
Pioneer of Texas Restaurants
Not bad, but the food taste like, you're eating at your buddy's grandma. Don't take your date.
By: Marykey W.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
They sized down the volume to keep the same price. Food is still great, but not as reasonable as used to be.
By: S. e. S.
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
Usually, the food is okay and service is so so. My husband and I ate there Thursday, Jan 2. The service was the slowest ever. It was apprx 3:00 in the afternoon and they had very little business so service should have been better. It took 15 minutes to get tea and coffee. The waiter took 30 minutes to tell me they were out of something I had ordered. I ordered the 4 veggie plate. After the long wait, the corn was cold and they were out of broccoli. I got two veggies, but was charged the entire price of four. I asked to see a Manager and got a girl young enough to be my grand daughter. She explained this long saga that they had problems getting their produce. This should have been explained up front when I ordered. The whole attitude was "they don't really care". We won't be going back to that location.
By: rebecca.rutledgr
Deli Planet
Best food in town....gotta try it...deli philly is my favorite
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By: thereviewer.
Logan's Roadhouse
Hello my name is David Burge, i'm not a paid reviewer but out of my own time i review places of interest. Let's start with logans steak house. When me and my wife first ate their, it was on a friday night. A very busy night people were flooding in. The host said there was a 30 min wait. I said sure, why not. After 20 mins they had me a table. Everything was well clean, no previous ickly mess from before. After about 3 mins, a waitress came to serve me. I found her to be sweet and kind. I.order baby back ribs and an ice tea. After the order was taken, it only took about 15mins and she brought my food out. All i can say is damn good food. Everything.was fresh and hot. Hot ribs, hot fries, hot bread. I really enjoy my exprience their. They also have a jukebox to play your country beats. If your a smoker, no worries. Located in the front is a closed foor vented room for smokers. Im not a smoker but i didnt even smell smoke. The menu prices are fair. You can sprend about $20 bucks for two or least. Thank you and i hope helps you.
By: tonycaudill
I can't see how you gave this review.It seems there MUST be another Applebee's in W.F. as the addresses indicate? The only one I know of had awful food and service was so bad I tried to serve myself as much as I was able to.The steaks were so small and tough as shoe leasther.Veggies were raw,The beer (when I finally got it in a bottle) was good.Not real cold,but cowboy cool.

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