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By: Koa M.
Follia Bridal
Thanks to Follia, and more specifically, to Veronica and Antoinette who make visiting there a joy -- I went from a cold-footed bride ready to tackle every wedding detail except for the ones concerning herself to a confident, beaming bride able to check "dress ordered" off her list, within a single week. From the moment I first stepped into the store last Saturday, to tonight when I returned to fall in love with "my dress" all over again and place my order, Follia not only met, but exceeded my every expectation.I never imagined that I would walk into a bridal store and instantly like and trust the people assisting me - but their help was so genuine, their advice SO good, their warmth and sincerity so palpable (and may I also mention their prices so reasonable!), that I instantly felt at ease. In fact, with just a touch of tender encouragement, I quickly and confidently went from "I'm just here to get some ideas"....to "I'll try on everything you suggest I look at!" And, being a detail-oriented, type-A personality, micro-managing bride-to-be, their ability to make me want to reach the next level in dress shopping was nothing short of a miracle. Their personal touch, degree of individualized attention, keen eye and advice, and customer service was unprecedented. At one point, I even remarked to my bridesmaids, "This place makes it less about the dress, and more about really wanting to work with these people throughout the entire process...for some reason I already trust them implicitly!" Thank you Follia, I've never been as excited throughout my entire wedding-planning process as I am tonight! Now I completely understand why I was referred to you by a friend in the first place. Thank you.
By: Corry G.
Follia Bridal
Antoinette was such a pleasure to work with when it came to my wedding dress. When I first went in there, I had an idea of the type of dress I wanted. But after trying on a few that I thought was what I wanted, nothing "moved" me yet and I didn't feel like I found "the one". Then Antoinette brought in a dress for me to try one. She knew I wasn't really looking for that type of style, but she insisted that I try it on. She said that this dress would look wonderful with my body type. To please her I tried it on. The second I turned around to look at myself in the mirror, I felt it!!! I saw myself in that dress and immediately saw myself walking down the isle to my fiance in it. I was moved and started crying. I had found "the" dress all because of Antoinette. She is absolutely professional and knows her stuff! She's been doing this for over 30 years and knows how to read a bride. My dress came in exactly when she said it would be.
By: Nisa Y.
Follia Bridal
From the moment I walked in, they treated me and my daughter's bridal party wonderful!! We made an appointment back in November looking for the bridesmaids dresses. Within an hour, we had two different dresses picked out for the bridal party and the maid of honor, plus a gown for my friend who was with us and my mother of the bride dress. They were always so accommodating when we came in. I was sick for my final fitting and they got me in, and had my dress ready in time for my daughter's wedding. When my husband saw me in my dress, he said I was beautiful. I would recommend to everyone!! And when my second daughter plans her wedding, I will go there. I live in Orange Co, and making that hour drive to White Plains was worth it!!
By: Ry G.
Follia Bridal
Just got home from my second fitting at Follia Bridal and I am over the moon - Antoinette has hands of gold and is a miracle worker. My dress fits perfect and looks fabulous on. My daughter is getting married in three weeks and the staff there has been so helpful and polite. We ended up getting my daughters gown, mine, the mother of grooms and all our bridesmaid dress from them. What a pleasure everyone fitted and happy in one place! I highly recommend this bridal shop. It has been such a wonderful experience and hassle free and a pleasure to work with such efficient and caring people. Thank You Follia Bridal for taking the worry out of dress shopping for us.
By: Emit B.
Follia Bridal
Unlike other brides, I didn't want to pick up my dress days in advance (for which many people thought I was crazy); instead, I knew that my gown was safe in Antoinette's hands. So, without an ounce of concern, I picked it up the day before my wedding - even though it was ready the week before. Call me crazy, but I wanted to ensure that it stayed pristine until the very last minute. The dress was perfect, and as every woman knows ... that magical day starts as soon as you put on the dress!
By: Balki Y.
Follia Bridal
The ordering and payment processes were a bit tough for all 8 girls because the shop's english is not perfect but we got where we needed to be. Antoinette did all of our fittings. She's brutally honest but I appreciated it. When I questioned her expertise, she was always, always right. She's old-school. Go into it knowing that. If you're looking to be doted on, this is not your place. If you're looking for knowledge and precision, stick with Follia.
By: Nata S.
Follia Bridal
Once my dress came in, we did two dress fittings to make sure it fit perfectly. When I picked it up the day before my big day it was pressed and perfectly packed in the wardrobe bag. Antoinette was such a delight to work with. She was so much fun to chat with and had wonderful stories to tell. I looked forward to seeing her every time for my fittings. Thank you for all your help and your beautiful work on my perfect dress.
By: Petra A.
Follia Bridal
After purchasing a gown at a different bridal shop, I realized I didn't really like it. I went to Follia's and fell in love with one of the first ones I saw! Lenny & Antoinette were great and very helpful. During fittings, Antoinette made sure everything was perfect and was so friendly. I would definitely return to Follia's for another formal dress!
By: Ethel P.
Follia Bridal
Worked with Antonietta. She picked my dress out and I fell in love with it!! Alterations were slightly expensive but it was a lot work and well worth it! All the dresses in the store are reasonably priced. We even got our bridesmaid's dresses here! They offer a promotion for guys tuxes when you spend a certain amount.
By: Weri I.
Follia Bridal
Antoinette looked at me and brought out the perfect dress. I would never have chosen that dress off the rack, but she knew it would look great on me.My husband said I was stunning when I walked down the aisle and that was the most important critique for me.

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