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By: gregoryquincy347
Carroll Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center
I'm a fairly fit and active 51 year old male. I have never experienced any sort of back pain until several weeks ago. I'm not sure what caused it but think it may have been sitting in an old couch in an awkward position. The pain came on slowly at first but within a few hours I could hardly do anything without pain. The next morning I went to my primary care physician. She didnt even look at my back and just sent me away with a prescription for muscle relaxers and an MRI. I had the MRI done a few days later and the results were minor disc bulges. I wasn't getting any better and figured these disc bulges were not the cause of my pain. I didnt get the feeling that my primary care provider had a plan. So, I decided to try Carroll Chiropractic ahd Sports Injury Center. I could hardly walk with out pain when I went in. But after Dr. Neddo adjusted my back the pain started to go away almost instantly. I felt much better walking out that afternoon. By the time I got home I felt great! I was in pain for almost a week and my primary care physician did little to help me. If I had not gone to Dr. Neddo I wonder how long I would have lived with the pain! I have continued to improve and look forward to continuing with chiropractic care.

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