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  • Today my friend came to vist t...

    Today my friend came to vist this library to follow up on a assualt that took place on Feb 8th 2012. According to my good friend.My friend indicated the library staff were very reluctant to giving the direct supervisor's name. They beated around the bush.Then one gave the branch manager's name:Ms.Mary Ann Hutton. They appear to want to cover up the assualt and turn a blind eye.No staff were around not even the guard.From Alpha Omega. When this guy came in very quiet. He sneakly sat next to my friend.On computer 28.This guy sat next to my friend's left side.This guy could have sat any where on this day. All the other computers were available. Then my friend realized that some one was to his left.The guy froze.He then stood up to give the impression he was going to leave.But then he smacked my friend on the left shoulder then the back.He sat a few seconds then walked out.The 9th Feb 2012. This was reported to libarian ,Dan.He appears to be a male Asian adult.Dan and my friend were going to talk. Yet,as they walked out side the guy that assaulted my friend arrived.Dan claimed the perpetrator admited guilt.When he appologized according to what Dan said.The question is why did'nt Dan call the police when he heard the confession? Where was all the staff on the 8th of Feb at 8:30 P.M..This guy could have stabed some one and he would have gotten away with it.Where was the due care? Calif Labor Code:2800? With best efferts.Calif Labor Code:2924.Today my friend went to this library was attempting to file a complaint online pertaining to this assault that took place in this library.Mysteriously the computer was frozen.Dan mysteriously had to go to the front office.No staff offered help to unfreeze the computer.The only option my friend was allowed was to lose the entire complaint form online.They know how to freeze a computer from letting it continue.Well then mysteriously this ( IT ) guy came in.He brought in all these gadets.My friend has indicated he could be stalking or government informant type. He drives a white Mazda.Calif plate:4VFZ254.He has been observed at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He makes long drawn out prayers. Looks fake and plastic.He also mysteriously has been observed at Library of Technology .on Bristle.Costa Mesa. Also on Beach and Warner. Cyber World Cafee. He jumped right on computer #21.Today. Not any of the library staff was willing to give the direct name of the on duty supervisor.As though they condoned of the assault that happend. No cameras are in the computer.So how are they making the library lobby safe or the parking lot safe? The perpetrator gos with the name : Jimmie. He is described as a male Hispanic adult.Five foot six inches. Wares tenni shoes. Blue on blue gym clothes.Frequently gos on Mondays to Atlantis Park .In Westminster Calif.This is to attend a feed for homeless on Mondays at 7:00 P.M. Also go's to the United Methodist Church on Sat. On Bushard.Fountain Valley. There he intentionaly went behind my friend and hit my friend's back with a back pack. He was oberved walking away laughing with a white male adult. Also fakes he is a Christian beleiver.Yet on a Sunday he used lots of profanity.He noticed my friend.Used profanity on my friend.Was upset my friend turned him into a libarian.He is not my friend's friend. Did he act on his own? Or were his actions coerced? A Consumer Affairs attempt was done at Westminster Library.March 1,2012.It failed,because computer went frozen.How hard would this be to do? For those into ( IT) like : Jim ? Calif plate:4VFZ254,? He could perhaps explain this over the phone. Its as though the employees under: Branch manager: Mary Ann Hutton want to cover for this guy. He has one gray eye and one brown eye.He always wares a hat.This could be to cover the five inches in diameter bald spot in the back of his head.Go's to Living Waters.Christian Fellowship on Sunday mornings. Why does this library want to cover up this assault.Calif Penal Code:240?????

  • Well this is the second time t...

    Well this is the second time that I recall an issue with this forighn born guard.As we know ,in various countrys ,they have different customs . Some like to use selective enforcement.Some just don't like us because we are the west.Were infidels. However; Unless it was an act,today this female complained about the same guard.From Alpha and Omega.She was very loud .As I was reading a book.She complained about this guard following her in the isles. This is stalking and hazzing. He should be given detexes.To stay buisey. The librarians could be afraid to address him.Maybe they are concerned he will pull the race card?

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