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By: laura.carter.98837
Laundry Stop
Wow! How sad people must e to search online for a well liked laundry mat just to trash the manager... I am very proud to say that I am an employee of the laundry stop and even happier to say that I have had the pleasure to be great friends with Lisa for over 6 years now. In all that time, I have never once seen or hear anything from her that would give someone the right to call Lisa sexist nor racist!!! If you don't think 40 'free' minutes is enough to dry your load of laundry, by all means, dig a quarter out of your pocket and throw it n the coin slot!! Yes we WILL put our hands into your dryer before putting more money in it's . YES WE WILL!! We are not here for anybody to take advantage of the free drying that the laundry stop offers. Now, as I was saying before, Lisa is in no way shape or form, racist or sexist. She has never disrespected a single customer!! She is very caring and puts the job before herself. It's a shame that a certain customer that has the "hots" for another employee, has to come on here and bash that employees wife! Just because you want something you could never get, u try to cause problems within the business?? Shame on you!!!! All this is just showing that people should really find a hobby to keep yourself busy... this is the greatest job I have ever had and Lisa,.. you are the queen of all managers!! Thank you so very much for bringing me into the laundry stop family!!! I could not be happier!! :)
By: Lady D.
Scrubbin Bubbles
I had a very pleasant time at this laundromat, the attendant, a very pretty woman was kind and most helpful to me with my foam cushion issue. I will visit Scrubbin Bubbles again for my 3 load washer needs. : )
By: frankkeres
Scrubbin Bubbles
watch people washing their laundry on a webcam updated every minute if you desire. personally i wouldnt want people watching me wash my laundry. can you turn the heat up slightly to stave off frostbite?

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