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By: jrroman
After a very long wait, due to the ineptitude of the City of Westfield, Clemenza's Brick Oven Pizza is finally open. I went yesterday, on their opening day, and the place was packed. I will give them the benefit of it being their first official day open to business, because I had to wait more than 30 minutes for a small cheese pizza, but the wait was so worth it.When I got there with a friend of mine, we were immediately greeted by a waitress, who told us that we could sit wherever we wanted, which was fine by me, since I only wanted a small cheese pizza, what I always get when I go to a new pizza place for the first time. I gotta admit that the bar was nice, although a little filthy with pizza crumbs from the previous patrons, but I didn't mind. While I was waiting for my pie to be baked, I got the chance to look at the nice variety of beer and wine that the have. I also got to talk to a very friendly waitress, who got to describe me the menu, and answered all of my questions. Fast forward to the pizza at home. When I opened the box, it looked very tiny, and I got kind of upset for it being such a small pizza. Boy, was I wrong. Looks can be deceiving sometimes. This small cheese pizza was more than enough for my wife and I, and we can eat a lot. The first impression was how complemented were the flavors of the sauce, the cheese and the thin crust. It was very crispy, slightly burned, which I love, and very delicious. My wife and I devoured that pizza in less than 10 minutes, and wanted more, not because we were left hungry, but because it was one of the best pizzas we've ever eaten, and we have been to lots of places.If you wanna try the pizza from Clemenza's, I would seriously suggest you call in advance, tell the person who answers the phone that you will eat there, because you WILL wait. But while you wait, you can get to meet the personnel, and the very friendly owner, who is italian, so you know you are eating legitimate italian cuisine. I wanna go again, just by writing this. Oh, and the parking can be also difficult; I would suggest you park on the parking lot right behind the Bank of America (the devil), which has lots of space. After you're done with this delicacy, take a walk on the renewed Green area, enjoy the fountain, the view, and support local.
By: Michael E.
Bell Italia Pizzaria
I absolutely LOVE Bella Italia! I've been buying from them several times a month for the last five years, and I have only had glowing things to say about the restaurant. The food is always great quality, and not once have I ever had a negative thing to say about them. The prices he offers is EXTREMELY competitive, as most pizza shops have been forced to increase their prices to meet demand, Belle Italia has resisted price increases for quite some time. The shop owner it very nice, sometimes during quiet times he'll ask if he can sit with you, and you will get to know about him and his family. Very lovely guy, I always look forward to talking to him. People have complained that the restaurant itself it gross- people, upgrades are VERY expensive. I'm sure he wants his restaurant to look beautiful too, but you must understand that he does his level best to make his sit-in customers as comfortable and rested as possible. Cut him some slack- he works in a clean area, always makes sure he uses only quality and fresh ingredients, and never disappoints. If you want a great pizza, look no further. Elm Pizza is also an excellent choice (Again, depending on what you want- both shops are great at different things). I don't understand why the negative review below was posted. I am shocked that something like that happened, but I feel comfortable enough with my relationship to the pizza shop to keep buying from them until they give me a GOOD reason not to.
By: Joseph W.
Pasquales Italian Restaurant
This treasure was one of the most delightful surprises of a 2015 trip to and from New Brunswick. Just happened to be staying in Westfield, MA and saw an ad where we were lodged. We enjoyed it so much that we'd make a point of stopping there if we were anywhere near the place. We didn't have reservations, but that wasn't a problem on the Saturday evening we visited. Parking was ample in the restaurant's lot. The atmosphere is casual and pleasant, and the service was gracious and attentive. But, what impressed us most was the food. It's honest and real Italian food, prepared with skill and care. My Veal Français was tender, cooked perfectly (neither too much nor to little), with just the right balance of lemon and butter. My companion's Baked Ravioli was al dente, with a wonderfully flavorful and aromatic red sauce. We found the Tortellini Soup to have a rich, well-balanced broth, and the salad to be fresh with a pleasing Italian Dressing. The pizza bread that came with the meal was a welcome step up from the standard Italian bread. None of the food seemed remotely "manufactured" like some Italian chain restaurants seem to churn out. All in all, we couldn't have been more satisfied. We didn't have room for dessert…maybe next time. Will be traveling in the area this summer, and hope to return.
By: 2tattered
Buon Appetito Rstrnt & Pizza
Four of us went for dinner last night. It was the first visit for two of us. The menu is fascinating, and there were several very enticing specials as well. The kitchen truly knows how to cook fish and seafood. Perfectly fresh and beautifully prepared. Good salads and lovely side vegetables. I somehow missed seeing the wine list - I looked it up on the website and see that they offer a Masi Amarone at about half of what you'd pay in a wine store. Next time! The chef is very engaging and explained how the fried artichoke hearts are made. It's rare these days for an owner/chef to take care of the front of the house like chef Mino does. Very old-school and quite charming. We'll definitely go back for more! Highly recommended, and worth a special trip.
By: jfn021
Our long awaited search for a delicious thin crust pizza had finally happened! Had dinner with a party if 6 in Sat night. Incredibly fast service. My husband and I recently returned from Nsples, Italy..the birthplace of pizza. There we had the best pizza pie we have ever had. We eat A LOT of pizza! Clemenza's is a close 2nd to the pizza we had in Italy! Great atmosphere. Only negative was that there was no AC. It was very warm until the sun went down.
By: cachcoco
Bell Italia Pizzaria
We had been searching for great pizza and kept ordering from places like GiGi's and were just not thrilled. By chance we checked out Bella Italia, we order pizza at least once a week and sometimes more. We fell in LOVE with this place! The pizza is always great. We only get a cheese pizza, but they make it amazing! We also love their fries and onion rings!!! In fact we will be ordering some tonight!!!
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By: Lisa A.
Pasquales Italian Restaurant
The year we went to Italy we ate here right after we came back, and I kid you not, it was just like eating in Rome! Ok, maybe Capri! This is a nice family run restaurant, with really good food, good-sized portions, and really nice people! Stop by, you won't regret it!
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By: potjack
Alessio's Pizza
I walked into this establishment for lunch not expecting much more than the grinders and pizza stumble across hot wing penne I can't complain I love hot sauce so I decide to try it this had to be one of the best pastas I've ever had highly recommended
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By: potjack
Pasquales Italian Restaurant
Extremely good meatballs love their pizza some of the best cheese I love the fact that they are locally owned and ran and that the food is extremely good better than most Turkish pizza joints in Westfield
By: Thor K.
I haven't been there yet---but I love all the bad revues----I have GOT--to try it---it sounds like a great place for characters---good they be trying to be bad on purpose???

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