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By: mrs0salazar
Donald T Drummond Md
I firmly believe Dr. Drummond saved my child's life. Since birth my first child was seen by another doctor, on her 16 month check up that doctor was not available and I was given the option to see Dr. Drummond, I accepted. He heard "something" in my child's heart (that the doctor who had seen her every 4 months had not heard) and referred me to the Cardiologist, my daughter needed surgery and is now turning 7 and really healthy. My second daughter dislocated her elbow at age 2, Dr. Drummond fixed it right away, she fell again a year later late at night falling from her bed and we went to the ER, after hours of hurting my child they could not get it back in, they called in a specialist who came in and did it right away, should it happen again I would wait until morning and get Dr. Drummond instead. It is just amazing to have such confidence in your pediatrician, I have so many stories, and my kids would have killed me of a heart attack if I did not have Dr. Drummond by our side. He is really laid back and used to frantic moms, he is just excellent with the kids, they have never been afraid to see a doctor which really helps!I live in Loxahatchee, and still drive to West Palm to see Dr. Drummond, he is the best!
By: alawson
Pediatric Associates West Palm Beach
I have been with Pediatric Associates since my eldest was born in 2008. The hours they offer, and the luxury of having 3 offices within 15 minutes of my house, makes this the best pediatric practice. I have taken my kids at 8am, 2pm, even 7pm, and each time been treated with care and pateince. The nursing staff is very attentive and friendly. The doctors there (we see several) are all very nice and take the time to ask you questions and dont rush you out the door. Overall, I see myself being with pediatrc associates for years to come. Why suffer through the typical 9-5 office hours when you can have the convenience, affordability, and reliability of a great staff that works around your schedule!! :) Thanks Pediatric Associates
By: hatallah
Pediatric Associates West Palm Beach
Will recommend to anyone i know..i just love how generous the doctors and staff are with the parents and Kids. I have been with P.A. for five years now and when i moved to a different county i was able to transfer my Kids with no problems. Love the hours and days the offices are open...the ease of finding a office where ever i am is the best part of it all. Thank you for all your services. Will not be switching to a different office.
By: tlouis2001
Pediatric Associates West Palm Beach
I have told many of my friends about this office. I love the staff there. They are always friendly even when they are backed up, they make sure that I and my children are always taken care of. They are personable and I absolutely love Dr. Johnson and Dr. Muoio (sorry if I misspelled). I have had people switch Drs and come to this office. I'm glad that they did.
By: godzgurldd
Pediatric Associates West Palm Beach
This is a great place to bring your children, the staff are courteous. I just love to see Dr. Johnson she is an amazing Pediatrician. The atmosphere at the WPB office is warm and inviting. I am so glad my children can get the best care at Pediatric Associates.
By: Dolores G.
Merey Daisy MD Ph.D. FAAFP PA
Dr. Merey is a wonderful knowledgeable physician whether it is medical, weight loss or you need a little Aesthetic work done. Very accommodating for 11 years she is my md. Love you Dr. Merey me and my family. Thank you for all your help.
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By: Geuyle L.
Marciano Family Optometric
My experience today was the best! HIGH QUALITY... Not only was Dr. Brandee gorgeous but has GREAT bedside manner very patient and answered all my questions. I did not feel rushed and Daisy was TERRIFIC at helping me pick out my glasses.
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By: Barbara S.
Merey Daisy MD Ph.D. FAAFP PA
Dr Merey and her staff are great. The not only helped me look and feel pretty, she helped to get me healthy. She informed me of everything. Ill be going not only for my face but for my body as well. She's wonderful.
By: Kim M.
Merey Daisy MD Ph.D. FAAFP PA
I've been seeing Dr. Merey for over 1 year. She is professional, personable and genuinely cares. The staff is friendly and professional.
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By: Ursula G.
Merey Daisy MD Ph.D. FAAFP PA
doctor and staff very nice very informative . I am very satisfied and will definitely be back
Tips & Advices
Radiological exams can be either diagnostic or interventional. Diagnostic exams are intended to detect the presence of a certain condition, like a bone fracture or a tumor inside the body. Interventional radiology uses imaging techniques to assist in treating a condition, usually through surgery, but the procedure itself is not intended to have a direct impact on the outcome of the disease.
The exact process of an exam will vary depending on the specific type of imaging procedure and the goal of the test. Patients will usually be situated near a machine that will direct the appropriate form of energy to the part of the body being examined. Technicians help patients perform the necessary steps to complete the process.
Most imaging exams do not have any immediate side effects. The most important side effect of many forms of radiology is the exposure to small doses of radiation. In almost all cases, a single exam will deliver a radiation dose that is too low to have any effect, but over repeated exposure, the risk of developing cancer from this radiation increases. Radiologists take several precautions to limit exposure on behalf of patients as well as themselves and their staff.
Results from an imaging procedure may be available almost instantly (as with X-rays and ultrasound), or might take a few minutes to develop. However, in some cases it will take a radiologist additional time to analyze and report on the images collected, so results may be delayed by a few hours or days.
Radiologists can perform a variety of imaging procedures depending on their specialty. Common examples include:
  • X-rays.
  • Computed tomography (CT scans).
  • Ultrasound.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Positron emission tomography (PET).
  • Interventional radiology: Using specialized imaging techniques to assist with surgery, either immediately before or in the process of a surgical procedure.

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