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By: Jess U.
Wal-Mart Supercenter
this is a good walmart with friendly people and great selections. the place is clean too. much different than the walmarts in my home town.
By: Maggie S.
Wal-Mart Supercenter
awful place to go. dirty and customer service is bad. no one is willing to help you when you ask for it and it doesn't seem like anyone cares about anything at this place.
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By: Eric G.
Pete's Place
Best breakfast spot in all of West Palm Beach, family owned and operated by the kind of people in town
By: Kelly S.
Wal-Mart Supercenter
Each and every time I call, finally get through,I get passed from one department to the next, never getting the requested answers to the question I ask! Excellent Customer service is an important part of any business, wheather commercial or private, can be the downfall or the success of the business! This is by far the "bad apple" of the Walmart's in other parts of our country! Send a corporate exec as a secret shopper or caller! Surprise!
By: Dominique M.
Nowlin Flower Shop
Robert was absolutely disgusting in how he handled me as a bride. I emailed him in September 2016 with information I needed to get a quote from him. He didn't try to contact me until the end of November. Then once I emailed him I no longer wanted his services due to him taking too long. He sent me a disgusting email stating " it's obvious that price was an issue in this decision and had I been so advised, I would have volunteered that I am not the "cheapest guy in town"! How was price an issue when I never gave you my budget and you never gave me a quote. I do not recommend this business. I emailed him " Hi Robert,I will no longer be needing your services." And this is the email I received back(I copied and pasted this exactly) "Somehow, I'm not at all surprised by this turn of events in that this behavior is both common and typical of inquiries for wedding flowers! I strongly suspect that this decision had been made long ago, and in the hopes that no follow-up would be made; it would have been much more genteel to convey this information back then, in order for me to discard the paperwork and avoid the need to follow-up. I took you at your word however, when on several occasions, you used the words "I'm definitely using you guys.....", but as I said, this scenario is typical. I often wonder how it would be if it were I instead, who reneged on a promise. My regret is that this proved to be a huge waste of my time; it's obvious that price was an issue in this decision and had I been so advised, I would have volunteered that I am not the "cheapest guy in town"! He never knew my budget or price range so to imply that he's not the cheapest and I wasted his time is crazy. How did I waste someone's time when you waited a month to try and contact me? Please save yourself time and energy and don't visit this business. This was his response to the above on Facebook:Nowlin Flower Shop Dominique, I phoned you several times over the past few months, attempting to finalize your plans for this order; each time, you assured me that you intended using us and ended the conversation rather quickly, without bringing up any further issues, or questions. On other occasions, my voice mails went unanswered! As for e-mails, my records indicate that I responded to all of yours, over the passed few months and you changed your plans, thus earlier questions were no longer an issue to which I needed respond! I am fully comfortable in the knowledge that I devoted my full attention to this order and followed up several times (I recorded dates and times); thus, I find these claims to be without merit. As I said, I am not surprised at this behavior. RBThis was my response to him:Robert I would love to provide you with phone records. I have no reason to lie. From September 14, 2016, at 8:53 a.m. when I sent you a picture of the roman columns that you needed to see, because you told me you couldn't provide me with a quote until you saw it. You did not attempt to contact me until the end of November. That's over a month Robert. You tell me if you would do business with someone that decides they won't contact you until after a month. It's not my job as a bride to chase a potential vendor down, after I told them on numerous occasions that I really wanted to work with them because I from the area and they were well known in my hometown. I never received a quote from you. You never asked me to fill out any paperwork with you. I never gave you a written budget either. So why lie about it Robert. Also "this behavior" what undertones are you trying to imply. Think about Robert why would I be taking time out of my work day to write a negative review on Facebook, yelp, and google for your shop if I was not mistreated as a potential customer. I suggest you work on your professionalism sir. And I will have an amazing wedding day without your flowers. AVOID THIS SHOP!!!!HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
By: Lauren R.
Inspired Blooms
The girls are great to work with. I wanted something simple and I was explaining this over the phone. They did exactly what I was wanting. They delivered the flowers within hours of my call. Great service and the flowers are beautiful. I will be a repeat customer.
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By: Heidi F.
Family Produce & Palm Beach Flowers Shop
I am a flight attendant for private charters and part of my job is to create custom bouquets for our flights. I live very close to this shop and have driven by many times without stopping. One day I was in search of orange roses for a private charter flight and decided to drop by to see what they had as I had already been to Publix, Whole Foods and Winn-Dixie, and had not found what I wanted. I about died when I went into the floral cooler and saw the selection. I had no idea that this place carried such a wide variety of flowers (including the ones I was looking for) at such AMAZING prices! As I buy flowers for work all of the time I will NEVER give my business to anyone else. This place is an awesome find, and their quality and selection can't be beat. I have since recommended them to fellow business associates. 5 STARS all AROUND!
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By: Marcos C.
Pinolandia 5
the food is good,taste like an authentic nicaraguan food but the people who work there are rude and apparently don't have any customer appreciation. the prices are not on the menu and you don't know what you are being charged for.
By: Mel R.
Brasa Grill
This place is NEVER opened just eent now another note this time sorry closed due to mechanical issues,last week sorry closed early,week before that sonetgibg else jan sorry closed holidays they must be independently wealthy because apparently they dobt need business wtf
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By: Pedro C.
Pinolandia 5
I asked chancho Frito and because they were out of it, decided to serve me chancho al caldillo. When I asked to talk to management, they denied to tell me who it was I needed to talk to. A lady past bay and asked what the problEm was, I explained, the lady told me that was how they served chancho Frito. Long story short, typical Nicaraguan service,trying to slide one by. poor restaurant serve by kitchen staff. What happened to customers is always right? Didn't even bother to accommodate their customer. Real nica experience
Tips & Advices
Making the trip to your local florist means you can actually get the chance to stop and smell the roses. But the hours they are open can be more restrictive.
Online flower shops, work with wholesale florists near your area to ensure they deliver your order promptly. Since cut flowers don't have a long shelf life, these Internet-based companies take your request and contract it out to a florist in your locale to design it and drop it off at your home or office. While purchasing flowers online is convenient - there are a few things the online stores cannot offer patrons. You can't smell the fragrance of flowers and you can't touch the petals or leaves before you buy the plant. Additionally, when you buy a bouquet over the Internet, you're basing your decision on a stock photo of the item instead of the actual one that will arrive at your doorstep.
Yes. These experts can tell you the best ways to take care of your plants or how to properly cut the stems of flowers to ensure they last longer in your vase. Ask them vase to use with which flower and how much water and plant food you should use to prolong the life of your bouquet or potted plant. Even though retail florists don't usually grow the blooms or plants themselves, they do know the best ways to keep your arrangement looking fresh for longer.
Flowers, especially the lotus, figure prominently in Hindu and Buddhist religious ceremonies, as well as in these two ancient religions' wedding customs. Many florists provide garlands of flowers to decorate and festoon the functions with.
Lilies, as well as daffodils and tulips, are especially popular around these spring holidays.

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