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By: Brian J.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
If you are reading this you are probably in a difficult situation and are hoping that you make the right decision in selecting the attorney who will work with you to protect your child, you, and life as you know it. Rest assured, Jon Wald is that attorney. I am a regular guy who was faced with an opponent who unlike me had tremendous financial backing. Mr. Wald has responded to every communication from me nearly immediately, sometimes in emergency situations after business hours. His actions and advice early in the case were instrumental to the positive outcome achieved. In the courtroom Mr. Wald was masterful in the way he was able to expose and challenge falsehoods and misrepresentations. Furthermore, throughout the entire case, Mr. Wald was careful to manage my costs, which I am convinced turned out to be a fraction of what any other lawyer would have billed. Jon doesn't simply show up to work every day and "phone it in". He really "lived my case." taking the time to fully understand the entire situation and working tirelessly to achieve a solution. Sheryl, his Legal Administrator was also amazing, and worked tirelessly, even attending some of the hearings with Jon and being there to keep me focused and relaxed. and the same goes for Elizabeth the assistant who was very accurate and diligent. Please know that you cannot predict the relentless attacks that the other side may have in store for you, nor can you predict the effect such a prolonged battle will have on your ability to function in your daily life. Hiring Jon was the most important decision I made in my life, and I thank God every day that I did.
By: Corey S.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
After consulting with a few different attorneys, I decided family law attorney Jonathan Wald was the right fit for my pending divorce and custody case. From the beginning Jonathan Wald impressed me with his no-nonsense attitude and determination. The simple fact that he was willing to give me his cell phone number “just in case” I needed him during “off hours” made my decision to retain him that much easier. In my opinion, it proved he was a genuine and caring attorney and not just a money hungry attorney like some of the others I had met with prior. Jonathan and his staff are an amazing team and have proven they have nothing but myself and my son’s best interest in mind. His staff has always been available when I needed them to answer a question or even just to fill them in on the recent happenings of my case. Jonathan has consistently proven that retaining him was the right choice.
By: Nona B.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
I can not say enough good things about Jonathon! He and his staff were very professional and always seemed to go the extra mile. All my calls/emails were answered ASAP, usually the very same day or by the next day at the very least. I always knew what was going on with my case. I always felt Jonathon had both my best interest and my children's best interest at heart. At the same time he was honest with me, when telling me what to expect and what I could not expect. He thought of ways to negotiate and settle matters that I (or previous attorney) never thought of. Most of all, Jonathon always stood firm for me. With my previous attorney things had been left hanging, which allowed the other side to do whatever he wanted. Jonathon made sure the process was finished, with no room for speculation. My advice is to absolutely trust Jonathon. You will never regret it!
By: C J.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
Jon Wald has been the attorney for our family during a very difficult time. We find that he is caring and perceptive at all times. He is able to get right to the heart of a matter and deal with what is important very quickly. At all times, Jon is attentive to our needs and takes swift and effective action. His courtroom demeanor is courteous, but he is alert in his approach, allowing him to use his extensive knowledge to present his points clearly and effectively. We have observed Jon's innate ability to use the evidence and his skill to quickly uncover lies and evasive statements clients on the opposing side attempt in court. We feel that he was born to do what he does, as he possesses a skill and energy not evident in other attorneys we have observed. Jon Wald is an excellent attorney, and we are very fortunate to have found him.
By: Edward S.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
Jon Wald has helped me more than I could've imagined. He and his staff are very friendly, always helpful, and knowledgeable. There wasn't a time that I called or emailed that I did not get a response. He is very upfront and honest which is how a lawyer should be. He doesn't sugar coat the situation so that you can hear what you want to. I have been working with him for several months now and am very pleased with how my case is being handled and the results we have received thus far. If you or a friend are in need of assistance do not hesitate to contact his office. I was referred to him by associates and I retained him as my attorney the day of my consultation with him.
By: Mark G.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
It is hard to tell with divorce attorneys if bad reviews are from clients, or angry ex-spouses. Jon was my divorce attorney and did a fantastic job. He is professional, honest, and and has a great reputation with the family law judges. He will fight for you over significant issues, without charging you for unnecessary matters. Meet with him for an hour if you are not sure, and make up your own mind.
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By: Derek T.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
Amazing experience, had a very difficult child custody case which was handled and resolved in a very fast manor, I could not have asked for a better attorney or legal team on my side, Jon got me the results I wanted and did not overcharge to do it. A+++ Attorney and I would recommend him to anyone
By: Michael S.
Law Offices of James S. Cunha, P.A.
I am glad I hired Mr. Cunha. Not only did I find Mr. Cunha to be meticulous and reliable, he was also exceptionally knowledgeable in all facets of Florida divorce law. I highly recommend him.
By: Kim A.
Law Office of Amy L. Cosentino
Don't waste your time hiring this money hungry attorney. I did. She worked a year & did nothing to help me or my kids. I REGRET IT!
By: Jon W.
Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A.
The negative reviews by Luis B is completely false.
Tips & Advices
Each state has different mandates on how child support is determined. But there are some basic factors that underline how costs are determined in each state, including:
  • Income level of parent that needs to pay support (in the case of joint custody, the costs are determined by income of each party and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent)
  • Financial needs of child
  • Child’s standard of living before the divorce occurred
This is a divorce in which one party does not have to prove that the other’s actions lead to a deterioration of the marriage. The reason for divorce is listed as "irreconcilable differences" or an "irreparable breakdown of the marriage,” meaning the marriage was no longer working and could not be repaired.
Family law attorneys are helpful in cases where the two parties are not on amicable terms. The lawyers can act as intermediaries between the two parties and help them come to any settlement agreements, however long that may take. Lawyers can also help parties navigate tricky state laws regarding settlement agreements and child custody, thus expediting the process.
A contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot agree on either the necessity of the divorce as a whole, or how assets (money, property, etc.) and child custody should be split between them in the divorce. An uncontested divorce is when the parties are in agreement on how assets and child custody will be split between them. These divorces can sometimes be handled without hiring a lawyer.
It is possible for a couple to get a divorce without hiring a family law attorney. If the two parties are in agreement on how finances, child custody, properties, etc., will be split, then they can file the necessary court documents themselves and avoid the services of a lawyer.

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