Bluesky in West Palm Beach, Florida with Reviews -
By: Ali M.
Pinolandia 5
The food is great!1 The service not so great. They don't have a sense of customer service. They are disorganized. I would like for them to print menus that describe the food and that shows the price as they do the math in their head and you don't know if they charged you the correct amount cuz you don't know the prices. Having a menu would definetely help them market people from other countries, not just us Nicaraguans. I want to see them succeed, but they definetely need to make a few changes.
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By: Libbyluvs W.
Suzy's Hot & Fresh SoulFood
I ordered 6 shrimp and cheese fries for lunch. The shrimp were quite oily but not very tasty. It was fried just right but could have used some seasoning. I couldn't finish them- too greasy. I haven't sampled everything but I'm willing to go back and try. I wouldn't reorder what I had gotten though.
By: dominoart
The Sugar Monkey Bakery
We can't say enough good things about The Sugar Monkey. We worked together for Laura & Preston's Wedding this past weekend and their cake was beautiful, elegant and classy. They are true professionals and we can't wait to work together again :) . Highly recommend them!!!
By: Mel R.
Brasa Grill
This place is NEVER opened just eent now another note this time sorry closed due to mechanical issues,last week sorry closed early,week before that sonetgibg else jan sorry closed holidays they must be independently wealthy because apparently they dobt need business wtf
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By: Moh H.
Boost Mobile
best store ever!!! with new management.owner giving away free phones, and accessories.i would recommend any one having problem in this store, to contact the owner directly, because sometimes customers think the person works there is the owner.
By: Gabrielle S.
Finatix Scuba Diving
Excellent Dive Company. Tammy and Forrest are knowledgable instructors that make diving in the Jupiter-West Palm area safe, fun and exciting. Having taken guided tours and classes with them, I would highly recommend you use them.
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By: Marcos C.
Pinolandia 5
the food is good,taste like an authentic nicaraguan food but the people who work there are rude and apparently don't have any customer appreciation. the prices are not on the menu and you don't know what you are being charged for.
By: Peter G.
Great Store love the selection of products, corests are amazing. First class staff, very knowledgeable on prioducts and helpful picking out the right outfit for my party this weekend.
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By: Nicholas L.
PM Surveying Inc
Rapid turn around time when requesting digital files and very responsive/friendly. I am recommending their services to my clients and friends. -William Hamilton Arthur Architects Inc.
By: Juan V.
Pinolandia 5
Nicaraguan food, good quality. The place to foundCARNE ASADA,....(meat on the grill)....with....GALLO PINTO, ( Nicaraguan mix of red beans and rice, with a touch of flavor)
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