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By: Adan L.
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
On january 7th 2014 i was leaving a crossfit gym in pompano beach and bumped a parked car that was too close to my truck, the crossfit class was finishing up there W.O.D (workout of the day) outside in the rear of the gym. I straightened my truck out and proceeded to drive to the back of the building to inform the owner of the vehicle when i was pulled over by a police officer that was parked across the street doing surveilance work. He didn't believe i was looking for the owner and made me get out of my truck and locked me in the back of his police car while he did his investigation, after waiting for a long time in the back of the police car i was asked to get out by a DUI investigator. The officer was the biggest jerk i had ever met in my life, i told him i had 2 drinks with some co workers after work around 4 o'clock, it was now 830 at night. He asked me if i would be willing to do a roadside sobriety test, after performing a pretty much perfect test he still arrested me for DUI and leaving the scene. I refused the breathalizer and i spent the night in broward county jail and was released in the morning. As soon as i was released i turned on my phone and started searching for dui lawyers, i googled top dui attorneys in broward county and Roger P Foley popped up every time. I called Mr. Foley that afternoon and was sitting in his office the next day. My first impression of Roger was this guy means buisness, he's tall, well dressed and talks with authority, he knew DUI laws inside out. I thought to myself, if i wanted a chance to get out of this situation, this was the guy i needed on my side. We discussed his fees, and he was nice enough to work out an easy payment plan for me. Before i left his office i asked him how long would this case take from beginning to end? he said about 12 months. Mr Foley got right to business, he ordered my DUI video, police report and a copy of the radio conversations with the aressting officers. After getting a depostion from the officers he scheduled a meeting for me and him to sit down and discuss a strategy for my case. We discussed all the factors and reviewed my dui video and agreed that this was a case that needed to taken to trial. Days before my trial date Mr Foley contacted the district attorney and asked her to review my case and video, after looking it over she offered me a plea, part of the plea barging included probation. I asked Roger if he thought i should take the plea, and he said you have a strong case, if it was me i wouldn't. After another couple weeks of negotiating back and forth with the district attorney and her supervisor, i was sitting in a courtroom with a motion to supress. When Mr Foley speaks on your behalf he amediatley takes control of the court room, i could tell he really intimedated the arresting officers. After 3 long hours in the court room i was denied my motion to supress evidence. Mr Foley insisted that my trial be reset and he be given time to find a case that mirrored mine where that case was won. 3 weeks later i was back in the court room, the district attorney knew Mr Foley had a strong case, so i was offered another plea. I was originally charged with a DUI, leaving the scene, and improper backing. I accepted a plea of reckless driving with adjudication with held, leaving the scene with adjudication with held, and my improper backing fine just disappeared. I received no jail time, no probation, no suspension on my license, i just received court costs.Mr Foley and i agreed that this was a win! He said i haven't seen a plea offered to anyone with a dui case that was so lenient in 10 years. My case was over in only 10 months. I know i made the right decision in hiring Roger P Foley as my dui attorney, i would recommend him to anyone with a criminal or misdemeanor case.
By: Michelle V.
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
I went out and had a couple of drinks with the girls for happy hour and then went to the car and fell asleep waiting for them and a cop came to my door and started testing me for a DUI. The cop called for backup and I got arrested. They charged with me with DUI even though I was not driving and I had two separate friends tell me that they had a good lawyer. It turns out it that they were both talking about the same lawyer, Roger P. Foley. I contacted him and retained him on my case. He seemed like a cool guy that was down to earth but also new his business. The case lasted over a year and 4 months. He argued a motion about the mistakes that cops made but the judge denied. Then we waited and set it for trial. The day before Roger called me and said they offered a better plea to a reckless driving charge with an adjudication and 6 months probation and 6 months dl suspension. Roger told me if I has was his sister that he would go to trial but that it was my decision. I said lets go to trial. Then he called me back and said they would withhold adjudication but he said the same and added that the only reason they are making offers is because they have problems with the case so I said ok lets go to trial. I did not sleep because I was worried. On the morning of trial the judge asked Roger if he was ready and he said yes but then the state said they were making an announcement and dismissing the charges. If it was not for Roger being so confident I may have taken the deal even though I was not guilty. Now I am free of everything and putting it all behind me. Thank you for proving my innocence. I would recommend to anyone that needs a criminal defense lawyer.
By: Anonymous A.
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
Roger Foley has been my lawyer for seven years and has defended me on numerous occasions. I was first introduced to Roger as a juvenile with a serious felony charge of Second Degree Arson. Granted I wasn’t the model teenager, I still didn’t deserve to be with such outrages felony charges. After meeting with Roger he gave me the raw reality of the situation and I knew exactly where I stood, and the direction we were going to take in defending my case. After this case was settled a couple years passed and I ended up on the wrong side of the law with another felony charge of Grand Theft and Criminal Mischief over a thousand dollars. I wasn’t some outrages troublemaker out to find trouble; I was just a kid that didn’t have the best of luck. Thankfully I had Roger and he was able to understand my situation and defend me appropriately and ended up not having to do a day in jail or a juvenile facility. My misfortune ended up piling over to my adult years and I most recently was charged with the Felonies of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Battery. I was obviously wrongly charged of these crimes, but I was facing 20 yrs in prison. I thank god I had Roger Foley as my lawyer who believed in me and fought for me with all his power. He was able to get both charges dismissed and I am free. Roger was there through all my teenage years and early adulthood keeping me out of jail because he believed that I was a better person. He has represented me on major high profile felony cases to petty misdemeanors and has never stopped fighting for justice. Roger Foley is the top lawyer in South Florida.
By: Anonymous F.
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
I can never forget the turmoil we were in as a family when our son for the first time faced serious charges. He was a teenager on a golf course with his friends when as a prank decided to drive around maintenance golf cart for the fun of it, unfortunately that incident landed my son with a charge of grand theft felony. Hefty charges for a prank. The next few months while waiting for the courts was a nerve wrenching experience, it started with my search for an attorney. I went to five attorneys in order to make a decision as to whom I would pick. All were rated well, had good records, and while half charged in the same price range, other were astronomically higher. It was clear their only passion was money not so much what's best for the client. My gut feelings led to Roger P. Foley. He was realistic, but at the same tie he didn't make us feel as if our son was a terrible criminal as many others did. He gave us hope while others remained pessimistic about keeping him out of a juvenile jail. He gave logical examples and personal experiences which created a sense of trust between us. The case ended up with no jail time, no juvenile jail, nor probation. Most of all I can tell you through the years whatever he told us would be his hope and goals for a case, happened. We have yet to be disappointed with the results, and although we hope never to need his services again, it's a piece of mind know that he is there as a sign of hope and care all the way.
By: Celina M.
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
I hired the Law office of Roger P. Foley, P.A. because I was arrested for DUI. He made a highly stressful situation very easy. Took the time before I even hired him to explain the process. He went above and beyond for me. He even did more than I expected. Mr. Foley treated me like family. It should be his slogan. I met with several attorneys all of them gave me the same pitch that you can beat this and that it will be an easy win. I called Mr. Foley and he said the opposite but he explained why I was in this situation and what the law said on the subject. He spent 30 minutes on phone answering questions without knowing if I was interested in hiring him. He always emailed me, called me back and I was always updated. I did not have to blow him up to get answers, everything was smooth. We could have filed motions and went to trial, they started with a plea with lots of conditions. Mr. Foley went through each case and cut down all the conditions and had the charge lowered. My friends at first were thinking why am I hiring an attorney you can just plea out yourself or get a public defender but as the process went they were saying "good job hiring that guy," "you are so lucky." I would recommend Mr. Foley to anyone that is arrested. I dont plan on needing him again.
By: josephgia1941
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
Driving home from a shopping center a mile from home at 11:15pm and out of the blue someone appeared on my hood. I hit the breaks, screamed and stopped my car. I got out and i saw the man slide off my hood and then run away across the street. I stayed for a few minutes and then left and went home. I did not have phone with me. When I arrived home I called the police and reported it. As I was talking to 911, I saw two police cars arrive so I said, " Oh good the police are here." I did not realize that they were going to put me in handcuffs and take me to jail. At the main jail I was placed in a small room with 12 other guys with tattoos. Some were eating food off the floor. Some screaming obscenities at lady at the desk. Next day they let me make a call to bond out. A Very kind Bondsman helped me. I was recommended to Mr. Foley and with some time he was able to have the case dismissed. Now I can go out and do it again. Kidding. And the bodies they find in my attic I have nothing do do with. Kidding. Really, I am very happy to have it all over with. I never thought I would need a defense lawyer after 40 years of driving. I would recommend Mr. Foley to anyone needing a defense lawyer and he is a good audience for my bad jokes.
By: Anonymous M.
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
I have known Mr. Roger Foley for many years. My husband picked him out of numerous lawyers when faced with then our teenage son’s initial charge. Mr. Foley has become not only our trusted and devoted lawyer, but also a guide for our son. Mr. Foley has not only helped my son’s charges get dismissed as a teenager, but continued to trust in our son and direct him on the righteous path. As some people believe my son has done “boyish things”, the reality is that the law is extremely tough and unrelenting. When my son was faced with severe felonies due to wrongful charges, Mr. Roger Foley helped get the charges dismissed. Mr. Foley is not only an example of professionalism but also a humanitarian. He has shown compassion and trust. Mr. Foley believes in his clients, however he is a realist and will no doubt give his honest professional opinion. He will not give false hopes, however behind the scene he will fight for you with all his knowledge and power. Yes he has won my son’s cases, and felonies have been dismissed, however he truly is an exceptional lawyer and continues to be a mentor.As my husband and I are both professional people, we have the utmost respect for Mr. Roger P. Foley.
By: braddoo
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
I got caught with 2 xanax, 2 joints, Oxycodone, Narco, soma, and furacet and they arrested me for drug trafficking. They hit me with everything they could and added a few traffic tickets too. I ended up coming to foley because of the bailbondsman. Mr. Foley and I clicked right away. We are both movie buffs. The State dropped the oxycodone trafficking case after Foley explained and showed proof that it was my medication. However, the weed and the Xanax stuck. Foley entered me into drug court and they did not want to allow me to enter because of my individual situation. I had to see their doctor and he agreed that i needed the medicine but the state and the manager kept objecting. It wa a mission but Foley convinced the state and the judge and I was able to get the case dismissed by going to drug court. I had to go through a back way( outside program) to get it done but it worked. I am happy to get it all over with and now I can travel again. I would recommend Atty Foley to anyone and I actuall keep his card in my wallet just in case.
By: rossco
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
I was upset with My daughter and had a drink and was coming home in the rain and hit a police car. Thought life was over arrested when I was arrested for DUI. I was referred to Mr. Foley who made me comfortable at the first meeting. The thing that made me feel the most comfortable was that when I hired Mr. Foley he told me that if I was his sister he would handle things the same way and I believed him. He was always helpful and returned calls. I thought I had no chance against the 10 police officers listed against me. He prepared for trial 4x and the state finally reduced the charges to a reckless with no reporting probation, a W/H of adjudication and no other conditions. All that accomplished even though according to the state I had 1.60 and 1.62 breath level. I never thought I had a chance but Mr. Foley has no fear and had my back 100%. I would refer anyone to him who is in a bad situation because he takes the time to get to know you and to give you his best. Thank you and hopefully I will not need your services again.
By: Alejandra R.
Roger P Foley Law Office PA
My fiancé was wrongly convicted of multiple felonies and was abused by the justice system and power hungry cops. I went in to meet with Mr. Foley to give my statement and was so happily surprised with his professionalism and his true passion for what he does. He completely understood what a serious predicament we were in, and wanted to defend us. He told me about similar cases he has worked where people are screwed over by the law, which is put in place to protect us. I felt that I was in safe hands and relieved, but he made sure I understood what the worst case scenario could be. He’s not a man to give you high hopes in a high profile case; he gives you the raw reality of it. Although his presence alone gives you a sense of hope, I am happy to say that my fiancés charges have been dismissed even when I feared the worst. I have recommended him to my mom to help her in another unjust situation, and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs the best representation around. He is your go to guy.
Tips & Advices
When it comes time to choose a lawyer, you should start by searching close to home. If you do have attorneys you are familiar with, ask who they believe would be best for you. After going through personal references - especially from individuals who had similar needs - you should broaden your search through public information resources. You can call your area's attorney referral service or check legal organizations like Martindale-Hubbell. There are other resources available online, such as yellowpages.com. You can check websites for client reviews and other third-party forms of approval.
If you sign documents and you come across a word you don't recognize, or you need help to navigate important employment or real estate paperwork. Also, during times when personal matters intersect with legal proceedings, you might need to have an advocate to prevent your emotions from getting in the way. If you've been accused of a crime or are in a terrible financial situation, you can find an attorney who will work with what you have available.
When you hire a lawyer, you're agreeing to work with someone over a certain period of time. The more forthcoming the lawyer appears to be with individual needs, the better.
  • You need to ask questions about how the attorney will communicate with you and what responsibilities you hold in the relationship.
  • The attorney should let you know the best channel for quick communication and you need to inform him or her when you want updates.
  • You should also ask questions to get to know the attorney as an individual in order to ensure this is a person you can trust. Ask about their legal philosophy and how he or she views the lawyer/client relationship. Ask as how to keep fees down or what daily disruptions you should expect from a long legal battle.
You need to ask about every possible fee that will come up when working with an attorney. You should request a list of all costs in advance so you won't be surprised by additional expenses like overhead. Also determine exactly when you will start being billed. You want to inspect paperwork carefully. If the attorney charges you for his or her experience, you need to make sure he or she will perform tasks personally and not hand it off to an assistant. Find out if the attorney has a flat fee or charges by the hour. Many civil lawyers work on contingency. Make inquiries about how the lawyer plans to provide service for your money and what you can do if you start to feel unsatisfied with his or her performance.
You can ask how many similar cases they have handled and if they have special skills or training that applies specifically to your needs. Lawyers can't mention clients by name, but you should ask for basic details about identical past cases. You should check their office for the appropriate certifications and diplomas. You can also ask how long he or she has practiced law and request information that demonstrates the practice's success. Look for precise details such as percentage of cases settled out of court.

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